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I'm mexican and agree without mexicans The U.S. is nothing u agree?
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I'm mexican and agree without mexicans The U.S. is nothing u agree?

we do the jobs ya dont want to do. We buy many thinggs and keep the economy good.


No the US is and will be a great country with or without you.

Umm, you keep telling yourself that, if it makes you feel better. The truth is anybody can pick crops and clean bathrooms, Mexicans will do it for almost nothing. Mexicans do not buy enough to make a real impact on the economy. So no, we don need Mexicans in general. We do need people who contribute in legal and sensible ways to our culture and our economy.

I disagree with you 100%. There are no jobs that Americans won't do. We need to support our families, so we will work any job. We just don't have that opportunity because people who will work for below slave wages get the job, and then send the money back to their homecountry, depriving both a person of their job and the country of its money.

Too bad that the Mexicans couldn't write a constitution or form their own free democracy to represent their people.
If you could do all that I guess you wouldn't be in America.
Mexico would be such a nice place to live that no one would feel the need to sneak into my country.
As a matter of fact, I think Mexico needs all of it's nationals back- You have a country to turn into something.
Go be a hero at home.

Once you're on the soil of The United States of America- be an American 1st or leave.
The US was something long before you got here and will be something long after you're gone.

America is a diverse country. America runs on everyone participation. But, if Mexicans did not do the jobs people did not want to do, someone else would do it.

I have no problem with legally working Mexicans. Or any other immigrant for that matter. But when Illegals come from Mexico, or anywhere else for that matter, they help drive the working wage down. Then honest legally working people are forced to work for less and less.

Darth Vader
No, it is Americans who make the USA what it is.

No, I don't. There are MANY American CITIZENS who don't HAVE jobs because of illegal aliens coming into the US. Illegals bring with them diseases, crime, gangs, drugs, and filthy living conditions along with poverty. We really don't like how illegals have been tainting the food supply like what has been happening with the spinach and other foods in California.

What are these jobs you are trying to say American's wont do? I myself have actually been a CNA and even a dishwasher...even a janitor.

Robert R
While it is true that Mexicans do some jobs Americans don't want to do, the U.S. is great! We don't need Mexicans to be great. And we sure aren't nothing without them. If you think we're nothing - go back to Mexico.

The US was great before Illegals came to the US and stole jobs!!
How do you think those jobs got completed before???????
We did those jobs as well as or even better than how Illegals do them now!! Thank you very much!!

You keep the economy good, in your country, not the US Economy!!! Stop giving yourselves credit which you don't deserve!!!

No I don't agree. You take jobs that people want and need, whether they enjoy doing them or not. You aren't doing anyone a favor by taking their jobs while accepting government 'help' that they also pay for but can't get. Your people don't seem to see us as human with needs much the same as your own. You think we are all the same and born with unimaginable privileges. We are not, but that doesn't keep you and your people from demanding what you imagine we have while taking the only means we have of supporting ourselves. We need illegal Mexicans about as much as Mexico needs an invasion of US citizens doing the same to them. Arguments have been made suggesting it would be a good thing if we invaded Mexico and straightened it out for it's people. Perhaps we could be kind enough to do you that favor, and like it so much there after we fix it that we don't want to leave. But oh, how lonely we'd get without our families, so we'd need to bring them too. Do you see what I'm saying? Is there any way to make you understand that you are doing us no favors? That was never your intention anyway, or so many of you wouldn't arrive demanding special privileges and government (read tax payer) help. You'd make it on hard work ALONE. And pay your own medical bills, like we do.

alan w
Whoaaa!!! You are asking to get blasted. First of all, don't think for one second we (America) could not make it without you. For you to "think" that Mexicans stimulate the economy is completely wrong. Everyone who contributes to our great country stimulates our economy. And if you don't take the jobs that some (not all) Americans will not do, please know that someone else will. For you to say we would be nothing without you all is WRONG!! If that is the case, why in the hell are Mexicans flocking to the U.S.A to make a living. Most of you don't pay any medical bills, you ***** about rights and then expect everything to be GIVEN TO YOU ON A SILVER PLATTER. Obtain citizenship, pay your taxes, quit destroying our neighborhoods, and for God sakes, LEARN OUR LANGUAGE. You are in America damnit!! Then you may have a legitament reason to ***** and cry!

That is a socialist lie. If Mexicans could improve ANY country, Mexico would be so great no one would want to leave. Mexico has a whole population of those "great" Mexicans.

Problem is, only the scummy ones who can't make it in Mexico come to the US. So let Mexicans be Mexicans- in Mexico.


We don't need the illegal aliens and our country would be much better off without them!!!!! Proof: May 1, 2006! "A day without an immigrant" protest was suppose to show how we can't survive without the illegals. They claimed that this boycott would cripple our country. Guess what? We functioned just fine. Teachers could actually teach without having to worry about the non-English speaking kids. Businesses functioned in high capacity. You could even drive 75mph on "the 101" during rush hour! It was great.

Their big day to prove we needed the Illegals was a flop for them!

Sean Penn
Yeah, the economics well being of the greatest country in the world is reliant on no skill illegal laborers. Clearly you and most other libs don't understand economics. No offense to you, best of luck.

