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Should The Local Police Be Allowed To Enforce Immigration Laws?
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Should The Local Police Be Allowed To Enforce Immigration Laws?


Yes, resoundingly YES! Not that I think it should be like a "witch hunt," but when they pull people over for any kind of traffic infractions, I think they should ALWAYS ask for proof of citizenship or legal residency, legal drivers' license, and proper insurance. If, in the course of their duties, they find illegal immigrants, they should hold them and call INS for deportation. This should be STANDARD procedure for ALL police in the USA.

I think that in the course of their duties, they discover a person being an illegal alien, that person should be detained and turned over to immigration. I don't think that "local" police should go out and make it an illegal alien hunt, but in the course of their duties, turn over any illegal alien to the proper authorities. I know there has been a very big debate along border towns, and I do agree that any level of officer(local, county, tribal, state and of course gov't), should turn over illegal aliens.


I would say with out question YES !!!! No one else is enforcing it which is really sad.

Bert from Oz
Yes - as an immediate and short term measure, though.

That is, police, trained in immigration laws presumably, should have the power to detain and apprehend those breaking them - but they shouldn't be required to continue the custodial process but hold the offender until they can be handed to immigration authorities.

Front line law enforcement are often better placed to detect and apprehend such people in their own communities - but the entire process of detainment, charging, deportation, etc, should be handled by immigration as to not increase police workload.

I believe all police & law agencies should work together - if a crime is committed, it's committed - and it shouldn't be just one agencies job to apprehend the offenders.

That said though, once the offender is caught - different areas are appropriate to deal with different facets of law.

Yes, police should be allowed to enforce EVERY law. They are too tied up with everything else, however, so the government developed the I.N.S. to enforce them instead.

If Local police enforce federal drug laws than they should enforce federal immigration laws too

I think they should.

Not just allowed but required. It is collusion in crime to create a policy not to ask about a crime. Try thinking it through with counterfeiting. What if a city passed a resolution to be a 'sanctuary city' to not ask if people were counterfeiters. Would you think that was ok?

Yes, obviously the federal government needs all the help that they can get since they aren't willing to do anything.

YES, they should be able to. after they arrest them, they call ins and have them deported. I'm off work tomorrow. I'm calling the mayors office. and I'm going to get the ball rolling on this side. I'm not going to sit by and let my country go to the dogs.

Deleted Answer:

Should The Local Police
Be Allowed To Enforce (Immigration) Laws?

Good Question ....

Should The Local Police Be Allowed To Enforce (ANY) Laws?

Ignore SOME Laws And Enforce Others ?

Who Decides Which Laws To Enforce ?

We Cannot SELECTIVELY Enforce Our Laws

We Are A Nation Of Laws

Without Law Enforcement
We Are No Better Than Mexico, Iraq, Or Afghanistan

In Response To Carol R And Pamela V (Above)
((Below) Before This Answer Was DELETED)

Whats To KNOW ??

Gotta Greencard ??

Are You A Citizen ??

NO To Either Question
You Get Processed For Immediate Deportation

Its Not Racism
Its Not Rocket Science

Reason of Violation:Chatting & Personal Communications

Rare Indigo
They should be able to arrest and detain for INS but I think they've got enough on their plate with all the other crap that goes on.

Debra R
yes somebody has to do it

Most local police don't even KNOW immigration laws. How could they possibly enforce them?

I believe so. If we're going to have immigration laws, then they need to be enforced. Either enforce the law, or abolish it. Laws with no enforcement carry no weight, and will not be respected. Hence the multi-billion dollar illegal immigration 'industry'. Human trafficking, drug trafficking, god knows what else goes on, it has as its' common denominator 'immigration'...it needs to be handled a lot better, and I think the Democrats will do a good job of addressing it. If they don't, for some reason, there's always recall elections...

Its a law isn't it?

if the individual has committed a crime, but no. Its not going to happen, simply because theres too much crap going on.

Carol R
Absolutely not with the racist issues we already have with police they deserve no more power. They don't know an illegal immigrant from a citizen just by looking at them or pulling them over.

Only after a person has committed a felony should the police get involved or in matters of national Security.

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