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Can immigrants open bank accounts?
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Can immigrants open bank accounts?

my boyfriend is an immigrant and he opened a bank acct the other day at wachovia.. they called him today asking him if he has a social security card .. he gave his social to the bank but its a limited social (not valid for work) they said to send this info in as soon as possible bcuz they needed this just to make sure theyre is no money laundering and things like that going on (aka immigrants?) can anyone answer me plzzz. BEST ANSWER WINS 10 POINTSS =)


Pauper Prince
Of course who qualifies the criteria of being resident (immigrant or citizen) can open bank account. Only illegal immigrants are not allowed to open the bank account because they don't have any legal ID or documentation upon them.

As soon as I read boyfriend I tuned out.

Of course immigrants are allowed to open bank accounts. With a SSN taxpayers number at pretty much every bank. Without one, only at a few, like Bank of America.

The banks ask for your social security number to report your interest income to the IRS. It is not because of money laundering or any weird reason like that. A permanent resident or a citizen has a permanent SS number. An immigrant who is on work visa (H-1) etc. has a temporary social security number. You do not get social security after retirement unless you have a permanent number.

Cheshire Cat
Are you talking about LEGAL immigrants or illegal immigrants?

I'm a legal immigrant and i could open an bank account without any problem.
i just had to show them my permanent resident card , my ssc and my driving liscense.

I know at Washington Mutual they will let people open accounts and no Social Security is necessary.

as long as he has a valid SSN then he can. They just need that on file for Federal regulations.

My daughter and I are both immigrants and we both opened bank accounts. I had a social card already and she used her ITIN.

Yes, terrorism or not, banks control the govt.

Not the other way around.

Misis ni KC
Most banks asks for SS card when an immigrant opens an account with them.It doesn't matter if it is a limited SS card because that will be his permanent SS number even if he applies for an unrestricted one later. The government and banks are having strict rules on money laundering esp. after the terrorist attacks.

Yes! they can even get credit cards to. Some people tried to boycott Bank of America for doing that, but the majority of Americans just ignored that plan because they know it's good for the U.S.

Bank Defends Credit Cards for Illegal Immigrants

In Los Angeles, immigrants who don't have credentials to work in the United States can still get a credit card, thanks to a pilot program run by Bank of America. The bank is hoping to tap a fast-growing market by offering credit cards to illegal immigrants without Social Security numbers.

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