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If my child is born in the UK is he automatic UK citizen?
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If my child is born in the UK is he automatic UK citizen?

I'm a brazilian citizen who will soon be married to an Italian citizen and we wanted to know if our child will be a Uk citizen if he is born here. We currently reside in the UK and would like to raise our family here.


Mark J
I sincerely hope not
if your chilkd is born in the US (or Ireland) then they would be. But I hope that is not the case in the UK.

British citizenship by birth in the United Kingdom
Under the law in effect from 1 January 1983, a child born in the UK to a parent who is a British citizen or 'settled' in the UK is automatically a British citizen by birth;
otherwise he gets parents citizenship

No when the Tories where in power they changed the law.

Only if at least one of the parents has UK citizenship otherwise not.

Despite what you're being told here, the answer is no. Your child would have rights of dual nationality for Italy and Brazil..not the UK. This is an issue that comes up time and time again and there's a lot of misinformation. My father was English, my mother was Italian and I was born in Germany. I've looked into it and I am not entitled to German citizenship (not that I'd want it). Even getting Italian nationality could be quite tricky for me, although I'd get it if I was determined enough. Just ask the Home Office..they'll soon tell you.

David C
I think there is confusion here between citizenship and residency. If the child has an Italian passport, he will be able to live and eventually work in the UK as a citizen of a European Union country but he does not have the automatic right to British nationality because neither of you are British. He could apply for Britsh citizenship later but that is a separate issue

Pauper Prince
Your child will be ITALIAN (not British) that makes him EU Citizen who can live & work in UK without restrictions.

Larry B
he shouldn't be, if a cat has kittens in a stable they're not horses are they.

No. Unless you have British citizenship yourself or have Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK, your child will not be a British citizen. The law was changed so that children born after 1983 will inherit their parent's nationalities.

Your child will have dual Brazillian-Italian Citizenship but as an Italian citizen will have the right to live and work in the UK under EU "free movement" laws.

I'm not entirely sure as, I think, are other answerers. But if you are brazillian and the father is italian I think unless one or both of you are a naturallised UK citizen then the child could take brazillian and italian nationality but could not be a British citizen. If one of you holds a UK passport then I think the child could take UK citizenship. As an example, military personnel serving overseas who have a child, the child cannot take the nationality of that country.

Nope - fortunately!

No. Your child will most likely have dual Brazilian-Italian citizenship. Which is still pretty good as Italy is in the EU. If you get an Italian spouse visa it would probably be very easy for you all to move over to the UK later on if you wanted. :-)

This question is asked so many times. The answer is no.
Neither of you are British citizens, your child will be Brazillian and/or Italian.


The UK is not a country but a Union of,

and Northern Ireland,

Your Child cannot have been born in all these countries, eh?

Are you one of these people who only calls England, the UK?

billy billabong
no,thank god.

If you are present and settled in the UK then, yes.

If you don't live in the UK then, no.

Oswald W
The days of getting Cheap British Citizenship is now controlled by Forgers and Foreign Nationals not by our government as i see it. If a brazillian woman were to give birth in a pig-sty it would be wrong to consider the baby to be a pig. The baby would be Brazillian if his parents were. That is how we think now. British Citizenship has to be earned.

You are foreigns
go home the country's full up

iain xx
I think your child will be Scottish.
We take them all.

yes he has automatic right to citizenship, unfortunately you dont. As the italian is a eu citizen as long as he has had a job for 6 months he is eligible to look for work in the uk. so he will be allowed to remain in the uk. Brazillian you dont have automatic right. though as your husband is italian and your son is "british" it is very unlikely you would be asked to leave. you will have to apply for citizenship contact the brazillian embassy in the uk. you should get it.

please ignore the usual zenophobes that inhabit this site

If your child was born here he his not a citizen he is 100% English.

♥ gӘm''gӘm ♥

Liam O
Yes he is. He is also entitle to dual citizenship. Uk and Brazilian.

Happy Murcia
Yes as long as the birth is registerd here.......

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