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Illegal immigration:whos responsible?
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Illegal immigration:whos responsible?

whos responsible; if illegals are working to support themselves who do you hold responsible and what,do we do? when do we start/?/?can we go back and start arresting congressional members for failure to enforce the laws or who do you start with criminally the illegal or the corporate figures,or the political leaders or the justice dept?who is responsible...(?)wal-mart??
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would it be an underestimate that we are 40 years too late??


A combination of several factors. In some industries like meatpacking and house construction they specifically hire illegal workers so that they can maximize profits. So they are exploiting the workers. Government up until now has been lax in enforcement partly because there are lobby groups which have pressured them to maintain the status quo. The illegal workers are also responsible as well, though I understand why economic conditions force migration.
Instead of exporting jobs to Asia, companies could have set up more industries in Mexico, and these could have alleviated the pressure for illegal workers to migration. However, it was cheaper for companies to offshore jobs to China rather than to Mexico. This tells me that exploitation and money are the underlying causes why this has been allowed to occur.

Of course, the illegal aliens themselves are responsible, as are our government and law enforcement for failing to enforce immigration laws properly. But most of all, the companies that hire illegal aliens are repsonsible. Without these companies, there would be nowhere near as many illegal aliens living in the U.S. as there are now. Very few people would immigrate illegally if it were hard for them to find jobs as illegal immigrants.

Companies that hire illegal aliens are despicable. They cheat Americans out of jobs by giving them to illegal aliens instead, and they treat the illegal aliens that they hire horribly. The whole point of hiring illegal aliens is that minimum wage laws don't apply to them, so these companies can get away with paying them far below the minimum wage. That is why I support severe penalties for companies that hire illegal aliens, and I think the government should start cracking down on them.

Economic conditions in their countries. More than illegal they are "economic" migrants.

CEO JasonP
They are just trying to support their familes the same way our ancestors were all those years ago when they came here. Are they really bothering you , being here?

young lovee. <33
its bushes fault cuz, its his retared brain..
they should just give the papers to everyone.

eⒶt_urself ▐▌▐▌▐▌ ◄▼►
The earth belongs to no one. Borders have no legitimacy. there is no such thing as an "illegal immigrant".

Republican George Bush is responsible. He condones illegal immigration by labeling them "undocumented workers." He knows there is now no money available to patrol the borders because he has spent it all in Iraq and plunged us into record national debt. Calling then undocumented workers was his way out, at our expense.

geno g
Illegal immigration wouldnt be an issue if people stop complaining about it. If you dream of working fast food to support your family then i guess you can say they are taking all the jobs. Untill then, shut up.

it's been going on for thousands of years. the pilgrims were the first illegal immigrants.

no Adam and Eve

Homeless in Phoenix
The federal governmnet . The only thing you can do is throw out those in congress who haven't helped and elect those that want to.

who's responsible? you are.. you like those cheap strawberries, don't want to pay ten bucks a pint for them. and the chicken, wanna pay 15 bucks for a few pieces of chicken? hey it's not a bad thing to want this stuff and it helps out some seriously poor refugees.

well i think is need to start now get them out there not helping or country

Well to me if I knew it was illegal to sneak
across the border into someone else's country
and get an illegal job without paying taxes,
and use all the services of the country I had
sneaked into against their laws without
paying for any of it, then I
would be responsible. But then again,
I am an American, and I know the difference
between right and wrong. The little folks from
south of the border are raised to believe
lying and stealing are perfectly alright. Ask
any of them. So we have to ENCOURAGE
them to learn...perhaps with shotguns loaded
with rubber bullets for a start.

whos responsible?
their government

Born in the USA
I had a hard time reading one of the answerer's.....It was so far from the truth... I believe that this low life referred to illegals as "economic immigrants" Give me a break.... I know people without plumbing who can't get menial jobs for a pay at half the rate of these invaders because they don't speak a forien language!!! By the way most of the INVADERS don't speak english so whats next to we have the division Canadians faced a few years back or do we SEND THE """INVADERS""" packing!

The home country of illegals are first and foremost responsible for the situation, they could do things to ease tensions and create an economy and employment for their lower class. The next responsible entity is the US, because we created a great country that attracts people to emigrate here, and we boast about how great it is often. It is great if your poor and you want to immigrate here for an easy job.

As far as the law is concerned, whoever sets policy is responsible. Congressional members do not enforce laws, they simply propose and create them. Corporations are merely working conglomerates, it is their job to create prosperity and employment, among other things, so they aren't responsible.

