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I want to marry an illegal immagrant. how do i do this?
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I want to marry an illegal immagrant. how do i do this?

I am a US citizen and she is an illegal immigrant with no criminal record. how long before i can get her papers and what do i have to do?


Take her to the nearest INS office and get a marriage license.

last i knew (my freind married an illegal, this was 3 years ago.. things may have changed)
you can get married... however- they will not automatically become a legal citizen
many people think when you get married that is your way to become a citizen.. its not...
from what she told me there is a long process to him becoming a legal citizen
they had to go to a councelor, have evaluations, prove they married for love
they had to have written letteers from coworkers, family freinds, etc telling that they were "serious" etc...
they had to bring in pictures, documents proving they were together for a certain amt of time, etc... and it costed a lot of money
she siad it was a ton of paperwork and that they basically pick apart your whole life
then if they decide that the marriage is legitimate then they will get a perminant citisenship
basically they want to know that you arent marrying her jsut so she can live here legally
also i dont know if the amt of time she has lived here has anything to do with it or not becuase in my friend's case he had lived in the u.s. sionce he was a little kid.. he deosnt even remember living in mexico

First you have to get married. Once you are married then fill out the application for a spousal petition. It will be alot easier to change her status once you are already married. My friend married her boyfriend and he didnt even have to go back to his home country. There process took about 6 months to get the work permit and about 1 year to get the greencard. It just depends on the lawyer how fast you can get it fixed.

First, you need to get a good immigration attorney to help you with everything and she will need to file a G-325 Biographic Information along with other forms that her attorney can help with. Then after you're married you will need to file an I-130 Petition for Alien Relative, I-485 Adjustment of Status, and an I-765 Application for a work permit. There might be other forms to have to fill out and file but your lawyer will know which ones. My husband was in the US several years before we met and married. Even though he was here legally we still had to file the I-130, I-485, and I-765 along with a couple of other things his lawyer had us to fill out.

You are winding me up arn`t you.

Don C
Her status as an illegal immigrant does not keep you from getting married. However, that will not change her immigration status. After marriage it may be that your wife will be eligible to open a I 485 application. The best thing to do is to find an immigration lawyer in your area and ask them.
Otherwise, you and your spouse could find yourself in some very murky legal issues.

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Tell her to go back to her country. You go there and marry her and than you can take her in Us in less than a month with pappers and everything

Your best bet is to have her return to her country, then apply for a fiancee visa. Once it's approved, she can legally re-enter the country, and you two will have 90 days to get married or she will be deported.
Please DO NOT make the mistake of marrying her here while she is in an illegal status!! This will only make everything nearly impossible to accomplish. Also, when you apply for a fiancee visa, you have to prove how and when you saw her IN PERSON. SO, my suggestion to you is: take a little vacation to visit her in her home country-This will give you documentation that you have seen her in person (which is required), and it will also give you documentation that won't show she was in the US illegally.
Trust me on this, I'm begging you. If anything proves she was in the US illegally, it will be AT LEAST 10 years before she will be allowed to be in the US legally, if not more.
What I am saying might sound complicated, but in the long run, it's going to be a lot less complicated than if you marry her here in an illegal status, and then try to get documentation for her to stay.
Good luck!

get married, get a lawyer, all this will take some time. there is a lot of paperwork and money involved. i have been filing for my wife for 5 years and we just got our first appointment abouth two weeks ago, now i am trying to get the second appointment. do it, if it is what you want, but be prepared for a long drawn out wait. get a good lawyer

Johnny D' Venison
Take her back to her native country and marry her there! better yet, stay there!

It depends...if she entered illegally than marrying her wont give her papers since laws have changed, but if she entered with a visa then she can just adjust her status after you two get married. my suggestion is to go see an immigration lawyer.

see a judge or preacher.

wilie l
sneak back into mexico with him or whereever

Xine Olivia
Try to get her a temporary visa. Marry her in the USA. Don't make the mistake of marrying in her country and then trying to sponsor her here after you return.

just go to las vegas and do it right away

Kevin S
you cant get her papers because she is illegal
illegals are not eligible to became legal in the US
you wished she was legal then no problems
its impossible, she will remain illegal for all her life if she decides to stay in the US otherwise move out to her country

you can marry her in places like reno or las vegas(that what me and my husband did and my brother in law and wife did also) but for her to become legal you would need to speak to an immigration consultant and they are going to tell you that shes going to have to go back to her country for at least a year after you file the paperwork!

good luck

marry at the border

Dude I highly suggest you dont do it. Illegal immigrants do this all the time, the reason: she want to be a legal citizen, aside from this the process is VERY complicated. Ive seen this before wirlth my uncle. She has to either leave the country and you do all the legal work in the us and you would have to get married at the border or pay a fine and apply for her residence here in the us( I'm not sure if that's still valid though) still it very complicated. Trust me, she after your papers, but then again I'm just a 14 year old kid^_^


Renounce your US citizienship, move to her country and get married there.

She can't get her papers because she broke the law already.

Talking Turkey
Please do not disrespect your mother by marrying a criminal. Which head are you thinking with anyway?

Move to her country of origin and see how long they would allow you to be illegally THERE!

The Voice
Go to Mexico.

richard t
pregnant an baby born in USA should work..............
Contact the immigration center for her nationality..they s/b able to help you

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