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Is illegal immigration to the us good for the economy?
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Is illegal immigration to the us good for the economy?

Having a "debate" with a friend who said Illegal immigrants help the economy "With the millions in taxes they pay, and by purchasing Ameerican goods"

What should I say in response?


Dirty Martini

YA is a sham
Illegals pay NO income tax and in many cases send large portions of the money they do make out of the country to their families.
The illegal workers and those who employ them are not only taking jobs from those legally here, they are driving down the wages of workers in many areas like construction fields and putting great stress on our hospitals and legal system. In many places the majority of property crimes are committed by the minority of illegal residents.

Right now our unemployment rate in America is somewhere around 4%. That's pretty close to full employment when you consider that number also accounts for those who are voluntarily not working. Take the millions of illegals out of the employment system and it becomes a worker's market. Wages and benefits would have to rise as employers would have to do so to attract employees.

I would gladly pay an extra 10 cents for a head of lettuce for the knowlege than a legal, fairly paid worker who pays his taxes and recieves medical insurance picked it.

No, it makes our economy unamerican. What the country should do is deport all the illegals, then take away welfare from all of the able bodied people, and give them the illegals old jobs. That way us working Americans can pay less on welfare, our unemployment rate will be even lower and our economy will be one step closer to 100% american

yay! im a pirate!
no! they do not pay taxes and the are killing the economy

Ask the friend if they are nuts, sure seems like it.

grey square
Just say no.

How can it be good, they are taking money out of your economy and putting nothing back

Jeff N
They dont pay taxes... Thats about it, they take and dont give back

No...tax payer money should not support them because it'll encourage more illegals..My $7,000 a year in taxes should go towards something useful..education, homelessness, road work, law enforcement agencies, and so on..

The financial drain on state and local economies far out weighs the benefit of cheap labor. In Texas we see 'billions' in increased school and health-care cost due to illegals.

That Guy
they help lower the labor dollars of large company's.......

They do help company's be more profitable in the short term. Unfortunately all a large cooperation can see at one time is their profits next quarter...........

They will have a HUGE long term negative effect

They aren't helping our economy if they are not giving or paying (taxes for instance) back into our resources. They're sort of like a leech, I suppose, just bleed us to death!

raven s
they don't pay taxes. and illegal immigration is a disgrace to any country. illegals are being payed very low wages and living 20 people in a 2 bedroom place. the liberal dogs need to be a shamed of them self's for using people like that. no to illegals and no to amnesty.

um, no illegal immigrants don't help. Most don't pay taxes, because you cannot work in the United States without a social security number. In order to get a social security number you need to have a VISA, EAC card or a company sponsering your H1B. This means they are being paid "under the table," dirty money that is not taxed. So that by no means is helping America.

According to the CBO "For every one dollar of taxes the illegals pay they get Three dollars of gov't assistance"

This argument is false. The truth of this matter is they have no SS numbers get paid under the table, pay no taxes, or social security and collect an average of $19,000 per person in social benefits that you and your friend have to pay for.

Do you have heath insurance? If not can you afford to go to the Dr.? If you pay your way or have Insurance the cost of a Dr visit is on average $178.00 PER OFFICE VISIT. Of that abouit $28.00 pays for your visit the rest pays for all the illegals who never pay all their bills. My wife works in billling for a Dr and those are exact figures.

Tell your friends "You tell me the next time you try to find a good paying job". And also mention the 50% tax rates youll be paying when you work.

No, and it ruins our children's schools through overcrowding and special programs needed for the non-English speaking.


I hope your on the no side of this debate

If you want to become a legal citizen of the USA, you will need to go back to Mexico to apply and be patient. If you are accepted to become an American, you will need to renounce your allegience to Mexico... either you are a Mexican citizen or you are an American citizen... you can't have it both ways.

People seem to be confused with the differences between ILLEGAL and LEGAL immigration, YOU HAVE TO go thru a PROCESS called CITIZENSHIP like every other LEGAL person from other country, it doesn't matter if your Mexican or not.

These people get free health insurance, DO NOT pay taxes, and drive with no license or insurance. They take advantage of our tax dollars for their welfare and education and steal our jobs.

We need border security first before we do any illegal immigration bills, since they(illegals) don't care if they break the law anyways.

You can't just have any poor people come to the U.S. illegally, We have laws, no excuses. We aren't the worlds hospitality where all the poor can just join in illegally.

They have to wait patiently like other immigrants that want to come here legally that may take up to 10 years. No shortcuts, back of the line.
Why won't they stay in Mexico and help rebuild its country?
if Mexicans love America so much, they should follow the law and come here legally

Fact is, they send 50% of their money (if not more) back to their families in Mexico or wherever. They don't keep any of their money in banks (can't, don't have a ssn), buy used cars with cash, and most don't have any kind of insurance at all. Yet, there are organizations all over the country willing to help those, that are here illegally, to find jobs, take care of their kids, and give them food and places to live.

Half of the Hispanic students drop out of high school, Without high school diploma, most will need social services = our tax dollars for their welfare
Tax payers are paying millions a day for the prisoners, 30% are illegals in federal prison

"Let's not bid down the wages of the people of America with foreign labor," said Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Huntington Beach.

