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How do i get my arranged marriage husband deported back to his country without my family finding out?
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How do i get my arranged marriage husband deported back to his country without my family finding out?

i had an arranged amrriage and want him out. however i'm scared of the consequences of what my family could do to me if they found out.....he has a biometric lab panel coming up and fingerprints. is there anything i can do to completely mes this up for him where he can get deported back but seem like it was not my fault at all.PLease help...!!!!!!!


I don't understand this 'family arranged marriage thing'. I figure it is none of my family's business who I would marry, if they don't like
the one I married, they know where their home is, so stay at it while my wife and I stay at ours! I have found that most trouble between a man and his wife starts with some nosy family member who should have kept his/her trap shut to begin with!

If you live in the U.S., I think you can have the marriage annulled or something. Were you pressured into marrying him? Sounds to me like you were forced to marry him and over here, that is illegal. Get a lawyer, honey, pronto and do anything you can.

get an immigration lawyer that is aware of these types of marriages
ask him to file for an annulment let him know about your family and how they feel. I don't know what the family could do to you but ask that lawyer to file for a restraining order against your husband your family is going to know because he will tell them. tell your husband to get out of the house because you don't want to be married to him. if he acts up or puts his hands on you have him arrested. that won't look good when he goes for his up coming panel. you can not force anyone in THIS country to marry someone you don't want to. make sure you emphasize how you were forced to marry this guy because of your family that you are AFRAID of and what they may do to you. whatever that might be.STAND UP FOR YOUR SELF THIS IS THE USA YOU ARE FREE TO MARRY WHO YOU WANT!

a. Get your marriage annulled if possible.
b. If you're afraid of your family and being harmed, go to a women's assistance group for shelter.
c. Get a lawyer and find out your rights.
d. Get a restraining order from the police if need be (for both your hubby and your family).
e. Buy a gun, learn out to use it.
f. Last ditch, move.

Good luck.

reena r
it looks like u r an indian.arranged marriage just happen here.

does he hurt u,or illtreat u.is he irresponsible,cheater,womansier.is there no love between u. if all what i asked u is true then go ahead.deport him.
is there someone else with whom u want to marry n live..
deport him..i have the numbers i will give u..

if he is good ...
just a simple thought...think..everything happens for our good.
marriages are made in heaven.try to understand him..adjust ur self..everything needs time..
maybe u will start loving him n want him.parents never want our bad,they do it for our good future.

let me tell u my story..mine was a love marriage,we both left the house n married against our family.we got a girl of 8yrs.as i never had my in laws support,my hubby had to leave us in work in usa when our kid was just 2yrs.from then till today i wait for him..but
things were fine until last year,for his luxury,lust,n for getting citizenship,he married a us american citizen..
he has a family n kids in usa.his family when approached say did u ask us when u married him.they support him...he doesnt even bother abt the kid..

sometimes love hurts...if he is ur mr right dont loose him..luck happens once..indian films are also made on theses topics now..
rab ne baana de jodi...nameste london.
its ur wish...later..

but ur family will come to know any how..u can divorce in usa without his knowledge..if he is illegal u can call usice , dhs ,or women protection cell..in india domestic violence act,or book him under 498a
but it cannot be hidden..all will come to know..

best of luck....

bg b
Report the marriage to authority as fraud or imposed on you by the in laws, the government will take care and no explanation will be given for refusal. Hurry up.

By law you can't get anyone deported, that is up to CIS, ICE or immigration judges you can file for divorce here and leave it at that. Over time he will lose his immigration status and will have to leave the country

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