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Can my U.S citizen husband have me deported? Immigration advise please!?
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Can my U.S citizen husband have me deported? Immigration advise please!?

My husband is a U.S citizen and i married him a year ago. I am British so we started the paperwork to get me a green card. Unfortunately he was arrested for owing child support and missed our appointment with immigration for my green card. Since then everything has gone down hill, he is cheating on me with the mother of one of his children and is now threatening me with deportation. Although i have a work permit and a social security number it's still not a green card. He and i have been separated for about 8 or 9 months now and since he moved in with his ex, i decided to move on myself and found an amazing man who i love with all my heart, i am now pregnant by my new love.. and now my husband is refusing to give me a divorce, he will only agree to an annulment, which we have no grounds to file, and he is also threatening to tell immigration i married him solely for a green card, and threatening to have me deported. Can he do this? what can i do? please help me, I'm very scared.


i got involved with a married illegal girl and got her pregnant. we live together and things are not working out. what are my rights with the child. she is still married and has a child with him as well. she is due in a few months and is threatining to leave and not let me be around for my first child.

I can't speak on the specifics of everything you said, but I can tell you that the United States federal government, which is responsible for all deportations via INS, has recently stated that they do not have the manpower to go after any 'illegal' immigrant who has not committed a crime.

Given that you did not enter the country illegally (you have a SSN and work permit) there should be no need to worry, and your (almost)ex-husbands claims that he will have you deported are largely just scare tactics. I would pursue all legal options with getting a divorce and a green card, and get going on that path to citizenship (if that's what you want).

You should go here, and take a look around, it's INS' collection of laws. They are dense, but a good guide.


You have multiple problems ..go see an Aila immigration lawyer ASAP ...

George L
well, I would have said if he refuses to divorce you he can't very well have you deported. But getting pregnant outside of your marriage, and also living with your new love I'd imagine as well, certainly complicates things quite a bit. getting professional advice from a good immigration lawyer as soon as possible seems like an excellent investment in your future.

Muertos Mujados
You're in trouble girl. You need more specific advice than I can give you on a public web site.

He cannot deport you, only Immigration judge can order to Removed from US you at the immigration master hearing. However, he can report you to ICE for the visa fraud. Once that is on the system, you will have extremely difficult time getting adjusted even if you get to be free to marry to another US Citizen and file another Adjustment of Status.

Also, if you entered on K1 to get married and filed Adjustment of Status, there is no way you can file another Adjustment of Status with another spouse.

Game Over03
what you need is to seek a lawyer , but what i can tell you is than you might be able to qualify to stay in the US through WAVA , which is a law which was designed to protect immigrant women from physical and any kind of abuse from American citizens . you would have to prove than you really got married in good faith and might have to show prove of his abuse . videos , recordings , email messages and letters might help .

google WAVA and get a lawyer .

He cant do anything, the only thing is ur scaring urself. when ur married u r a resident. theres proof that u didnt marry him for green card, u got no green card this whole time, so he cant do anything, go to court, its ok, ur only scarying urself.
ok lets put it this way, u r illegal and got a divorce, therefore you r illegal. and ur send back, its bad, but guess what ur pregnant with the man u love, ur in britian. come over again with a visa, tell ur babies father u want to marry him, u get married, u get green card. u know wat im saying right.

here is a simple idea, go get divorece, get send back cuz ur illegal, tell ur BF who is the father of ur baby to get u a visa, u come back to USA, marry ur babies father, get green card. BOOM ur a legal resident. i hope u work things out. much love for you and ur baby and ur love one

black beans
Is there any law like WAVA that protect men, I been married for 3 yrs, just applied to remove conditions but my wife keeps threatening me with im gonna divorce you and im gonna tell INS to deport you if you dont give me more money. I work 2 jobs, i pay for mortgage and all the utilities, we have a huge debt cuz she decide to spent the money we didnt have, so im paying all the debt too. she got a new car which got repo cus shes not able to do the payments. so at the end I cant pay anything else. and she wants more and more without helping me and just threatening me all the time. Her ex still come into the house, and im not sure if she is cheating on me, there have been several occasions that I get home late and one of her friends is there (male) just weird. 'like i said I just file for the removal of conditions, what should I do?

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