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Do you think it's about time Native American's stop getting money from the Government/us?
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Do you think it's about time Native American's stop getting money from the Government/us?

It's been SEVERAL years and we're still paying them for the land. How much money do they need? they get discounts on everything. I'm not racist so please don't missunderstand me it's just I think maybe it's time to call it Even.
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All they do with it is get drunk it's true coming from a small town of them. They Beg at your car's for MONEY! If you don't give it to them they spit on your car!


Johnny Walker
The government stole their land and slaughtered almost all the ENTIRE Indian race,all the tribes.The ones who were left were shoved onto reserves and died from white man diseases.The Indians left today are all that's left from an entire race of humans.

So how much is the United States and a race of people worth?

I think the U.S. government should honor all of the treaties it signed with Native American Tribes. I want my government to be as good as it's word. If a tribe is open to a renegotiation of a treaty than fine. If you are unhappy with the arrangement between the U.S. government and Native American nations you should seek to change the U.S. constitution.

It does not matter what they spend their money on. It does matter that they get paid for all that was taken from them. I think the gov. owes that to them.


The Native American Indians deserve every penny they receive and are under payed IMO. The money they receive is just a drop in the bucket for what they lost and the majority live in major poverty or hovering right near it.

No, I don't think so. I believe we as US should keep paying them for the loss of their land and their way of life. As far as I'm concerned, call it Rent money on a lifetime lease.

Um ... we stole their land and forced them into Indian reserves out in the middle of no where, like in the middle of the desert or in some forest in NY state. Most of the Native Americans (not all but many) almost poor, and can't afford much. They can't really get any "real word" jobs, because the companies won't hire them, or their family doesn't want them to work in this society.

Your sitting in your house on land that some Native Americans may have once called home!

Oh, right, and just break another treaty! Show them Indians the leaders of this country will always renig on their promises, treaties, contracts, agreements.

NO! Many treaties were broken that the leaders of the USA had agreed upon with the Native Americans. This is one they better not change. This was Native American land and the Native Americans were treated very cruelly and unjustly. They did not have to be pushed off their lands, they did not have to be forced into the Colonial lifestyles, they should never have been forced to totally stop speaking their language, their children should never have been forced to go to schools away from their families to be taught only the 'white' mans ways. The USA and the BIA will and should always strive to keep these agreements for the future of the Native Americans and their culture. After all, 'they' WERE here first.

Anyone who doesn't understand needs to get educated on the history or get the He!! out of the USA.

By the way this has nothing to do with immigration. What is your intention? To stir up old issues, to try to divide and conquer, to try to harm the Native Americans, as if they are living the high-life or getting rich off that money? You need to go to another category, this is not the correct one. Better yet, go to another country.

Edit: CC, that last comment was totally uncalled for. You should WISH you had the guts of the Native American to withstand what they have gone through. Some are alcoholics, so are a lot of 'white' people and people of all other races. There are idiots in all races, too. Guess what category YOU fit into? "All" Native Americans aren't alcoholics. Many, many of them go on to get higher educations, open businesses and are very successful. There are colleges for Native Americans. Some of those kids get education partially funded from those 'Casinos', which they had the intelligence to run and succeed at, bringing in much needed revenue to their reservations. Why people criticize them for opening casinos then bytch about them being poor or getting government allotments. What do you want, you can't have it both ways. If they can make money off casinos, what's it to you? Get off the Native Americans back, they don't deserve your sharp, forked tongue nor your ignorant comments.

Victor ious (below) said it all!! I agree with him/her 100%!!

I believe that they are the only group that deserve reparations.

Nope, I'm not an indian but I do think they should get paid.

You have to remember if we didn't come to America they could still be living on the land for free.

Nope. I think you should look into the history of what really happened to the indigenous people who were here before the Europeans got here. Then you'll see it's not time to call it even.

No, they deserve it, this was their land! I respect the native Americans!

Victor ious
I am half Scotsman and Native American Cherokee. I tell you what - you get the government to give back the land they stole and restore the Native American's pride as a peoples, and I will talk to the tribes into not taking government monies and instead, charge every white-eye rent for use of the Native American's lands.

Lady, you are a racist. You just made every single Native American into a drunk, typecasting all Native Americans as drunks - and that is far far far and away from the truth. Whites, Blacks, Indians, Mexicans and other nationalities have their share of drunks and street panhandlers and rude people. Get off your superior than thou attitude.

When you take away the Native American's land, and you restrict then to tiny stretches of land and hand them money with no jobs, no proper education system - then you will have problems, problems created by the United States Government.

Its a triple slap in the face when you pander to the black race about the slavery days and do all you can to make up for the wrongs done to them.. but what about the mass slaughter done by whites to the Indian peoples.., massacres committed by the U.S. government with the white people's blessings. Hell yeah the Indians fought back when the white man broke their own contracts with them. Yeah they fought back when their people were being absorbed into the white communities, having their heritage ripped away...,

and no wonder there is a resentment of the White man's God when they took the Indian children and forced them into Catholic and Protestant religions.., to act as the white man.., and even then these children were mistreated when they did all that was asked of them.