Where am I?
I disagree, due to all the illegals, the pay rate has gone down, because they make still more money than back in Mexico even if they make $7 an hour. An them doing the jobs, Americans don't want to do is nonsense, because there are many unemployed Americans due to this, that would do any job to bring money to there home, even if t means they have to flip burgers. Besides that, jobs at fast food places where the jobs of the teens that wanted to make some extra money after school, and they can't get any job right now, because they are taken by illegals.
And what is even more frustrating is that nobody is even willing to learn decent English as that is the language of the country you live in.
If you really want to live and work here, apply for a green card and just do it like all legals do.

I love America♥♥♥
i think your full of SH**T if we didnt want the jobs you people do then why do we complain about you TAKING the jobs? we would do the jobs in fact there is no reason you cant go back to your OWN country and do jobs there and deal your drugs THERE!!!!!

No I dont agree. Mexicans dont do jobs we wont do. That is false. You may buy things but you take more than you give. Illegals are a drain on the economy not an asset.

oh please, I'm scrubbing toilets, vacuuming floors,dusting and listening to white idiots who think they have the ultimate job. i grow my own garden and harvest it all my self with no help from illegals. at least i don't have to worry about getting nasty bacteria from some one crapping on my vegetables..

The US is going to be fine with or without mexicans. The immigration problem is not just with mexican immigrants. Its with all the people who cross the border Illegaly then drain the services that are for true taxpaying citizens of this country. And since dear old Bush said that all kids have the right to an education. thousands of children are entering our school system whos parents dont pay any taxes and we are left with this burden.

The illegals dont take jobs that any one want. what they do is work cheaper so that regular employer dont have to pay escalating cost for non skilled workers. The illegals are hard working and cheap. What they accomplish is veiwed as helping this country. They become more a burden in the sense that many are not traceable since they quickly come here and work under false ids which in most cases is someone elses vaild id.

As far as helping the economy all they really do is take money from the us and send it to there countries where the money is used to buy good and housing across the border. Does that help the US i dont think so . they live like kings there and we still struggle with higher cost due to higher taxes to offset the drain from the illegals.

So in closing for any illegals that are here i hope they are removed if they desire to return do it legaly so there is no further burden on the hard working people of the US. They sell corona in Mexico also go home and have a few .

I'm sorry to any that I might offend, but I do agree with him. Watch A Day Without Mexicans....... They do the jobs that americans find less appealing and for less pay. They spend money just like anyother person here in the US. Not saying that this makes our economy any better, just stating that they do spend just like the rest of us.

its something, but not quite as awesome as it is now!

Common Sense
Why are you not in Mexico working to help and make
your country better ??
Why is Mexico a 3rd world basket case when it borders
the USA ??
Consider Canada's wealth and position on the north border...

wow you are right how did we survive all those years without mexicans its amazing that the united states even became a world power without this immigration PROBLEM. and all the people who founded the country and built the country and made all the decisions that made this country a world power WERE NOT MEXICAN. the U.S. is fine without em

ღ 3SA sL33PY CaNT B3 sToPP3dღ
true that!!!! I agree with you! without us the aint shiit! keep on reppin Mexico por viida

lone wolfe
HOW stupid look at your country

Elias S
I do not agree that without Mexicans the US is nothing because if we weren't around there would be someone else doing what we do.

You also have to realize that immigration serves as saftey valve for powerful corporate interests in the US and their allies in Mexico. If they actually seal off the border the level of unrest in Mexico would lead to revolution (as people are not allowed to escape to the US from their misery) which would topple the pro-Neoliberal government in Mexico. But the US corporate interest do not want this because they want to continue to hold assets in Mexico and make the huge profits they do. So when an immigrant comes here he competes with US citizens who do not like that very much because of their own precarious situations, maybe some of their work migrated to mexico and their own plants closed. So you all have to see how the form of free trade the US adheres to most readily benefits the rich, very very few middle class people, and it does not help the grate majority of people in the US or Mexico. It is not in out Interest.

In response to all Immigrants who demand rights in this country I am with you 100% but we also have to continue demanding that our home countries serve us! The fact is that most governments in Latin AMerica do not work for the average person, but then again when some presidents decide to create change they are ousted in coups etc... so we have a very very difficult situation, and blind hatred is not going to solve anything, dioalogue and understanding will.

eric s
Come here legally and theirs no problem. come here illegally and you should go to jail!!!!!

Shanna D
America is the greatest county in the world , And obviously you must agree or why would you come here for your better life? We do not need a Mexican to do any jobs , we got them done before you and they will get done with out you. We are can do people ,always have been . We aren't perfect, but you should thank God you have gotten away with all that you have here, Hopefully your free ride will be over soon....

I just believe that in life each individual has the potential to create their own desteny good or bad whatever they choose. If you are Mexican, Black, White, yellow, or blue, whatever is your ethnic background. If you work had, and do the right thing in life you can make it anywhere in the world with or without the help of others. Therefore each individual human being in this world dont need any one help to succedd we just need to use the potential that is within ourselves.

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