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Can a married woman who is separated and already has a passport still get another passport as single ?
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Can a married woman who is separated and already has a passport still get another passport as single ?

Does NSO Philippines have a system to track an applicant has already a passport as married, if she is now applying as single? She's now separated from her husband and is now using her maiden name in all her documents. She wonders if she can get another passport using her maiden name.


roger e
if the authorities did not take fingerprints when applying for the original passport, then getting a new passport in another name is easy.
Just take all supporting documents in new name and a new passport should be issued
Civil servants in the Philippines are so corrupt that they are easy to bribe
If fingerprints were taken you will have to bribe official

Separated does not mean single. She is still legally married until she can get her marriage annulled. Until then she is still considered legally married, whether she is separated or not

uh-oh! passporting is not as easy as encoding. Annulment is the answer to be coming back as single.

I was once married. Applied for annullment. Was approved after 18 months. Now my nso for marriage certificate has an annotation of "null & void" ...thats the proces, you have to invest time, effort & money.

It's expensive to get married as well as going back to singleship. Good luck!

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