My great great grandmother (a full blood Cherokee) was sorely mistreated by her Scottish husband's family as a dog. Something she did not deserve. She dressed like the white man demanded, she spoke the white man's tongue perfectly and still she was regarded as subhuman.

This treatment is ongoing. Canadians and Americans are caught on video consistently harassing Native American Indians, calling my people, SAND N*GGERS! and WORSE! But you do not see the ACLU or anybody else launching out to stop this maltreatment - but you always defend the black people from being called the N-word..., yet give your blessings when Native Americans are treated as such.

It is NO WONDER that A.I.M. has young men filled with violent hate... its people like YOU who enrage them, insult them, emasculate them as if the Native Americans are trash.

The people of America are after Israel to give land back to the Palestinians that was never the Palestinians in the first place - But the white people and black people of American will not in a million years consider giving land back to the Native Americans who's land it was in the first place.

Lady - you and those like you are ignorant of the facts or just don't care. If the white man owes the black man, then the white man owes the Red-Man more!

To me you sound like them folks who want any other race than white extinct. But I fear I must applogize to you. You see, I called you a Lady - and trust me - you are NO lady.

we should leave and give them their land back!!!

Do you really think we could ever pay back what we owe them for the WHOLE of America? We gave them the worst land we could find, and reduced their nomadic lifestyle to a point where they had to live in one location. When we discovered oil, coal, or other minerals on the reservations, we moved them on again.

We introduced diseases (sometime deliberately) and we introduced them to alcohol, which they are less able to process because of differences in their genetic makeup.

Now that Native Americans are realizing the potential of their reservation land for gambling, golf, and resort hotels, we once again want to punish them.

They deserve the benefits laid down by law.

No, I dont think that we should stop giving them money. They have suffered so much through our history. Did you ever wonder why they drink? Maybe its because too many people like you share the same opinion. Please don't get me wrong, you have every right to share your opinion. You asked the question and I am answering with my opinion. I think they drink alot because they are in depression, they are in depression, because they are in poverty. IT is a vicous cycle. I am happy for the opportunties that are available to them. I have several Native American Indian friends and they are the sweetest most humble people.

If anyone group of people deserve anything I believe it is them. I too have been on a reservation and some do drink too much fire water. Anyway, they deserve more, maybe not money but something else.

Cool. I'll take your house and your land, kill a few of your relatives and friends. Then I'll promise to pay you a hundred bucks each year. Maybe we could call it even a while down the road?

You know, if you invested the money we gave them in restition, you would have enough by now the buy back the land, at least in the case of Long Island.

Lotus Phoenix
No. You owe for the generations killed by your greed and inhumanity.

You're government killed off thier animals and burned their fields THEN gave them white flour and lard to eat and liquer to drink...they should make you all pay for the rest of time!!!!!!!!

OR, get the hell out...no more bills.

Right. Washington stole their land, fair and square. They should just get on with their lives, and never mind all those treaties, broken or not. If not, just break them now. And never mind their sovereign rights. And while we're at it, why should states be sovereign either.

Just let George W. Bush be President for Life, with dictatorial powers. And he can then repudiate every agreement, every treaty, every law at will.

And the Constitution? Forget it. Just designate everybody who disagrees with George W. Bush an "enemy combatant" with no rights.

Take their oil and minerals and pay them NOTHING. They don't deserve it; you do.

No. But It's time we cut off WEFARE to illegal aliens and cranky anchor babies.

American Indians have received three types of reparations: (1) cash payments, through the operation of the Indian Claims Commission and the U.S. Court of Claims; (2) land, through an occasional action of Congress to return control over land to particular tribes; and (3) tribal recognition, by either Congress or the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The first of these has been the least satisfactory, measured by long-term impact on Indian communities. The second was more satisfactory, but has been experienced by very few tribes. The third, which is in process now, has had the best results.

The settlement of claims for lands unjustly taken was a widespread demand of Indians in the 1920s and 1930s. When the federal government began to accept suits-as a sovereign, the federal government must consent to be sued-limitations were placed on the awards. Congress, in the Indian Claims Commission Act of 1946, forbade award of lands. Proof had to be presented to the Indian Claims Commission regarding ownership; litigation that started in the 1950s lasted until 1978. The Supreme Court developed a distinction between aboriginal title and recognized title; interest could not be earned on awards based on aboriginal title. The federal government paid $5 million in 1975 for lands worth $5 million in 1865.

The majority of tribes that received payments distributed them on a per capita basis among the members enrolled in the tribe at the time of the award. This dissipation of jointly held capital to one generation of recipients has meant that their descendants' benefits depend solely on the private action of parents to their children and grandchildren. In many cases, people on welfare had their welfare payments suspended until they had used up their per capita share of the tribal award. Some tribes developed traditions of per capita payments, which continue to inhibit community development.

Some tribes have refused to accept money for land. Other tribes, through extraordinary action, have received land. The Taos Pueblo is the best known example; they acquired U.S. Forest Service land. The Hopi received land; but Navajos were removed. No tribe has received land that required white people to leave their homes.

