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Can some1 who was an illegal immigrant but now been married to english girl for 6 years be deported?
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Can some1 who was an illegal immigrant but now been married to english girl for 6 years be deported?


It all depends on the status of the person right now, and why they want to deport him.
Even if he is married, if he's not applied for the marriage visa, then that is same as still being illegal, so in that case, unfortunately he can be deported. Also if he has applied for the visa and has been rejected, and has not successfully appealed, then the same thing can be said.
Yet even though he once was an illegal immigrant, if he is legally married to an English girl now for 6 years, then he should well qualify for the marriage visa. So if he's not applied for it before, then he must apply now as soon as possible. And he must prove them that he has been legally married to this person for 6 years now, and the marriage is still in continue, and him and his wife live together.
Home Office should not deport him because he was an illegal immigrant once, as long as he has the right status now. So, whatever the reason for them to trying to deport him, he definitely needs to speak to a immigration lawyer to sort it out. There are many agencies that can settle down cases on no visa no fee bases, so try asking help from those. Check TNT magazine and its website for their adverts. Do not speak to Home Office about it, as they are least likely to be helpful.
And those are some links that might be useful.
Good luck.


Marital status will not keep an illegal immigrant from being deported. It may make it easier for them to return legally, but even that is not assured.

Yes they can.

Yes, of course. Marriage doesn't offer you idemnity against prosecution for illegal activity. Immigration officers may show some leniency, but they are in no way obliged to.

john n
illegal means against the law so I would say yes

Brian S
can and will.

in theory yes, but this government doesnt have the balls to it.
what normally happens is the relatives have a demo or petition, and the government says ... yeah ok, so you are illegal, so what, just stay.

MR. Alexxx

The English girl is an idiot for marrying this lowlife and allowing herself to be used this way.

We do not want more immigrants here.

He should be deported and she should go with him and try out life in a third world country.

Ellie P
i do hope so!!

I was going to say I don't think so because that gives them a green card allowing them to stay in the country, but looking at the answers above i think i may be wrong...
Was that the way they used to do it?

aunty m
yes it is still possible to be deported.you need to contact the home office to resolve this.


Yes,& they will eventually catch you even if you changed your name.

Yes an illegal immigrant is ALWAYS ILLEGAL DOH!!!

You would be deported back to your home country. You could apply to enter legally as you are married but no insurance they will say yes.

Unfortunately yes!
My friend's husband was from Brazil but illegal immigrant. They were legally married here for 9 years.Last year he got deported.Now the only way to see his kids is his wife to go to Brazil...
UK refused him entry clearance

ken y
yes and should be
come here legally or go home


Certainly can be deported - only a matter of time.

Yes,the sooner the better! "marraige of convenience" springs to mind

I hope so.

hakuna matata
Yes you can be deported. You obviously married an English girl to enable you to try and get permanent residency. She must be really stupid to have married you as marrying a foreigner usually ends in tears and another single mum for us to support. If you did get married for love you should take her and settle back in your country instead of staying here. You should have been deported by now and I hope they catch up with you soon.

yes, they will be hunted down and deported

Yes, what is his name and address?

doubt it very much law for one law for another


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