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Pregnant with tourist visa in USA without insurance and income?
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Pregnant with tourist visa in USA without insurance and income?

I will be due in less than one month . I am currently on a tourist visa in the US staying with my sister and will be delivering at the hospital in the same town. Unfortunately I will not be able to pay as I have no insurance and am unemployed. Will all my hospital expenses be taken care by charity care ? I am under the impression that the hospital will not release my baby till I pay them the entire bill. Is this true ?
i want to get answers from people they went throw this experience ,

P.S This was not planned !


I.C.E. Man
I suggest you go back to your own country to have your child and not expect the American Tax payers to pick up your bill

Isn't a tourist visa only 90 days at a time???? You shouldn't be having your baby here, you should have it where you live.

you will have to pay ALL your medical expenses yourself

wow you must be on a long tourist visa if this wasn't planned

your only a tourist so why cant you go home to your country to have the baby?

Why am I not surprised another parasite that my tax dollars have to pay for. You and your unborn evil spawn

Why didn't you go home when you found out you were pregnant.
It shouldn't be the responsibility of the US taxpayers to foot the bill for the birth of your child,but looks like it will be.
Charity isn't free,someone has to pay for it. Why not make arrangements to pay the bill yourself so I don't have to.

That's why we can't have nice things.

Yes, you will have to pay your bills. Or your sister will have to pay if she sponsored you to be able to stay for more than 90 days

You should go back home and give birth in your own country

You will have to sneak out of the hospital with the baby because you are expected to be responsible for your own bills when you come here as a tourist. Really, you may be better off going back to your own country before the baby comes.

To get your tourist visa, your sister may have had to accept responsibility for you and she may get stuck with the bill. She will definitely get a lot of calls from people trying to nail her for it.

And if you do have the baby in the US, it will be a US citizen. However it cannot sponsor you to live here until it is 21 years old.

I agree you should go back to whatever country you came from and have your kid there, but I don't know what these other people are talking about regarding paying the hospital. Two-thirds of illegal hispanic births are stuck to tax payers because the parents just don't pay. Who thinks these people are actually paying hospitals? Why do you think so many hospitals and ERs are going bankrupt? (Not that I agree with this, on the contrary I despise it and think they should all be deported and the "anchor baby" law struck down for good.)

They can't keep your baby from you. However, you will be required to pay the bills somehow. You don't automatically get charity to pay for things. Maybe if you go find some charity group, but why can't you go home and have your baby? If you're from a country that pays for health care then that is what you should do. Or are you just trying to take advantage of the citizenship laws for your baby by having it here? Either way, you won't be able to stay even if your baby can. Would you want to leave it here?

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hi, one thing is definite that ur baby will be US citizen and secondly hospital will not keep ur baby for the bills or will not create any problem for u as they will let u go home without any problem but still they will bill u or if ur sis signs the financial form they will take money from her. But the best thing i will suggest u to : 1. contact the social worker in the hospital and tell her u dont and cannot work as ur tourist n she will help u. 2. if u contact the local state office as they will send u medical coupons n will cover ur expenses as they have a law in which they cover all pregnancy charges for the tourists and they will take a copy of ur visa and passport and u will be done and neither u or ur sis will have to pay for it. BUT HERE IS ONLY ONE PROBLEM AS WHEN U WILL ENTER US NEXT TIME THEY WILL ASK U ABT UR PREGNANCY AND WHO PAID FOR IT AND THEY WILL COME TO KNOW ABOUT THE FACT THEY WILL / CAN REFUSE UR ENTRY AND WILL/CAN CANCEL UR VISA.

Walter Martinez
Hi, advise by Bawa, is correct, I want to let you know that me as a delivery doctor, the hospital will not keep your baby, but someone will co-sign for the hospital expenses it must be a US citizen, or you can say that you don't have kins and they will let you pass, please ignore the incompetence of some comments, I assure you that those are people that don't have a job or either pick up welfare. I understand your situation beacuse my sister did the same, she rather have a US citizen rather than slum country we lived. I wish good luck in your delivery, and keep in mind take those prenatal and walk 15 minutes a day for an easier delivery.

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