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Do you really care if gangs kill each other?
Find answers to your legal question.

Do you really care if gangs kill each other?

It has been on the news that illegal Latinos (some) have formed gangs. It has also been reported that the Black gangs (Crypts and Bloods) have gotten together to fight the Latino gangs.

My question is, "Does it really matter if these low lifes kill each other"?

Doesn't it solve problems for the law abiding people?

Why would anyone care about their war with the exception of innocent people being hit in the crossfire?


No I wouldn't care if they were taken off the earth. Unless like you say innocent people got caught in the crossfire.
No one needs this. If their agenda was of peace that would be different. But when you put yourself in a "bad" situation or group (intendedly for the love of wrong) you are setting yourself up for trouble. It is hard to feel sorry for those intent on wrong practices. Especially if they had other choices and had the knowledge to know better.

Jen G
They end up killing more innocent people than each other.

More innocents die than gang members.

They really don't care if their shootouts take place in a crowded street or an empty alley.

there shouldn't be these gangs in the first place

Violence begets violence. There is no other way to put it. You can't expect two separate societies to live side by side - one outright killing themselves, while the other one (us) lives in peaceful, oblivious harmony. It just doesn't work like that. Meanwhile, where does the violence end? When one gang is wiped out? You expect then that the other gang will put down their weapons and become law-abiding members of society? It doesn't work like that, either.

Go on down to the south side of Chicago and see how many innocents have been killed this year because of gang violence. You won't hear them saying, "Let's just let them kill each other, we'll be fine..."

No I Dont Care If They Kill Each Other

The Same Goes For The Factions In The Middle East

I Think We Should Pull Our Troops Out
And Bring Them All Home
And Let The Ragheads Kill The Camel Jockeys
And Vice Versa

I don't care if they kill each other but unfortunatly for me as a white woman living in an all hispanice neighborhood with gang activitiy it does affect me because many times innocent people can get hurt. If they just killed each other, that would be fine but they are a threat to everyone around them as some of us are forced to live with the low life trash as we can't afford a better place.

i don't care less if there kill each other it would be less for society to put with its the Innocent people that get killed by these gangs i care about

Nope it doesn't matter, maybe we'll get lucky and they will kill each other at a faster rate!

Yes, because innocents always get caught in the cross fire.

Evolution in action, let's just hope they kill each other young enough and before they breed.

Don K
As long as they truely kill each other out and not one gang killing out the other. If that happened they would no longer have anyone to fight with and would turn on the rest of the public. This would be like no one left to fight back with hitler or Iran. They would just take over and bully everyone.

So long as they kill each other our I'm all for it. .

Not if they only kill eachother and not innocent people working to make their lives better for themselves and their love ones.

Hold em Rox.
I do not agree with violence/killings, and especially when it's just about some "turf", or who is the "baddest" around.
With gang violence, innocents always seem to get caught in the middle.

What happened to the days of settling differences with your fists?? Now every thug out there has some kind of gun. (usually stolen) And they use it on anyone and everyone they don't like. Whether it's a rival gang member or just someone on the street that looked at them wrong.

No I DO NOT CARE. Let them go to town for all I care. Kill eachother off to make us all safer.

The cynical side of me doesn't really give a damn.

But the more rational side of me realizes that even if they're only killing each other (which they don't) they affect a lot of people.

They put a bunch of people (innocent bystanders and public officials) in harm's way.

They're an economic drain to society. They hurt their neighborhood economically by reducing the market values of their neighbors' houses thereby reducing equity. Instead of having paying jobs like the rest of us, they contribute to the illicit economy increasing taxes for the rest of us. They tend to have a bunch of kids at an early age. This creates additional social and and economic costs, since they'll be more likely to use government-funded social programs without contributing to the tax pool.

They destroy families. No parent wants to bury their kid at such a young age or see their kid in jail. But if you're a in gang, you're practically guaranteed both. Neighbors live in fear (the added stress in their lives can have wide social and economic impacts). Effected areas slowly deteriorate into violence and chaos.

The worst thing of all is the wasted potential.

locked & loaded American
no, let them kill each other off. less that the tax payers have to feed.

Well there is always a chance they could change and better themselves, but that rarely happens...so no.

Every gang member killed is a blessing for society as a whole .
Liberal Defense Attorneys hate it when a future client goes down and the taxpayer doesn't have to foot the defense bill , the unending appeals bills and the cost of imprisonment .

I hate to say this, its evil. but honestly, I'm pleased when a 16 year old gang banger gets shot in the hood near my town. I think "its one less scum bag who'll be shooting at my kid for no reason" I seriously feel happy when I see a gang shootout and 10 die. I wish more would do this. besides, its a fact here anyhow. they (85%) of them rely of gov money(my taxes) to pay their way. who knows how many of these scumbags sell drugs to suppliment what they can't scam from my tax.


while i think its selfish for them to shoot innocent people there are also lil teenagers babies in gangs confused hurt wanting a place to belong and what the hell do you all mean you wouldnt care and you want them to kill eachother off?! that make u as bad as them. if it was your baby and they get shot in the head let me hear you say they derved it

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