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How do I get my neighbors to turn their music down?
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How do I get my neighbors to turn their music down?

I asked this question before and got some interesting answers but the problem is still happening. I live in a largely illegal immigrant neighborhood, I recently moved back to take care of my grandparents per their request. Our next door neighbors blast music every Thursday-Sunday night until 1:30 AM, sometimes 3. There are 24 people living in the house, mostly men but some wives and children too. My friend Marilu lives there, she tells them to turn the music down but they laugh at her and say "What are you gonna do call the cops"? in spanish. I have told them many times to please turn it down, but they laugh and ignore, sometimes theyre too drunk to answer. So I call the cops every weekend, but they get there at like 5 AM when the music is off. I asked the police dept. what I should do, they said to form a community action network, lol the community also play music loud so that wont work. I tried calling INS, they said nothing there can do but call the cops. Im going in circles..
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My grandparents are sick and the music shakes our walls, they hate it but know there is nothing they can do, they can never sleep and it gives them migraines, I feel so bad for them all the time. I even tried calling the cops early, like at 3 PM but they still got there in the early morning when it was turned off. What else can I do??


Tell them!

Sweet Mamacita
Just call the cops. What else can you do if you have been nice about it already. Good luck.

I have an idea, you said they were spanish right? Throw a piece a raw liver at their doorstep, and they will think someone did voodoo on them. I did it when I was young, the people did move.

Stands Alone
Find out where all the worst rednecks and skinheads in the area hang out, let them know whats happening, show them where the problem is coming from, sit back and enjoy the show. Peace and quiet will be restored once the fighting and gunfire subsides. Good luck.

call the police and tell them there is drug activity and domestic violence going on. They will come very quickly and the odds are good something is going on over than just loud music.

find out when they are sleeping then blast the music to them

Every municipality has some noise by-laws. You might have to report them and have the police drop by and ask them to comply.
That's about it.....unless you know someone with a dog that tends to bark at loud noises. Then get him to let you babysit the dog for a week or so.

call the cops at 6 pm. call and say you think they have a meth lab going.Or selling drugs. They will have drugs. Burn the house down when nobody is home.Who said that?The Illegals are becoming more brazen the longer we do nothing. Crime rates are rising in areas they live.

After 9:00 P.M. call the police!! You have never call the law, have you?? Why?? You can make a tape of the music, drinking. Then take them to court!! But take the evidence!! And don't play around!!! By law, the police have to make them turn the music down!! The police have a Chief of Police, The Chief has the mayor. And the mayor have you as their boss!!

Go to the precinct. talk to the police captains. Go to local government officials. andcomplain about too many people living there. they can change the taxes on the property from residential to commercial. If the landlord is being charged 10-20 times the tax, beleive me the people will be out.

buy a shotgun.......and

shoot thier stereo system.

God all Mighty
You seem to have a right royal problem. Besides throwing bricks, you could throw water into their fuse box. Careful that you don't get electrocuted.

yo soy boriqua
I truly feel for you. I had that problem like 6 months ago and all the cops kept telling me was move! The landlord there said it wasn't her responsibility! So I just moved to a better neighborhood where it is quiet, thank god! I know it's probably not easy to get up and move but it's probably your best bet!

Some municipalities have a noise by-law (at least in Canada) and you can file charges against them -rather than call the cops. I have laid complaints against people like that and if they got 3 complaints, the city would fine them (which is what happened). I went down to the Police station. If they won't take the complaint, then go to your city hall.

Yeah, call the cops.

Call the cops every day.

It's a low priority call, but maybe one day you'll get lucky and they'll get busted. You can also call the police station and ask to have someone mediate between you and your neighbors about the noise (probably schedule an appointment or something).

That would piss me off. I know how you feel, i have lived in a neighbor hood exactly like this. Your local authority isn't doing their job. Are they I.D.ing them? How ridiculous! i would call INS on them.

Sethworld is right that's what i would also do. It may work.

Speak the language they understand - get a shotgun.

Flower Girl
If you find out let me know. Where I am it's about10 men they are always outside drinking beer, playing that Spanish rap very loudly, talking on cell phones,being rude,inconsiderate of others who must pay taxes so even more illegal aliens can come

The reality of your situation leaves you with few options that will work.

The best thing you can do is move away.

if u cant beat them join them blash the music really loud right in from of there door like half hour after theres go off it will wake them outta a dead sleep and if there smart they wil stop or dress up as a cop

check the legal hours for noise in your neighbourhood. Then play real loud music at 6 AM (as early as it's legal) on the day after they had a late night party. Add to it a lawn mover, power drill, etc. get all your friends with their tools/ music boxes. If they complain, say "I can't hear you, there's too much noise"

If the cops cant act because of no evidence, get it all recorded on camera, with date and hour (eg a tv programme) do not edit the tapes and record everything in one go. do it 5 or 6 times. then next time you call the cops you have evidence. If they dont react, say you'll just have to write to the local paper (any paper which the Mayor hates). should work.

Linda~ Piel Canela
honestly, talk to your landlord.

First, I would politely tell the neighbors to quiet their music down. If it continues to be a bother, I would have to call the police.

Dee Why Boy34
if u cant do nothin about it then maybe u should move

Are you serious? Why kind of American are you that you have to have others do your thinking? Wow, for such an intelligent patriot you sure have a hard time dealing with real life!

Throw a brick through the window..

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