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How do Mexican Kids go to School in the USA?
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How do Mexican Kids go to School in the USA?

well so i live in San Diego so actually right next to the us - mexican border and in my high school there are so many mexicans crossing the border illegally in the morning going to school and than they are goin back to mexico after school How the hell does that work i mean if you enroll someone in a public school you need too show some kind of Proof of Residency ok that would be easy maybe a relative of em is living in san diego but then they would have too show proof of custody right ?
correct me if i am wrong i was just wondering u know


One because the Supreme Court mandated that US public schools teach the children of legal immigrants.
Two, schools generally do not check to see if students are legal residents of the district.
Three, the US foolishly gives birthright citizenship to the children of illegal aliens.

Birthright Citizenship

The United States currently grants automatic U.S. citizenship to almost all children born in the United States, regardless of whether the parents are U.S. citizens, legal residents, temporary visitors, or illegal aliens, Illegal-Immigration-Ruling Dec-07 in the United States. Some 380,000 children are born in the United States each year to illegal-alien mothers, according to U.S. Census data. The only exceptions to this automatic granting of citizenship are the children of foreign diplomats stationed in the United States, whose citizenship at birth is governed by international treaty.

"Anchor Babies"
The children born in the United States to illegal-alien mothers are often referred to as "anchor babies." Under current practice, these children are U.S. citizens at birth, simply because they were born on U.S. soil. They are called anchor babies because, as U.S. citizens, they become eligible to sponsor for legal immigration most of their relatives, including their illegal-alien mothers, when they turn 21 years of age, thus becoming the U.S. "anchor" for an extended immigrant family.

While there is no formal policy that forbids DHS from deporting the illegal-alien parents of children born in the U.S., they rarely are actually deported. In some cases, immigration judges make exceptions for the parents on the basis of their U.S.-born children and grant the parents legal status. In many cases, though, immigration officials choose not to initiate removal proceedings against illegal aliens with U.S.-born children, so they simply remain here illegally.

Thus, the U.S.-born children of illegal aliens not only represent additional U.S. population growth, but act as 'anchors' to eventually pull a large number of extended family members into the country legally. In fact, an entire industry has built up around the U.S. system of birthright citizenship. Thousands of pregnant women who are about to deliver come to the United States each year from countries as far away as South Korea and as near as Mexico so that they can give birth on U.S. soil. Some come legally as temporary visitors; others enter illegally. Once the child is born, they get a U.S. birth certificate and passport for the child, and their future link to this country is established and irreversible.

Fourteenth Amendment Debate

Birthright citizenship is based on the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which was originally enacted to ensure civil rights for the newly freed slaves after the Civil War. Section 1 of the Fourteenth Amendment states, "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside."

A serious and scholarly debate has been on-going for years about whether illegal aliens (and temporary visitors) are, in fact, "subject to the jurisdiction" of the United States. Some scholars insist that the phrase has no real meaning of its own, but rather is essentially another way of saying "born in the United States." They believe the Fourteenth Amendment requires that any child born on U.S. soil be granted U.S. citizenship. Other scholars look to the legal traditions observed by most courts, including the presumption that all words used in a legislation are intended to have meaning (i.e., not simply be restatements) and that, if the meaning of a word or phrase is unclear or ambiguous, the congressional debate over the legislation may indicate the authors' intent. These scholars therefore presume that "subject to the jurisdiction" means something different from "born in the United States," so they have looked to the original Senate debate over the Fourteenth Amendment to determine its meaning. They conclude that the authors of the Fourteenth Amendment did NOT want to grant citizenship to every person who happened to be born on U.S. soil.

Professor Oglevee
I guess they use a false address. But its easy to get illegal kids into school because they dont ask for Social Security number. Also they dont ask about immigration status.

Time travler
They all get fake ID's or else they were born here, but their parents were not. I think it is disgusting. I have no idea anymore what kind of proof they need. When I went to school, you had to have not only a birth certificate, but a health record of your shots. Now, you need none of this. Just walk right in. BTW, I also live in California, born and raised. This is a sad state now. Such a waste.

Shane above has the right answer.

It is absolutely stupid.

Public education costs way over $12,000 per student per year. Illegal children cost far more because they get ESL instruction, free breakfast, free lunch, special assistance and other freebies. Most districts with heavy populations of "suspected" illegal children have costs that exceed $20,000 per year per kid. Taxpayers shouldn't have to shoulder this burden when our government is bankrupting us.

No illegal parent pays enough in taxes in their lifetime for one child's education yet they breed like crazy.

Many schools are failing just because they have to change their instruction to accommodate these kids. So the illegal kids get a education and American kids get left behind - again!

Poor kids! I feel sorry for them, but they can not go Europe for get a REAL education!

Why are you not asking the school administration? You are right, this is not correct. I know too in US you need to have your soc.sec.#, shut records, resident address, birth certificate.
There is something not right...

So is there a problem with this situation? I don't see any, since California is part of Mexico anyway, isn't it?

those kids come here and take my eduation away im 18 and tryin to graguate and its wron the teachers pay more attention to the illiegals than to me so im jus gonna start calling the migra

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