No one is responsible for where this has gone. Society is changing rapidly and what was acceptable before is now not. The US cannot continue to solve everyone's problems in the world with the resources we have. We are playing God. But we are just now understanding this. We are in a period of great change. Illegals have to find another way to help themselves, cause the US of A can't continue to be the only answer for them.

a lock on a door keeps honest people honest.

the door has no lock.

blame American policy , not the poor mexican immigrant .

if you were starving to death , or your children , you would do the same damn thing , migrate .

why is it so hard for people to understand that its human nature to try to find a better life for you and your family.

lock the damn door George

America... YAY!
First of all, they are not immigrants. Calling them immigrants would indicate that they are legal. They are illegal aliens. I would put the responsibility on the company first because some of them do not check their back ground. Second I blame congress because they do not want to build a wall, EVEN when the country has asked for one. And lastly the illegal aliens because they have no regard for our laws and they leech on American tax payers.

In my opinion the government is to blame. First of all, it is their fault for making it so difficult to legally come here to work or become a citizen so people feel like entering illegally is the only way. For example, Rudy Giulianni today said if he feels that we should make it a law that you have to be able to speak, read, and write in English in order to come here. That's not even possible for most foreigners most of them are coming here because they are poor and need money so how would they have the resources to learn another language like that? Secondly, they don't do enough to enforce laws prevent illegal immigration. I mean how hard is it to put up fencing along the border and monitor it to prevent people from coming in. Or how about the idiot Americans who go down to Mexico with a utility van and come back with dozens of Mexicans crammed in the back suffocating, just so the white guy can make extra money getting them over here...forget the fact that several of them will die on the way over. If only our government could establish better policies on who can come here and for what reasons and not put so much emphasis on knowing our American history and the English language I think the illegal immigration issue would decrease. Or instead od spending all that money over in Iraq "helping" people who don't want us there, they could spend some money to create a university in Mexico for less fortunate people to go and get an education and be able to work in their country to make a living.

Illegals are responsible for breaking the law. Political leaders are responsible for not enforcing the laws of this country! Therefore, we need to hold each party responsible for the enormous cost they have cost the American taxpayer!
I say send the illegals are back, right away! Kick those that refuse to uphold our laws out of office right away!

The primary responsibility lies with the people who hire illegal immigrants. Without a job, there would be no reason to come here, right?

First Lady
I don't really think it's the lawmakers. I think it's the fact that they can get work here and they can get public assistance. If they could not get either of those, what reason would they have to come here, whether the borders were secure or wide open? There was an article in our paper yesterday about our legislature going back to work this week and one thing on their agenda is to make it harder for illegal immigrants to get public assistance? What? They shouldn't be getting ANY!

Daniel F
Many people are responsible, it began with the American governments decision to implement the "Bracero" program in 1941, And all the employers and American people because they wanted to pay cheap wages, and get cheap prices, Lately it has been NAFTA, with the U.S. underselling the Mexican farmer with U.S. taxpayer subsidized Grains and Walmarts, underselling Mexican products, with cheap Chinese imported items.

A little Southern Comfort
Who are we to tell someone they cant come here when this country is based on immigration??? I see people all the time with the last name Pilliani, Cappazzolli, Wong, Chin, and they look as caucasion as possible. That means that more than likely their grandparents were immigrants here. So how dare us say "YOU CANT COME HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" SHame on you for also saying "Just throw them in a truck and send them back!" Thats terrible. You have no heart and it's just crude and rude. That is someone's child, brother, sister, father or mother. You all should never say anything until you have all the facts and you have walked in these people's shoes.

It isn't easy to truck millions of people out of the country. That would take a big bus. An idea I was thinking about today was this; offer amnesty to those already in this country if they serve in the military. Obviously this wouldn't work because we would end up with terrorists joining our army, but I figure it's sort of like getting mercenaries. I think it could work well if altered.

As far as who's fault it is, I would say partly the U.S. government's for granting amnesty on birth. It only provides more incentive for Mexicans to sneak across the border to have kids, and it makes it morally impossible to deport illegal parents and leave the legal kids. The Mexican govt. is also at fault for running a corrupt country with little opportunity for success. It's no wonder they all want to come here.

Jenny G
Ultimately it is the people who turn their heads in my opinion; I think that we should hold the people who employ them like Mc Donalds, Wal-Mart, etc. responsible. I guess there is nothing that we can really do until the people in charge start enforcing the laws.

I think the tax payers that put up with the government spending 53.3 billion dollars a year to keep and try to educate the illegal immigrants. This money comes from the honest hard working legal citizens of the United states of America that pay taxes.

the president is responsible........and once the illegals get here they stay, there is not sending back...then it will become a race issue and you dont want to go there because it will be too much corruption and this that and the other, so our best bet is dissagree and hope the present or next president will do somthing to keep those who havnt entered out............

I think we all need to take responsibility for allowing it to get to the point it's at.I think too many of us said it's not my problem and let it get way out of control.It's time to sasy enough.If you want to come here do it legally.Also no more free ride for legal immigrants,pay taxes like all americans do from the age of consent on.no free loans etc earn your way or get out.and that is my rant for the day

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