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If a brown mexican has a baby with a white american, does the kid born with white skin?
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If a brown mexican has a baby with a white american, does the kid born with white skin?


Jake M
my sister had a baby with a black person but both of her kids are white

I agree the baby could have a variety of skin tone. My 2 Black/White children are very different skin tones. One has very light almost white complexion and the other looks as though he is all black no white at all.

Depends. I took after my mom and my sis took after my dad. I have dark hair and eyes. My sister is blonde with green eyes. No one ever believes us when we say that we're sisters.

Bill Clinton
Both called biracial child

Just like some children take after their mothers while others take after their fathers, the child's skin tone can very quite widely. I knew a family whose father was Mexican and whose mother was caucasian. There were five children, and some of them looked very dark and some of them could pass themselves off as completely white Americans. Even in the same family, results can vary.

Kay F
Dark skin is usually dominant.

What the hell are you asking this for?
It will have some characteristics of each parent .
It seems your questions are only about race.Why do you care?Most baby's that have mixed parentage are really beautiful.

it depends, i have two friends that are couples like that and each have a baby. one baby has dark skin and looks like the father, the other has light skin and looks like the father.

It could be born with either or, or just lighter brown skin. There's no way of foretelling this. You just have to wait until the baby is born to see. Just like the colour of the eyes or hair. They cannot be predicted 100%.

umm both my kids look like there dad.. brown hair, brown skin, brown eyes. I have white skin brown hair and green eyes. so nop nothing like me and why is this in the immgration section????

As long as the baby is born healthy, then the color of the skin is pointless.

♪ pepperkittyn ♪
Technically, darker skin is a dominant trait, as is dark eyes and hair.

It has nothing to do with the race of the parents. If one parent has blonde hair and one has black hair, the baby is much more likely to have black hair, as blonde would be the recessive gene in this case.

What is it with you and race? Who really gives a sh!t WHAT color the baby's skin is? It's a BABY, and its parents should love it regardless of who's genes it carries.

Ryan M
It will most likely have dark skin.

Judging only from people I know, the child usually has white skin, and dark hair and eyes....but everyone is different.

My friend is Mexican she has dark-skinned parents (one of them is Mexican the other is Ecuadorian) and she was born with super pale skin, then there's my other Mexican friend, she has a Caucasian parent and a Mexican parent, she has dark skin, then theres my all-Mexican friend, again, he has super pale skin.

WHO CARES! It is a child pure and simple. More completely it is a child of God. The inside counts not the exterior. PLEEZE!

The baby could be light skinned or very dark depending which side of the family it takes after.

Mr. US of A, Baby!
Why does it matter!? Will LA RAZA, MENCHA, or LULAC disown you!?

Be happy if and when a child is born healthy. Racism is very unhealthy.

Nexus K
what does your question have to do with immigration? you should be asking this in the genetics forum,because it all has to do with wich parents' genes are more dominant and show up in the child. i'm sure you learned all this in biology class.

your question is not entirely clear. however the baby will have slightly brown skin.What's the diff. anyway.

yeah sure

So lets say that yo mamma is chinease and yo daddy is blackxican what would that make you? A mutt?

no it would be a brownie stripe kinda like a zebra

punnett squaree

Sometimes, but usually not.

I'm just saying what I've seen, not making judgements about people's skin color. Really people!

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