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Did you know that illegal "immigrants" and all non citizens can vote in California?
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Did you know that illegal "immigrants" and all non citizens can vote in California?

It's true. Although they are technically not allowed to, they do it anyway.

In California, there is no ID requirement to register to vote. You may vote by mail and there will be no verification as to whether or not the person is even real, let alone if they are citizens. Then, when you get to the polls, you are not asked for ID. They want to know your last name and street address. They look at there list, cross your name off and ask you to sign next to your printed name. They hand you the ballot and you head to the voting booth to make your selection.

Additional Details
Okay, I didn't mean to say "they do it," since I DO NOT HAVE PROOF. That was not what I meant to say. I apologize for that.

I don't care what the voting officials in San Diego say about HAVA...I just voted on Tuesday...My husband voted too...NO ONE REQUESTED ID FROM US! We purposely did not bring in our voter booklet because we wanted to know if they would check our ID...THEY DID NOT. In California you can pickup a registration form at the post office, fill it out, drop it in the box and you will be registered. They do mail something to your address, but if it is not returned or reported, you will be on the list when you get to the polls on election day and they WONT ASK FOR YOUR ID!


Demand a recount-if you know they did-and say why. Only citizens should be able too. and I will sign. And ask at your voting booth if they didn't check-get their names. And call the newspapers if you see it happening.

Illegal is just that illegal. Some people want to legitimize the behavior of those "South of The Border" who break our laws. My question is why is it fair for Cubans to come here illegally and get citizenship while others are rejected such as the Haitians. Cubans may not like Castro, but at least they have medical, education and work. Haitians haven't that at all. They are the poorest country in the western hemisphere and get no sympathy.

I'm tried of people justifying illegal aliens because of cheap labor. There are too many Americans who are willing to work, but not at ridicules wages. Can someone answer this, how much many is spent of border patrols, local/state/federal levels to fight illegal immigration; medical, education, and jail facilities.

One final question; the same people who marched in protest across this country last month; why didn't they attempt the same measures in their own country to increase their standard base of living?

Of course it happens haven't you heard the slogan "Today we march, Tomorrow we vote"

And in Chicago, dead people vote at least once. Welcome to the world of politics.

IF that is true, isnt that YOUR state's fault? Do something about it YOURSELF, or be quiet.

They aren't "illegal immigrants." They are trespassers. (And, no, I didn't know that, but why doesn't it surprise me?)

Nurse stat
You can vote an many States, without being a US-Citizens. Often they do not ask for any ID.
I think this is not right,because every Election you will have the wrong outcome on ballots.
They should make it official in any State to ask for ID to prevent Non-Citizen from voting


That's not true I called the Register of Voters in San Diego, and ask them if that was true, They said a new law has been passed it's call HAVA ( Help America Vote Act) this is for all States you have to present a valid drivers licenses, social security no. Home address, and then they run it through Sacramento, if it doesn't check out they send you a letter that you are invalid, Now it is against the law they said you can be charged with a felony now.

that would be fine if they were voting republican...are they voting republican??? I cant remember which color is which...

some polisci major
I'm sure you can prove that illegal immigrants actually vote. Just saying they do doesn't make it true.

So in other words, your entire "question" is just opinion. Because it happened once doesn't mean it happens everywhere.

That why latino leader will take CA in 5 years, most illegal are dishonest and theft they will do anything for obey law, and some congres hispanic already in legislation now....thats why who pro amnesty they need vote from illegals , 100 illegal will vote for who traitor ,mc caine frist hillary will be president they will get vote from illegals and most fraud votes.





Both senate CA pro illegals and gay and will make 20 million illegal be legal to vote for them,thats so criminal...they greedy to get dirty votes...

vote for candidate who again illegals , secure our children future.
Mountjoy for California US senate :


That's why I live in the great state of TEXAS!!!
By the way, a LOT of Cali's are moving to San Antonio -Austin area.....The smart ones.

Did you have to advertise it?

I was already thinking that if Feinstein wins again, I want a vote verification. That will give them addresses, too, since those have to be on the registration.

You got some false info. The only people that can vote in California have to be REGISTERED to vote. Your name is only on the list at the polling place or they only sent you a ballot in the mail because you are registered to vote. Illegals can't register to vote. If they did, Cali would be up in arms. There was an initiative about 10 years or so ago that would have taken away all public support from illegals. It passed by over 80% (but then a judge overruled it). Most Californians can't stand the economic strain of illegals in their state. You might want to recheck your facts.

California's been a 'gateway state' for a lot of people from the south for a really long time. Like, decades. California also has a very strong spanish heritage, 'San' this, 'Las' something else, Los here, Del there,etc etc etc. California's also one of the hottest states in the nation, economically. California also gets HUGE govt. subsidy, programs like welfare, etc. California would also start tanking about 3 days after their illegal population packed their bags and went home. I doubt they will, because even with 'the governator', I think the deed is done, it's a fait accompli, barring some catacylsmic uprising, california's stuck with a LOT of people from mexico and points south. I also think, eventually, that California will eat itself. High taxes, overcrowding,
crime, gangs, drugs, that whole mess, california's got their problems. They did finally join the other states in doing more about their border.....but is it already too late for them, have they been co-opted by the hispanics, 'reconquista' finally realized? LOL

Yahoo Sux
It is true and utterly disgusting.

I don't believe you are correct. But criminality in our state is not unheard of (ha!) and I rather suspect that there may be some of that going on.
If they could vote, the party would be over. We would be paying for even more schlock give away programs than currently and we would be broke to the tops of our toes. That's what we are are all hoping won't happen. What you suggest is a very scary thing!
I don't believe it is true, however. Gracias Adios!

I don't doubt it!!! California has one of the HIGHEST concentration of illegals,from what i understand??!! That they are allowed to VOTE is an OUTRAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree with some polisci major.

vinayak v
oh i didnt know that. since you've asked. now i know.

aracely c
Interesting I did not know that..but somehow I doubt it..

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