Point is that controlled immigration is important. Recognizing that these people do add to our country in many ways while still having some sort of order and security is essential. No one is against immigration, they're against illegal immigration. Why not allow more legals to come across? Labor demand is met and we can control the flow of people and goods across the border

In the future say 20-30 years from now, the Mexicans will have one of the biggest voters to change our govt, this is what the Mexican government wanted, so it can influence what our govt do with the Mexican votes

Offizier J.E.
Go to this comedy central link:
Then Click on "The Mexican Wall"
This is a funny way of looking at it.
Lewis Black has a really good point.(in a funny way) It's not the best point, but it can give everyone a good laugh.
ALSO TRY: http://www.illegalimmigrationissues.com

BTW: Glitterbabeprincess, the illegals are criminals because, they're here in the U.S.....ILLEGALLY! And this is NOT their land! Can we eventually get something made by a hard working american, instead of someone that probably floated across the gulf of Mexico on a door! Or some piece of furniture! Or jumped over the fence at the Rio Grande.

TO THE GUY ABOVE ME: Ok English is in fact the National language. About 95% of the people born here in the U.S. are born to SPEAK ENGLISH! What language do you originaly speak buddy? I hope it's English! My goodness, somebody needs to introduce you a little more to the U.S. to show you that 95% of the people in this country originaly speak english.

They are a menace to our american society, and are taking our jobs. They sometimes do NOT pay taxes. There were a bunch of immigrants at a school in california that hung an american flag unpside down, and above it, the mexican flag right side up! Rediculous! When I saw that, I said "that's it, game over!" Not to mention, they want us to speak their language! I won't put up with that crap! You are in my country, you WILL speak MY LANGUAGE!

Mexicans are taking away school funding for other things so that some schools put in an ESL program, because the teachers need them to SPEAK ENGLISH! Are you kidding me?! Absolutely rediculous!

Freedom isn't free, all illegals should know that! Why don't we send them over there in Iraq and so they can learn the price of freedom!

No. They don't pay taxes, they use our government services, they take jobs that many Americans would be glad to have, and many of them resort to crime. They send large portions of the money they make back to Mexico where it is put into the Mexican economy, instead of the American economy. Without illegal immigration we would have a far less competitive job market, higher pay, better benefits.
>Officer J
They are a menace to our american society, and are taking our jobs. They sometimes do NOT pay taxes. There were a bunch of immigrants at a school in california that hung an american flag unpside down, and above it, the mexican flag right side up! Rediculous! When I saw that, I said "that's it, game over!" Not to mention, they want us to speak their language! I won't put up with that crap! You are in my country, you WILL speak MY LANGUAGE!

Please speak in German for the rest of the conversation. How can you ask them to speak your language. The day congress votes that English is the national language, is the day I will support your conquest to get all the illegal Mexicans to speak English.

Not at all!!!!!!!!

diana s
Well, since must of the work that the American don't want to do are making by immigrants, yes, must of them are illegal, in some way when they send money the government charge sometime on that, they spent some money in the store, but really I don't see how they help our economy maybe because they don't qualify for welfare, so they have to work, but they send almost the money to Mex, how that help our country I met some Mex that they said that the come here to work for their country so since Mex in getting richer our country are receiving a few benefits. so I think so that the government have to do something with that, a regulation or something so the money stay in here, or the most of the money, because Mex government promote the immigration for their benefits and are doing nothing to change the situation, So if they want for work for their country why they dint stay over there, Work of this country, because that the one that feed you. Not Mex. I'm not against immigrants but Hello, you run away from Mex to have a better life and know you re biting the hand that give you the food. No way, If you feel that the American nation is the perfect nation to come please help our economy to grow because anyway you work for your country they don't going to change.

tiny Valkyrie
That's a lie.
They are not subjected to taxes, as they are paid most often paid under the table and far below minimum wage.
The companies that hire them don't pay thier due in taxes either..

its good for the people that employe them because they provide cheap labor. so corporate america benefits.

there is some argument that there is a "trickle down" effect in which you get cheaper goods from cheaper labor. when you see ceo salaries its obvious where the trickle is going.

they don't pay taxes -- thats silly. they are usually hired as contract employees that are expected to file their own taxes independently -- a big reason why they are cheap labor is nobody is paying taxes on them. some make decent wages -- its the tax thing that corporations are avoiding.

the bulk of the money they make here is sent back to mexico -- its the 3rd largest source of income in the country of mexico. if they were legalized they would be more inclined to move their families here and the money would then stay here which would benefit the economy.

the way it works now its really a lose lose situation for everyone including the immigrants. the winners are the corporations and their higher ups and shareholders.

You should say yes, but. Obviously the illegals are good for the US economy and for big business or they wouldn't be here, and this is coming from someone who is strongly against illegal immigration and the Kennedy/McCain Shamnesty bill. They keep wages down for businesses so that American businesses can compete in some industries with foreign companies, and they can be easily dismissed when business slows. They all pay taxes such as gasoline tax, excise taxes, sales taxes, and many of them pay FICA, and Federal and State income taxes. If they weren't good for the economy, then the elite who run this country would not allow them to stay here.

Here is the BUT. They keep wages down for the American worker. The uneducated peasant immigrant does get much more in government services than they pay in federal taxes. Many are disloyal to the US and refuse to assimilate. Some are criminals, welfare cheats, gang members, terrorist sympathizers, and drug smugglers. Many of them send money back to their country instead of spending it in America. They bring rare diseases into our country.

Inconclusion, yes illegal immigrants are good for the economy and for the wealthy who use them as servants, but illegal immigration hurts the poor, working class, and middle class American. In effect, the American taxpayer is subsidizing the low-wage illegal immigrant who is hired by big business, so send their illegal butts home!

they are helping usa alot.

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