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Can illegal immigrants go to college?
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Can illegal immigrants go to college?


And who ever said they can't get grants is wrong. Income not citizenship is required on most. Schools permit all.

Although they face many obstacles from the application process to student loans and so on, yes illegal immigrants can go to college.

Keep in mind that most high school students who are not legally in the US had the decision to come to this country made for them when they were children.

Yes they can. Anyone can go to college, with or without a Social Security. When I was applying to colleges (at the time I had no papers) they said that I could apply without a Social Security, the only thing was that I had to pay like I was out of state, which meant $230 an unit, verses residents who paid $25 a unit for Junior College. Later on I went to a convention to help Latinos get scholarships. There they told me about the AB540 Law. Basically if you went to High School for 3 years and graduated from High School for the sake of Tuition you would be considered a resident and not have to pay out of state fees.

This was great, because if it wasn't for this I would not be able to go to Junior College and went on to SFSU and got my B.A. in Criminal Justice. It is a great thing that they passed this law because a lot of Illegal Immigrants did not go to school because of this. Although some people might think it is bad, it is not. Also, we never once asked for assistance while I was there. And if we had asked for help we had every right because we have been paying taxes ever since we got here 18 years ago. 11 of those years we were illegal.

Just to let everyone know, you can still pay your taxes even if you are illegal. You just need to apply with the IRS a number so that you can pay your taxes with that number, it's not a social.

Yes, and the reason is simple, education is a human right, not dependent on any citizenship. There are many who abuse the system, that doesn't mean the system is wrong, Many people abuse alcohol, that doesn't mean it shouldn't be there. If they pay their fees, why shouldn't they learn? By learning they can contribute to society, pay tax, get legal. Too many people take education for granted. As for financial assistance, I am sure they need to be legal to receive such payments.

Love Exists?

In Texas they can even get financial aid as long as they graduated from high school and are in the process of getting their citizenship or becoming legal residents.

mari r
probably and if they did they will no longer be able to because of the laws passing as we speak, everything is against the law now even feeding the poor, this is a sad country and is getting worse and worse the one thing i believe is else sad is that these children who came to this country illegally had no choice but to follow the parents who brought them here illegally, the parents are the ones to blame but the children are paying the price and we are so lame and inhuman we refuse to feed the hungry because they came to our doorsteps against our wishes!

Yes they can. If an illegal is going to college, won't this help our society? Isn't education the key for a better tommorrow? These people should be given amnesty. They should, however, pay back any assistance they received if the government subsidized their education....

I think illegal immigrants won't even think about going to college in the U.S. because the first thing the college admissions office requires is the student's proof of citizenship or proof that he or she is a permanent resident or the so-called green card holder.

why not prisoner can





Yes, they can. In some cases, they may qualify for in-state tuition rates.

Whoever said that federal law prohibits the states from doing this needs to take a look at USC case law. It has consistently ruled that states are sovereign on issues such as education.

Yes, but I have no idea why my tax dollars should pay for it.

sure on there refried bean fund

Kelz D
they should if they learn the english language and become US citizens.

Nadia K
with a visa for school

jim g
sad to say yes...often getting instate tuition charges and/or free tuition.
God Save America!

David C
Not in the State of Arizona! They need to show proof of citizenship, student visa, or resident card.

Top Cat
if they are do not go through the process to become legal, this not be allowed

Yes it happens and what is really sad, is if you added up all the money we give to illegals and aid to countries that don't even practice moral democracy...you could send every American citizen to college as they graduate from high school.

Ronald G
It all depends on the state that they apply to. Some states have initiatives to ban illegal immigrants from applying. The problem is that once they are here, many states have laws that say that illegal children are entitled to use our public education system. Once they enter that system then it is easy access to state-run colleges.

Do you know, that to get low college tuition you have to be resident of the State for 12 months.
Why? because schools are state funded (Mostly) very little federal funding.
When you live in any state in the US, since the moment that you pay your rent, eat, play state lotto, put gas in your tank, smoke cigars or cigarettes, drink alcoholics bevereges and so many practices. You are paying for schools, medical services which by the way are state funded, don't forget prisions (except federal prisions)
Well let's do the numbers
When paid your rent the person or company that rent the place to you has to pay their state taxes.
When you buy food in California you pay 7.75 % of every dollar you spent.
Gasoline, 34 % goes to state taxes.( Federal is 17 %, that will cover federal prisons.)
If you smoke cigarettes $ 8.70 of every carton is state exercise tax.
Cigars is 46.76 %.
Alcohol is 35 %
Lotto tickets for every dollar woth of lotto tickets 34 % is for education.
So fact is that every person legal or not is paying for education, and when you are in jail you already paid your dues.
Hispanics are well know to to buy lotto tickets, drink beer and smoke cigarettes
When they work paying or not paying taxes, their emploweer who has beneficiated from their labor, has in turn to pay taxes,
State and Federal so all the farmers, manufactures, hotels etc...
So to answer your question, it is hard for an illegal immigrant to go to college even though they already paid some money to the State. and to the federal goverment.

old man
Yes they don't even have to pay out of state tuition but if you live in Missouri and want to go to school in Kansas you do

Got a Plan
So sad cause this is a legit question and many of us have problems affording college ourselves.

fortune cookie
Yes, they can get education here in the us but they have to pay extremely, EXTREMELY!!! high tuition, as if they are international students. If you don't have ss#, driver's lic or proof of residency, you must have global funds, to get educated in the USSS!!!!!

That would be illegal in my mind. F--k no......

I think this Country is going to poor because millions illegal younth people and a lot of people will come to Unnited States to get a free education and free benefit then we encourage and wellcome illegal stay in United States to be consume our freedom of conutry.

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