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If I marry my boyfriend will he get his green card so he wont have to leave me and go back to Honduras?
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If I marry my boyfriend will he get his green card so he wont have to leave me and go back to Honduras?

Me and my boyfriend are getting married. We are totally in love and want to make it official. If I marry him will he get his green card so he doesnt have to go back to Honduras... and how could he get one?


It takes 5 years to get a green card thru marriage. Because too many people faked marriages in order to stay in the USA. With the majority of green card marriages being fraudulent, the government watches the couples closely for a number of years to make sure the marriage is real and not a paid business deal where the immigrant buys his way into the USA.

*Sara S and *Honestly are correct. The statistics are against your marriage lasting. Do not have children until he gets his green card. You are thinking with your heart and not your head. Marry this man and you will not be protected.

The only way you can insure this relationship will last is if he has been your boyfriend for several years so far. You already stated that you want to marry so he doesn't have to go back to Honduras. He stands to benefit more by this marriage than you do.

Susie Q
Do you know how many foreigners marry an American citizen so they can gain citizenship? The Americans are only being used. The foreigners don't really love them. They only profess to do so because they want citizenship in the US.

Your going to regret it after you spit out his kid then he divorces you and you can't collect child support because he went back to Honduras

Once you're married you can file an I-130 and begin the process to get him a green card.

However, the process depends on how he entered the country. If he entered without inspection (i.e. crossed the border without a valid visa), he will have to go back to Honduras for the interview process. There is no way around this as it's impossible to adjust status unless he entered with a valid visa.

In this case, he will be denied and you would have to file an I-601 waiver to try and overcome the bar placed on him due to his illegal entry and presence in the US. You need to prove extreme hardship to yourself should he be denied and you're forced to move to his country and for that, I'd recommend talking to a good immigration attorney.

To clear up some of the misinformation, if the marriage is less than 2 years old at the time residency is approved, the spouse is given conditional residency which is a 2 year green card. They then need to apply (3 months before the conditional card is due to expire) to have the conditions removed. If a marriage is over 2 years old at the time of approval, the spouse is granted permanent residency and gets a 10 year green card.

When residency is granted through marriage, the spouse can apply for citizenship after 3 years rather than 5, provided they are still married to the sponsoring spouse and meet all the other criteria.

Car C
I am assuming you are in the United States. Talk to Immigration and Naturalization Service about that.

All that LV-Gnome stated above is correct.

Somce addition notes:

You should consult an immigration attorney to assist you in this matter. I-601 waivers are very difficult and the application procedure is different for each U.S. Consular office. Some offices allow you to file for an immigrant visa, along with the I-601 Extreme Hardship Waiver, at the same time. Others, such as the Juarez Ciudad office in mexico required that the Consular Office deny your husband's immigrant visa first, then file and obtain an approved I-601, then only to refule the I-601 waiver again.

As such, do consult an immigration attorney prior to filing any documents for immigration benefits. Immigration law is vast and is difficult even for an experienced lawyer to understand.

Steven Pham

Richard T
He needs to go to Imagrastion and get the paper work that he needs, And fill it out rightaway,it takes a lone time.

if you are a citizen, you need to apply and sponsor him for his residence (green card) he gets the green card after a few months (valid for 10 yrs), after 3 yrs of being a legal resident if he's still married with you he can apply for naturalization. If not married, he needs to be a legal resident for 5 yrs to be able to apply for naturalization.
Or if he choses not to apply for citizenship, he can apply to renew his residence every 10 yrs, before residence expires.

He has to apply for a green card. Once he gets his green card he has to wait five years. But, since your marrying him, he only has to wait three years, unless youre a naturalized citizen as well.

Goodguy; My boyfriend does not care about signing everything in my name, but if we get married wouldn't everything be in our name together? I mean come on, American boyfriend or not, whenever you get married, it should be this way. I don't know what the deal is with the slave comment, I thought marriage was a partnership, or maybe I missed out on that memo! Anyway there is no doubt in my mind about him sponsoring me in Honduras, if we had to go there. Look, I did not go out looking for this, I don't think no one in their right mind would want to deal with this kind of stuff, but I can't help who I fell in love with. He apologizes to me over and over again, because he didn't want to put this burden on me. I can see how stressed he gets about this and he really doesn't want me involve with this, but when he came into my life, it involved me. I appreciate him being honest with me, about his situation, but it like he doesn't want any kind of help from me, I just don't get it. Amelia I hope everything work out for you and your boyfriend, why haven't you both got married, if you don't mind me asking? I mean you both been together for so long and have children together, seem like the US wouldn't send him back with all this going on.

My boyfriend also came from Honduras, he came here legally but has overstayed past the expiration date of his visa. He was taken by border patrol during a routine traffic stop for missing tail light. They let him go, after he paid a fine but he has to go back to court. His attorney advised him to marry his girlfriend of the last 7 years. Now this is where it gets complicated; my boyfriend and I have only been dating for about 5 months but he still somewhat live with this lady. He has his own room and she has hers, and he says the relationship has been over for sometime. Even though we've been dating for 5 months we've fallen madly in love with each other. I think she keeps him around for convience, but he has been trying to walk away for her, but his mother tells him not to be stupid, marry her, so he can stay in the US. Yes they may have alot of history together, but he does not love her, and she has been holding the immigration issue over his head to keep him there. I want us to get married, but he doesn't think it is a good idea, I think he's afraid that our marriage will not be enough to keep him here in the US since we've only been together for a short period of time. He says that he doesn't want to marry this lady who he lives with either but he feels he doesn't have a choice in the matter, it's marry her or continue being illegal and hope they don't send him back. I told him the judge will only grant him so many extension. He's basically living with me now, because the situation is so bad for him at home. So if we get marry, what is the amount of time you need to be married before you can file adjustment status for permenent resident so he doesn't have to leave and then green card later?

check whether he really loves you. Ask him if he is ready to sponsor you to Honduras as a permanent resident and not citizen so that you dont loose us citizenship. check whether he wants to have kids. check whether he is ready to write all his property in your name after marriage. ( Check the value of property). If he signs on a blank stamp paper and is ready to be your slave all his life and give in writing then go ahead and sponsor him and take a extra peice of workload for yourself. or else look for an american boyfriend.

My case is diffrent my boyfriend doesnt care about papers her says if he gets deported we just have to follow him and thats just the problem I dont want to live there. He is from honduras we been together for 6 years and have two beautiful boys 1 1/2 and 3. I havent worked since we been together so im afraid if he goes the who will take care of us. I am also attending college for my Associates ib Criminal Justice and I do not wish to quit I gruate in May. I just cant afford for hie to be gone for to long I dont think i could take care of our two children alone, work and go to school.

andrea 73
i just got married in belize in november when can my husband come he has no us passport or green card also im 40 and he is 19 will there be a longer investigation? so how soon can he come

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