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Australian VISA expiration and validity?
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Australian VISA expiration and validity?

My female friend married an australian citizen here in the philippines around 7 years ago they were about to go to australia after the wedding but my friend change her mind and was left here after her husband left she didn't hear anything from her husband again. Now she wants to follow her husband to Australia but she's wondering if her visa is still valid..where can she check the status of her visa??? by the way she lost her passsport...


There is absolutely NO way her visa will still be valid after 7 years. Even Permanent Resident visas expire after 5 years if the holder stays out of the country, and for someone on a spouse visa who didn't ever validate her visa by travelling to Australia, it would have expired within the first 12 months.

If she has the required TFN number or password, she may be able to check her visa status at: http://www.immi.gov.au/managing-australias-borders/compliance/working-legally/evo-for-visa-holders.htm but she really should accept that it will definitely have expired ages ago.

If she has been living apart from her husband for 7 years, she has little chance of getting a new visa even with his co-operation and absolutely zero chance without it.

her visa has expired with little chance of getting a new one

i got spouse visa on 11th of june in came back to india in december because of some personal problem with my husband i want to check my visa status wheater its valid or t has been cancelled how can i check my visa status .if i don't ve TRN number?please reply

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