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If I know someone is working illegally in my country should I report them?
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If I know someone is working illegally in my country should I report them?

I know someone who is here on a student visa which permits them to be employed by someone else for up to 20 hours a week. However I know that on many occaisons they not only work more hours, but are also self employed (again, a breach of their visa conditions). This in effect means that someone who IS allowed to do the same job/ who IS permitted to be self employed, is not receiving the protection of the law, and is perhaps suffering loss of income. Should I report the person who is breaching their visa conditions, and to who?
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"If this person is self employed, how are they 'stealing self employment' from someone else? How does that work? Most people are not self employed because its too much hassle."

Okay heres how. A person who is legally able to be self employed cannot get the same contract that has just been given to someone else .. can they now? The same conract cannot be awarded TWICE! And as for the red tape of setting up your own business.. well I don't believe its a proper business. I don't even think this person has been paying taxes! What do you think now?


oh my god yes report them 100% this is why our society is like it is! it shouldnt be allowed! i think you should

I am not saying that the alien is a bad person...i mean he's just trying to make a living and get by...put yourself in their position...you don't know his conditions and you never know if he could be supporting a whole family somewhere. he shouldn't be doing that because yes it's not fair to actual US citizens but let him do it and one day he's probably going to get caught. it's his own fault and you probably shouldn't mess with it unless it's actually affecting you personally...it's really your own opinion but put yourself in his shoes before you make the decision

bringmesunshine is back!!!
Don't forget that tens of thousands of students from this country work over 20 hours a week - this is because they have to pay for tuition fees and student loans.

I was lucky when I was an undergraduate in the early 1990s as grants were still around before the Tories got rid of them.

You should be defending this man, not reporting him.

button mushroom
Too right, if you let one get away with it, they'll all be at it. Why do you think they all want to come over here, duuhhh!!!

kevin h
of course you should,do you know anyone who is in need of a job (a legal citizen of your country) and can do the same job legally?what if you needed a job?

at least he/she is working not scrounging as plenty are, leave them be.

The Q
Treat him the way you wish to be treated.

Personally, I don't think I could. Who knows what the ultimate consequences for this person would be. However, again, ultimately, there could be severe consequences for someone else- eg the person is an unqualified mechanic doing repairs on cars. He mis-aligns somebody's brakes. If you really feel you must do something, rather than report the individual, just tell the authorities that you might have seen somebody, maybe, worknig at x place and let them do the legwork. Be aware also that by knowing about this and not erporting it, you may yourself be guilty of an offence if it comes out at a later stage that you knew but did nothing.

ann s
none of you doogooders live hear in the middle of bradford come on up have a look you would soon change your mind in fact itl scare u to death

This is a sad day in the history of existence; I never thought i will see the day when someone will be persecuted for being hard working.
Who ever you are you need to check yourself out because the only reason why you want to do this is because you feel inferior to the person. THE ONLY REASON YOU ASKED THIS QUESTION IS BECAUSE YOUR CONSCIENCE TELLS YOU ITS IMMORAL TO REPORT HIM/HER. All you want from us is an absolution believe it or not the moral people of this community will not absolve you. I think its about time we start to look at what is wrong with us the white community rather than blame the immigrant whether legal or (illegal) for all the ills in our community. If our ancestors hadn't dealt in slave trade may be the situation would be different now. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND. We did not obtain entry clearance before going into their continent to colonise them so why should they need a visa to get into our country or have we back paid them for their forefathers hard work ?or paid for all the valuables stolen from their land. DONT YOU HAVE ANY SENSE OF HISTORY OR MORALITY?

i wouldnt. they arent harming anyone. if it was u would u want someone to snitch on u for being illegally stated this country was based on immigration. if anything indians should have something to complain about

if they are working there butts off i suggest you leave them alone and mind your own business but if he or she is just siting there doing nothing and treating others badly you should report them
but never try to get a person that works hard in trouble because you will regret it and that seems pretty pathetic don't you think

that is just sad that you even posted that question.

Simple Answer.... YES.

Get on with your own life and let others do the same!!!

report them soon as possible

was the illegal, a "she" ?

and did "she" refuse your advances?

guess that explains this!!!

Sounds like of racket-y, to me, what is he, an independent 'pharmacist'? LOL

Live and let live.............what comes around goes around. If the government wants them they will get them. At least they are working.

No ... put yourself in his shoes... Who is ihe hurting... he is just getting off his *** and putting in effort socan afford to go out and do the things you are...

Whats wrong with that...

if you report him you wreck his studies and course and ruin his life for what?

If you want to report someone report them for mugging old ladies, robbing banks, being a drunked yob...

This is someone who is working harder then your lasy *** to make a better life for himself and his family...

Mate you need to learn that rule rules may not always be fair or right...

What makes you so specail...???

Maybe he is trying to make ends meet, afford glasses, school books, food better then pot noodle and baked beans

Those people can find other work or how about this... maybe the reason why the student has the job is he is smarter, better behaved and working harder then the local lets get pissed round the boozer and not bother working.

Why should he be poor and not able to go out to the same nightclubs as you?

Mate how much money does 20 hours a week get you?

lets see about enough to afford rent on a room if that... what about clothes, haircuts, etc... how about being able to get a girl out on a date or a present for someone...

Therefore he aint morally wrong but if you report him you are...

He has not hurt others... you destroy his life as he got off his *** and worked harder then you...

If I knew you Id be ashamed

Yes,report them!!! To INS, Homeland Security,or even IRS!!!

leave them alone the life ain't as easy as yours immigrant the the hardest some people don't even work just sit on there *** all day and collect government money.

what goes around will come around

you are pathetic.

sarah c
You already know how you feel so why ask others for their opinion? This isn't a real question, you are just banging a drum about immigrants.
Where is the wrath against the employer who forces people to go "self employed", otherwise he won't give them any work? I take it you are going to cheerfully drop him in it too, otherwise you don't have a case against this person when you report them.
You still don't get it, for every one job that exists there is one person who can be employed; one person having that job does NOT "do anyone else out of" having that job. That is just an attitude.
If you've got a thing about immigrants working in your country then campaign against the employers! They refuse to pay even minimum wage or meet minimum standards of health and safety; thats why they employ illegal immigrants. That way you improve conditions for everyone. If there were no dodgy employers there'd be no situations like this in the first place.

Your friend is a working student... have you done that? He or she is probably exhausted and depressed enough. It's hard to get ahead, but this person is obviously doing their best to improve themselves and have a successful life. Leave it alone. And if your talking about Brent, he's a friend of mine, and he deserves to do better.

Depends if he shagged your wife or not.

are you a social grass

you can not live yourself in the country ,why should you report?do they ask you money or food???mind your own bussiness.the people that allowed them in will take them again.

big sean
that is kinda of hard. I would report him if he was from a Muslim country. im so sick of them.. but if he was some kind of Christian then I would look the other way. read the Koran it says its every muslim duty to fight, kill , donate money . till the world is on muslims. us Christians need to get united no mater what color you are.

Hmmm let them go, I know a person who deals with rolexs, carties and all the other high end watches, but doesn't pay a penny in taxes, so myself a hard working person who does pay taxes. I don't think its ok. What do you think, this person makes well into the hundreds of thousands a year what do u think I should do

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