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If you move from california to another state in the U.S. how long does it take to be a citizen of that state?
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If you move from california to another state in the U.S. how long does it take to be a citizen of that state?

and get all the benefits, for example going to college in a state where you are not a citizen costs 10 times as much.


Technically speaking, you are not a citizen of a state, but a resident and the length of time you have to be a resident depends on what you are wanting to do.

To get instate tuition, you almost always have to be a resident for at least 1 year, although, I have heard of 6 months in some situations.

However, you are considered a resident pretty much when you move permanently to the state. To help support your residency, you need to register to vote and get a local drivers license. That will help establish when the 1 year time starts.

Generally you have to have lived there for 1 year to get the college benefit but as soon as you are a resident you are a "citizen" of that state.

You never become a citizen of a USA state. You always be a USA citizen. after that in any state you moove you become a resident. AS soon you have a permenant address- you change your driving Licence- and car registration you considered a a State resident.- contact the college you desire..and you will get all the proper answers that you need.

Each state has different residency requirements. In some states, it's 6 months, in others 1 year. Some states require you to be working and paying taxes in the state for 1 year, be registered to vote and have a state drivers license before you can be considered a resident.

Check the specific state university websites as they all have information on what constitutes a state resident

Yak Rider
Usually you can be considered a resident after living there for 30 days. To get in-state tuition for college you must have lived there for 1 year.

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