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How long do i have to wait to become a us citizen?
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How long do i have to wait to become a us citizen?

Right now i am a resident and i want to know how long do i have to wait to become a citizen.
I have heard that you have to wait 5 yrs. but can apply 3 months before, is this true?
And around how much does it cost to be a us citizen

Thank you


You have to be a permanent resident and actually reside in the US for:
- 3 years if married to a US citizen
- 5 years if not
- a very brief period (one day but you have to finish basic training) if a member of the US Armed Forces.

You can applly three months early.

Filing the form and getting your biometrics done are $675 but there are some other minor costs you might incur in addition.

Get passport type photos taken ($10-15)
Get copies of a variety of documents ($1-100 depending on what you have and need)
Attend an interview and prove you meet the qualifications (verbal test for example on the Constitution, English reading and writing) - $travel costs if any

Take the oath and surrender your PR card, you should apply for a certificate or a passport (about $100-- get a passport it's more useful than a certificate.)

Yak Rider
Yes, 5 years after the date on your green card you are eligible. You can file up to 90 days early.

verne k
The fee for the N-400 application for naturalization is $675.

It will take several decades to become a true American.

Yes, you can apply early.

It will cost around nothing to be a true American. A true American can live on only television and potato chips for the rest of his/her life.

Television is free at electronics shops.

Chips are free from the garbage.

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