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How do i tell if my neighbor is a muslim and what should i do?
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How do i tell if my neighbor is a muslim and what should i do?

a new kid named Ahhmid moved in 2 the house across the street last week and i think he might be a muslim. his dad was wearing the funny hat and his mom wears a beekeepers suit all the time. my friend dave said there probly not muslims but what if they are? i asked my uncle and he said if i see anything suspicous i should let him know so we can get a reward.


You are a troll. Go find something constructive to do.

You stalk Muslims?

You sound pretty scary.

Please read the U.S. Constitution somtimes. The 1st Amendment gurantees freedom of religion. People can be of any religion and still be productive U.S. citizens and permanent residents. I would be more worry myself, rather than other people's religion, if I were you.

President John F. Kennedy wrote in his essay "A Nation of Immigrants" that, "Immigration policy should be generous; it should be fair; it should be flexible. With such a policy, we could turn to the world, and to our past, with clean hands and a clear conscience." Further, "The contribution of immigrants can be seen in every aspect of our national life. There is no part of our nation that has not been touched by our immigrant background."


wow, you are really hardcore redneck american aren't you?

who cares who they are, not all muslims want to blow sh*it up. Get over yourself buddy.

Who cares if they are muslims?? How many times will we have to repeat that being muslim do not = to terrorist?!?! Educate yourself and leave these people live in peace. They did nothing to you so stop stalking them.

ross k
Why don't you be a brave and honest child and ask your neighbors? You may find they are very nice people that have some interesting customs and some wild stories to tell. But don't forget to swallow a cellphone first. That way if they eat you the cops may get a good pic of crime scene!

so? they have a right to live anywhere they want. If you see anything suspicious (with any kind of people) you need to tell the police

I'm gonna start another riot
I think you are over reacting dude

valeriya k
omg dont forget its amerika ..free country even if they are muslims u cant do **** cause they have the same rights as u do ...so back up and lieve them alone they have rights live wherever they feel like it..as long as they not touch stay calm....

the one 1
I lived in the Middle East for 2 1/2 years. I can tell you first hand, that they are nice and family oriented people.
Are you scare of muslims? Don't be! They are many other things out there to be scared of, like which direction the stock market is going to take.


in vino veritas
Who cares?


Did you know there is a freedom of religion in the USA? Which means it is not your business if they are Muslim or not. You have no right to be snooping in their family life, just as they have no right to be butting into yours. If you enjoy your freedoms, get a life and realize not everyone is made from the same cookie cutter as you.

and what if they are? what are you going to do about it? Not all muslims are affiliate with terrorism, if that is where your mind is going.
Just mind your own business and live your life!

Loretta C
not all muslims are bad people. go met the boy and see for your self. don't pass judgment until you know for sure.

ARE YOU Searis I am a muslim and i live normaly as you, so why do you think he will blow you up muslims are ok and there is lots of muslims in the USA don't be raices be cool, not all muslims bad or bombers, and who are we say that they don't take our religeion as is..

lucky you are !!!
they could be black skin people ....

Forget being muslim.If you see the mom wearing a beekeepers suit on all the time,I would definetly keep an eye on her

Not important as long as they are here legally. If they were illegal mexicans I would call ICE.

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