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If you are an illegal alien in the US, and have a US born child, does your status change? ?
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If you are an illegal alien in the US, and have a US born child, does your status change? ?

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Okay second part....
If I get kicked out, does that mean my kid goes into foster care?


Dirty Martini
Yes....you move from criminal illegal alien to leeching criminal illegal alien.....you give birth at our expense, and expect us to educate the kid too.

Aint life grand?

Mr. Taco
Nope. Your kid can be an American citizen... but you're still an illegal alien.

Wish illegals would stop trying to use babies as anchors to stay in the US.

No. Which is kind of a problem for a lot of people.... a mom can have a whole family, all citizens, and still get kicked out.

betty boop

Your status does not change, you are still illegal.
If you are deported your child will go into foster care, unless you take them with you.

No. The child is a US citizen but your status doesn't change. There is no reason that you can't take the child with you if you are deported. Most likely the child will attain citizenship in your native country while retaining their US citizenship.

Don Juan
I know it kind of shouldn't be this way, but until her child doesn't turns 21 years old, she can not get her status changed. After he reaches that age they can start the process. but not until then

Leon M
Yes, the baby becomes an "anchor" baby. Meaning that it would be against your human rights to forcibly remove you from your baby and keep the baby in the USA whilst forcing the mother to leave. The baby would naturally become a US citizen. It's virtually impossible to remove mother and child or force a US citizen, the child, back to another country.
Hence the fact that hundreds of thousands of Latinos and many other thousands flock to the USA to have babies.

Who can blame them!

No Amnesty
Nope, but you are free to take your baggage with you.... Happy travels.....

g man w
nope, you still an illegal with a child that is a us citizen.



There is nothing that prevents you from taking your children with you.

Pip S
Only in the rare case in which you entered legally with a visa, have a child who is 21 years old and can prove they can financially support them, have no removal orders, did not enter with a K visa, and if they entered on a J visa they have to get a wavier.

As you can see the rules are pretty picky and it's the rare person who qualifies.

D girl
No, it doesn't change your status automatically, but I think, you can apply for a green card through your immediate relative (which is your child in this case). You can always bring immediate relatives to this country so I don't see why can't you not adjust your status after your child. I would talk to an attorney about it.

No, having a baby in US doesn't give you any legal status for you. Your baby could petition you when s/he becomes 21 years of age. Still with your many years of illegal presence in US, it will be very difficult for you to obtain gree card even with your child's petition.

You have choice of bringing baby with you to your country or the Social Service will take the baby into the system.

well i have a friend that was caught by police and he has a little boy born in the u.s. and he got deported
and i called lawyer and asked why they said since 9/11 that immigration has cracked down and now it does not matter if child is born in the u.s. ,yes the boy is american but dad is not mand he had a choice leave son in the u.s. or take his boy back to mexico and live there.

Norman O
Nope. Kid stays, you are gone. Should have obeyed the laws. Too late now.

Jeannie Out of the Bottle
If an illegal alien with an American born child is deported, they are allowed to take their child with them. It is false propaganda that they may not do so. The child will able to return to the US at any time in the future.

Having a baby in the US does not grant status to an illegal alien.

No. It depends on whether or not your child has citizenship through you or has to be born on that soil. If the child had dual citizenship it can go with you, otherwise you'll be filling out a lot of forms, we do not separate families lightly. Does the child have citizenship from birth on this soil or through the father or both. If it's only through the father, he has to file for you, if it's from birth on US soil, then you can apply. It's very costly.

Unfortunately No! on the first part.

Your child gets put into a group home that supports children of illegals left behind.

no sweetie it doesn't. if your a immigrant from another country, you will eventually have to go back or get caught. if you and the father get caught with out yous being legal resident of the usa, you guys will be put in jail here and then transfer you to your country jail, and your kids will be taken away if nobody else is left to care for them. think really hard sweetie

is there a new law for ilegals that have us citizen kids,which they can fight to satay in us

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