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A american with a Mexican parent is looking to get dual citizenship in Mexico?
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A american with a Mexican parent is looking to get dual citizenship in Mexico?

Want to buy a beach home in Mexico but in order to have the proper paperwork and deed need to have dual citizenship, whats the proper procedure to achieve this goal?


Michelle M
If one of your parents was born in Mexico, you may claim Mexican nationality. "Nationality" is different than full "citizenship," but it does allow you to own property. I recently got married in Mexico, to a Mexican, and had to talk to immigration folks there. They confirmed that because my mother was born in Mexico, I could claim nationality. All I would need is a copy of her birth certificate. (And no, you're not required to renounce your U.S. citizenship to do so.)
For assistance on doing all this, contact your nearest Mexican consulate. A list of this is available on the second link listed below.
By the way, it is possible to "own" beachfront property without nationality/citizenship, but it involves purchasing the land through a trust. There are many notarios in Mexico, especially in resort cities, who are skilled at setting up such trusts in case you decide to go that route.

Reverend Mike
Mexico doesn't allow dual citizenship. You could get Mexican nationality. That would allow you to purchase a beach home in Mexico.

Apparently Mexico does NOT allow dual citizenship.

You would have to renounce your US citizenship to become a mexican and then you get the beach-house

I'm Your Captain
Your Mexican parent should be able to place a claim on your Mexican citizenship. Just make sure you pay the officials some money to grease the wheel, or else it could take a while.

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