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Should an illegal pregnant woman or the husband got deported ?
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Should an illegal pregnant woman or the husband got deported ?

The problem of illegal immigration might get very complex if we keep puting pressure on the illegals.How many babies are on the making actually ? Will there be baby booms for the next five years?
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"Get deported"


Yes, they should.

All illegals should be deported and take their kids with them.

If you are illegal,go back to your country and come here legally.All illegals need to have their asses booted out.

Robin P
hinch the word illegal,,yes they should be deported

ILLEGAL.............ILLEGAL...........ye... the ILLEGAL should be deported. One less baby, one less ILLEGAL and one less hospital bill the American taxpaypers are footing.

Debra R
if they are illegal they should go

With illegals, the baby booms never seize...

So, they all need to leave. Sorry-- we didn't invite them through the windows... We asked them to do it the correct way. IE: Through the door...


Any and all illegals will be deported..period. It doesn't take much to see that America is stepping up daily the deportations.

The funny thing about this is that one judge let a pregnant woman stay until she had the baby, saying the child was 'essentially American'. Does that mean that where the mother is pregnant before coming here to give birth, the child is 'essentially not American'?

I am not sure what you mean about 'getting complex if we keep putting pressure on the illegals' though.

Yes. It is not complicated at all. They don't belong here and they will have a baby at the tax payers expense. What kinda crap is that.

Dr. Chase Ph.D
yes, you are illegal, why shouldnt you get deported, youre just pregnant, does that mean you cant be deported, if your illegal you should be deported, being pregnant has nothing to do with the situation

deport them all. babies and all.

I'm not sure what you mean by complex. If you are saying they might try to over populate us while there is still time, I believe they are already doing that. Deport the illegals. Pressure is needed to get the point across. No more anchor babies.

Beach Girl
deport you fool

Both should be deported. The only reason the illegal pregnant woman went over in the first place is to have an anchor baby.

If they are here illegally, then they have broken the laws of this country and should be deported back to their original homeland. The unborn child is not considered an American unless it is actually born on American soil; then both the parents and the child are here. The judge who said the child was an American is too liberal; citizenship should not be a factor at conception or prior to the actual birth. Illegal is exactly that - illegal, good-bye.

Why not? A pregnancy shouldn't be a reason to change someone's illegal status into a legal one.

Yes. Their situation is caused by their illegal act of coming to the US. Sending them back is the lawful thing to do.

The whole family should get deported. It should be changed so that if the mother and /or father are illegal the whole family gets deported. Just because of the fact that they will use babies to stay. Health care costs will go up because they go to the Emerg room and we pay. Then there is the education for the illegal children that we pay for and housing. They cost us much much more than they may give. Personally I don't think they give that much, They take more no matter where they come from illegally.

Well said "freedomfighter"

Illegal means just what it says, Illegal. They should all be deported

BOTH should be deported - together.

Pregnant illegal alliens, illegal aliens, should obey our immigration laws. Now if the female is in labor, the baby should be delivered without the option of US citizenship

red dragon
They are having babies like rabbits, deport all of them now as quickly as possible.

janice h
Both should be deported. One thing we need to change is this if a baby born here it is a citizen. Only babies born to people here legally should be citizens.

They only have children here so they can become citizens and let this country pay for them. Welfare for the illegal immigrants is easy to get than our own americans. GET THE F OUT!

yes you should be deported, this isnt a breeding ground for you people. its a country struggling to take care of our own. and we cannot do it. because we're having to pay for your babies and your food you eat your clothing you wear., your medical bills. taxes collected here isnt suppose to be for caring for illegals. sooner the people in this country realizes it. and comes together we can take care of this problem. or infestation whichever it maybe. "DEPORTATION TODAY"

Mama Mia
"Free Citizenship" and free Welfare, Medical, Housing, Clothes, Food has to come to an end in the USA for any Illegal persons'. Deport them with a bill of services rendered!
The Government turns their back on their own people: Tax Payers to boot!
ex. Hurricane Victims, lower income, and numerous others, who have fallen on hard times. They are the ones that get treated like they are the Illegal Aliens. Enough is Enough.......

If the WOMAN is illegal, she should be deported... if the MAN is illegal, he should also be deported.

The pregnancy has NOTHING to do with it... if you were too lazy to immigrate into this country legally, you should be deported. No ifs, ands, buts, or amnesty. End of story.

Illegal being the key word here.......yes everyday of the week they should be deported. Our medical system in Arizona (and other border states) is at an all time crisis with us having to take care of the medical bills for the illegals........and do you think I could reasonably expect Mexico to foot my hospital bills if I was injured in Mexico? Are you kidding me........they would drop kick me North back to USA as quickly as they could.

They should be dragged from old folks homes ,hospitals, schools. and their houses! DEPORTATION, coming to a town near you!

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