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How does does illegal immigration affect society?
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How does does illegal immigration affect society?

ii need help with my english assignment


It is a crime to aid and abet illegals in this country. Despite what Greasy Tony, and the other pros will lead you to believe in their answers... It does affect society as a whole.

Federal Immigration and Nationality Act
Section 8 USC 1324(a)(1)(A)(iv)(b)(iii)

Agriprocessors and management criminally indicted
Charges include conspiracy, harboring illegal aliens, aggravated identity theft, document fraud and bank fraud

And let's not forget to mention that it causes foreign government interference from their country to ours.

Your #1 fan
It drains our healthcare system and welfare programs not because of them but because they have kids born here and the kids have rights under U.S. law.

1-adds to tax burden of legal citizens
2.brings more crime to society
3.brings more sickness and disease
4.applies pressure to bussness
5.lowers number of jobs to legal citizens
just to name a few

In addition to what the others have said, simply put, it makes a mockery of the immigration laws we have in place. I'm sure you've heard that our infrastructure is in need of serious repair. Part of the reason that it is in the shape that its in is because it is roughly used 10% more than it was intended to be used (illegals make up roughly 10% of OUR nation). One of the most important things that should be considered is should they be given amnesty, effectively making them citizens, they would have the ability to vote. Keeping in mind that they have no true obligation to our country (only to themselves). They have already shown that they do not have respect for our laws (by coming here illegally in the first place), and voting would give them the ability to create laws that will affect all of us.

Here are a couple links about MS13 - a central American gang that are the equivalent to (or worse than) the bloods and crypts and are spreading out to various US cities/suburbs... Article does not say "illegal" but if you do your digging you will be able to find more info.


Crime, drug abuse, real estate devaluation, higher taxes, third world politics, school overcrowding, prison overcrowding, low salaries, increased welfare, increase in medical costs. Just to name a few effects. But some moron will say that people who are against illegal immigration are racists.

Joel W




ICE 'em
It only affects society in a negative way. They help cause crowding, they live 15 plus to a house which in turn causes property values to drop, they use our public schools and cost alot of money for the special programs, they abuse our hospitals by not paying their bills and using the E.R. as their primary care physician, they use our welfare system that they do not pay into to support the kids they cant, etc. The negatives go on and on.

Illegals increase crime rates, steal jobs, hurt the economy, put a financial burden on schools and hospitals, don't pay all taxes, don't bother learning English, don't try to become citizens, etc.

Give me your email, and I can send you information.

People that have nothing else to do keep repeating these stupid questions here...

Ms. M
You should know that this is a loaded question...and that there are two wildly different answers people will give you.

It helps it in many ways. The only people that really say it affects us negatively are the ones that are full of hate towards people of color, and have no clue how the economy benefits from illegal immigration.

There is NO correlation with immigration and crime, and some reports even show us that areas with more immigrants are safer.

Immigration: No Correlation With Crime

The new report even bolsters claims by some academics that increased immigration makes the United States safer. A second study, released earlier this month by Washington-based nonprofit Immigration Policy Center, found that on the national level, U.S.-born men ages 18-39 are five times more likely to be incarcerated than are their foreign-born peers. And, while the number of illegal immigrants in the country doubled between 1994 and 2005, violent crime declined by nearly 35% and property crimes by 26% over the same period.

they will work any job they are not scared of hard work like most americans if they were not here we would not eat so leave them a lone the government should pick 30 people who are americans from ages19 to 30 and they will see who will keep working in the Field's for the picking seasons

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