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Do you need to be a US born citizen to become a Congressman?
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Do you need to be a US born citizen to become a Congressman?

Some one may be a US citizen by naturalization. Can a citizen by naturalization be a congressman?


Wayman B
No. According to the Constitution, the only office that requires you be a natural-born citizen is the Office of President.

Max Hoopla
You can be a naturalized citizen and be elected to congress.

Handy Andy
Yeah, you can,...you can come from Oaxaca HEMP farm to U.S. legally or get amnesty by lame brain congress, and become a congressman,...-it seems by the spacedout immigration laws they are conjuring there, after having "pot" parties, in congress-there already may be quite a few of illegals turned congressmen in capitol.

jake f

A member of the House of Representatives must be at least 25 years old, and a Senator must be at least 30.

You must have been a US citizen for a certain length of time—at least 9 years for a Senator and 7 for a House Member.

Finally, you must live in the state you represent. Can you imagine someone living in Hawaii representing the state of Alaska?

Daniel W
no just a citizen

Yeah i think

Precious Love
of course

Randy K
Who cares, we will elect a president without proof of citizenship!

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