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Do you consider illegal Mexican immigrants to be low class scum?
Find answers to your legal question.

Do you consider illegal Mexican immigrants to be low class scum?

Im getting that impression from many of you, that the people coming illegally are low class and poor criminals.


And Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Mendi!

Let's leave it as low class. If they were high or middle class in their home countries, they wouldn't be here.

No, maybe their aren't better off but maybe they are trying to get a good life for their children or for themselves. Some are but I would like to think that they would want to come here because they want a better life. But because they are "illegals" they are criminals.

No, it's horrible to stereotype all lower class Mexicans into one group. Every group has criminals and scum but, every group also has successful caring and kind people. Remember God loves everyone.

No, I don't think most feel that way.

You cannot make yourself feel something you do not feel, but you can make yourself do" right" in spite of your feelings.

Do the right thing and you always prosper. Do the wrong (no matter what the reason) has got to have negative affects.

Don't make excuse for them.

If you care for others help them the right way not the wrong. You want them to be the best the can be. It might not be the easiest but it is always the right way.

No, not all. But they are illegal. That's what we're trying to control. Whether they are trying to better themselves or not, they're illegal. Simple.

No just here ILLEGAL lots of great people came here from other countrys but it has to be done the right way BY THE LAW..,

Walter E
No, but by coming in illegally they are criminals by definition.

Last July Fourth,
Mexico's EWE news service published an interview
With the celebrated Mexican novelist Elena Poniatowska
in which she noted:

"Mexico is at this moment
recovering territories it lost in the past to the United States
thanks to emigration.
The common people --
The poor, the uneducated, the dirty, the lice ridden, the roaches
are advancing on the United States,
a country that needs to speak Spanish
because it has 33.5 million Hispanics
who are imposing their culture,"
observed Poniatowska.
"Mexico is recovering the territories
yielded to the United States by means of migratory tactics."

I Did NOT Compose That Paragraph

celebrated Mexican novelist Elena Poniatowska Did

The common people --
The poor, the uneducated, the dirty, the lice ridden, the roaches
are advancing on the United States,

These Are The Sentiments Of Mexicos Own People
Toward Mexican Citizens

And I Agree With Her Statement

Anyone who stereotypes all illegals is not basing their opinion on reality. Some are decent people, some are scum, just like some of the people here legally are decent and some are scum.
Illegals are putting themselves at risk by coming here, and they have none of the protections US citizens have. They should stay in Mexico and work to make Mexico better for the sake of the people there who they have left behind.

Typically, the new high influx of new immigrants is considered low class scum in the eyes of the American public. It happened with the high influx of the Irish in the 19th century and has with every new influx of immigrants. The only difference is that they're here illegally.

Personally I dont consider all who are illegal scum... that is a title I reserve for murderers, rapists, kidnappers, robbers, terrorists and traitors only (some of which may just coincidentally be illegal).

I would however much prefer it if they came in the legal way... many immigrants do come in legally so why cant they have the patience to do so? (its not like Mexico is a hell hole like North Korea anyway)

And by the way... check most of the arguments of the illegal-immigrant supporter camp... most of their arguments for illegals revolve around the fact that they are supposedly "low class poor folk".

John B
Amen to that they take away our jobs money and they dont pay taxes dam scum


They pretty much convinced us of that on their own. There may be a very tiny number of exceptions, very, very tiny.

And that BS about "they're just poor people trying to feed their families" is NO justification for ILLEGALLY crossing the border into the USA. I have YET to see an emaciated person coming across that border due to starvation. (they might be worn out or very thirsty or sick, but not STARVING) There are 4.6 BILLION people in the world who make LESS than the average Mexican. They would LOVE to come to the USA to get a "better life for their family". The USA is not the welfare check or homeless shelter for the world. IMMIGRATION is not the solution to poverty in the world. Poverty has to be dealt with IN THOSE countries. We can't bring all the poor people here. Mexico is no exception. THEY need to make MEXICO better THERE. Coming does not help MEXICO. Coming here does not help AFRICA's poor. Coming here does not help the poverty levels of ANY country. Poor people who immigrate (legally OR illegally) only drag the USA down to a poverty stricken country. The help we do doesn't make a dent in the poverty in their country but it DOES make a gigantic hole in the fabric of OUR country's environmental and economic structure.

Illegals are being made low class and scum by their own country and our greedy politicians and business people. W ake up illegals, you are hurting yourselves and your families. Go back and build your own country first, stop running away from your problems.

No they're mostly not scum (of course I'm sure some of them must be, just like some of any group are), but they are coming over illegally and that is wrong and it's costing legal taxpayers money in the long run.

Illegal immgrants do NOT pay taxes.

Don't put words into peoples mouths. It's a matter of LEGALITY!!!

No, that's a stereotype. Maybe some of them are criminals because they have nothing.

dances with unicorns
No; I think they're people who just want a better life, and are doing what they can to get it.

No, they're hard workers who need to pursue ways to get here legally. Coming here illegally and draining our public services, i.e., hospitals, schools, law enforcement, is what pisses off everyone who is here legally. Not to mention the underpayment of taxes.

If you know anyone who got here legally, as an immigrant, you'll appreciate their dedication and resolve. Ask a legal immigrant what they think.

Scum-no Selfish-Yes

No, they are hard workers.

they are illegal but they aren't low class.

Yes. I consider all criminals scum of the earth.. regardless of nationality..

The people who are here without proper papers have commited a crime, they are not paying taxes but they are using this countries resources for free , inessence making others pay for their freedom and benefit. It is a type of theft. All thieves are low class, even rich theives, to have class means to have integrity and honor. There are poor people that are very high class. You are confusing class, poverty and crime.

That's a rhetorical question~ A man can be judged by his actions!

no they are people like you and me just illegal!

Sway 26
Uh, well if sneaking in here to work for less than minimum wage is a step up the ladder for them, then yes I would consider then low class.

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