Recognition of tribal sovereignty and the implementation of self-government have achieved the most significant results. Economic development tends to follow assertion of governing powers. The creation of casinos is the best known example of this phenomenon; but the success of casinos over the long term is not assured. While other tribes have established economic development with other industries, many tribes have not yet been able to assert enough sovereignty to build solid economies.

What are the analogies to tribal self-government among Black Americans? Perhaps the Marshall Plan for cities has an element of political institution-building similar to the reconstruction of tribal governments. The narrow definition of reparations as investment in human and business capital does not. The Native American example would recommend investment in political capital, in institutions of community organization similar to tribal governments. Money cannot buy such institutions, and some kinds of reparation payments undermine them.

What, stop the money? Look at all the money the beer companys would lose out on.

Yes, because they've lived with us in harmony so long, and it's time we stop allowing them to be seperatist. Are we not ONE Nation under God? As long as they are not treated the same as American's who pay taxes, they being the one's who get special treatment, then they will continue in their belief that America has stolen Indian land, which is absolutely a falsity. They are now responsible for the care for their people, and their homes. Americans don't have the responsibility to make up for history, since those alive today, had nothing to do with it. It's the same for Indians, they weren't there either. We weren't born then. Indians need to look at today, and the future, not the past.
My grandmother was full-blooded Cherokee Indian, by the way, and had the same belief's. For the good of the People, they must STOP living in the past! It will only harm them, and the People will never grow.

Don' Poke The Injuns

Our Treaties Are Strong
Our Political And Economic Relationships
With The Injun Nations
Are Well Balanced And Stable

The Injun Nations Are The USAs Greatest And Strongest Allies

This Land Is THEIRS As Well As Ours

The Injuns Will Fight WITH The USA
For The USA
In The USA


Desert Rat
DanialD you hit the nail on the head. When are the Indians going to quit playing the sympathy card. Yes they were done wrong many years ago. Lets look at who did it. The ones who committed these actsGrant, Sherman, Sheridan, Custer and many more had just devestated half this country in the Northern War of aggresion they implimented on the South. They were co consperitors with the greedy mony mongers up N. in confascating Indian countryThat being said, it was a long time ago. Why with all the advantages that are out there do the Native Americans fail to take advantge of them? I've lived on and next to reservations all over the west and south west and they are all the same. The lack of mony as they claim should not be an excuse to live like animals. You see old cars, garbage and every other kind of refuse stacked outside their doors. In the old days when they were nomadic people when the stink got to bad even for them they just packed up and moved. Another thisng they put up with is letting their own tribal elders exploit them. Here on the Navajo res. they have 3 casinios bringing in a considerable sum each year but there are old ladies still hauling water 35 mi. It's a scientific fact that indians are not geneticly designed to tolerate alchohol. Back in the late 40s it was illegal to sell an indian a bottle of booze or even giv them one for that matter. At that time I was liveing ing Ne. just S. of the Pine Ridge res. where I had lived as a child. The indians would buy vanilla extract by the case and several each year would kill themselves drinking antifreeze. Also on the flip side there are indians in SD and around the world who have broke the chains of poverty. There are some in SD who the most beautiful farms and ranches in the state. Many others have exceled in like endevors.

We gave them the horse, we showed them the wheel, showed them weapons. Yes both sides did wrong but that is ancient history ultimatly natives have benifited in the long run, they were conquered. Like many nations and races before them. There is no need to swing from the red mans nuts. They can get with the times and get a job like every other race. Hmmmm from savages to having ipods and flat screens, from free housing to monthly checks they have not earned, yes thier ancestors deserved every bit and more but that was then and this is now, im thinking a thank you wuld be a nice and then we culd drop it we are one nation not two there is one and only one race, that is the human race.

im from canada but the situation with the native population is much the same i live close to like 4 reserves and i can tell u its time we stopped paying the for shit that happened before any of us were alive i owe them nothing but yet we are supporting there alcoholism and there drug habits they also gang up on white people and other races in little gangs usualy like 5 on one and beet the shit out of them they also steal property such as cars and drive them into a field and light them on fire for fun i for one am tired of giving an un grateful people money

Most of the commentators on this post are uninformed morons! Try living by an indian reservation and you will see what reality is. Indians here have no self-respect or respect for anyone else, have high rates of alcoholism, stand on street corners yelling at white people, expect white people to continue taking care of them, constantly getting into trouble with the law,(four drunk indians gang raped an elderly handicapped woman in a park one night) if they do get a job, they rarely show up for work, but expect to get paid, have many business owners scared to prosecute them for crimes such as shoplifting because the indians will come back with their friends and do damage to the store, think they are above white-man's law, don't know how to budget the money they do get from the government, but blow it all on fatty fastfood, and sit on their lazy asses complaining the white man isn't doing enough to pay for all the injustice that has been brought upon them. They take no responsibility for their actions. The indians who were mistreated are long dead and so are the whites who mistreated them. NO MORE money for them! What's next? Give every person in North America with even a drop of African blood in them money for what happened to their ancestors? Message for indians: Get off your asses and get to work. I am tired of working for you!

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