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Should the US close the borders to all immigrants? Why or Why Not?
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Should the US close the borders to all immigrants? Why or Why Not?


catmaninmo II
NO! The US Borders should be open one way... exit...to all immigrants,legal or illegal who deserve or await deportaion!! As for entering the US, Yes, the US borders should be closed to anyone who cannot enter legally!!

It is a reasonable question. This country was built on immigration, and most of us come from immigrants within the last few generations (I know I am).
What concerns me is that the world is not the same world as it was for the last few centuries. The fertility rate of the United States is sufficient now to maintain population. The fertility rate of the US is higher than Canada, Cuba, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. In 20 years the growth rate of the US will be higher than Latin America. By the year 2050, the growth rate of the US will be triple that of Mexico. All these predictions are not even calculating illegal immigration.
It seems ridiculous to have such high permitted levels of immigration in the US and have this country growing faster than all other major countries in the western hemisphere. I am in favor of restricting immigration, and opening up transnational opportunities for economic cooperation.

Please keep the borders open another 5 years. We have family in America (2 sisters and their husbands, plus nieces, nephews and our God-daughter). Sister is sponsoring us, We are moving from Scotland. We have already been waiting 5 years, and it will probably be another 5 years before we can move. So we content ourselves with coming over for a holiday every year. We are well able to support ourselves, are willing to work, do not want handouts. More than happy to pay taxes and eventually become US citizens. Even have land bought to build our house on.

OK. I know there are a lot of folk wanting to move to USA. I just wonder if our wait would be shorter if there was not all the problems with illegal immigrants.

Joel W

We have taken in the largest number of immigrants any nation in the world has ever taken in. The consequences were the protests by the Mexican National with those millions of Mexican Flags flying in the heartland of America. We need to pull back for a while, and assimilate what we have already gotten.

We have an infrastructure problem that means it is not safe to take your children over a lot of our bridges. Our Immigration Policy has developed a huge number of folks that are welfare dependent. The organization, Centrer for Immigration Studies, had found that we are paying some 480 billion dollars a year in welfare while congress does nothing and when you couple that to our infrastructure problems, we are headed for a disaster. We are bringing people into a sinking boat while our water supply moves closer and closer to being undrinkable. Lets stop and lets fix the United States, look at the immigration problem and take steps to solve it.... not throw yet more illegal aliens and immigrants at the problems.



I'm gonna start another riot
Because this country is a nation of immigrants right, but no where do you see we are a a nation of legal and illegal immigrants.....The border is out of control and it needs to be shut down and secured.To many think the land of milk and honey is loaded with many freebies

Did You Get That Memo?
No, not at all. Productive, successful immigrants who assimilate should be welcomed with open arms and encouraged to come here.

Angel eyes
All illegal ones! Come here, apply for citizenship, work and contribute, acclimate, teach your kids english... YEs! Come here illegally, sneak jobs away from others, be a burden to our health care and school system then NO go home.

No just the illegal ones. Because this country is a nation of immigrants and is what has made this country great!

Yes close the mexican border 25 million is enough already. Obama '08

partly cloudy
Yes. Time to clean house. Once we deport all the illegal aliens and deal with the legal aliens, perhaps then we can open borders again, but next time around actually patrol the borders and turn back the illegals.

Just remember, the US has a desperate shortage (just like every other country in the world) of skilled people such as scientists etc.

Innovation cannot take place without them. An economy that cannot innovate, and keep up, will fail, and the result is: Poverty.

Immigrants, and international integration, fuel the US economy.


Last I heard America is still a beacon of light for some plight torn countries, that shouldn't change because some people choose to enter illegally.

Balls I
Illegal immigrants should all be locked up in a desert prison. Give them a uniform and send them to Iraq.

Professor Oglevee
Just the illegal ones. Legal immigrants are always welcome.

America is a nation founded on immigration, and thrives on immigration. Immigration allows for the free flow of ideas into country. Ideas lead to innovation, enhance debate, and keep us in touch with the developments of the rest of the world. The immigrant foundation of America constructed a world-leading economy, with a high standard of living, and the administrative and law systems to maintain it. Because of this, U.S. borders should remain open to immigration.

Unfortunately immigration is often confused with illegally entering the country. The problem here is that America has created an extensive set of laws through which to govern the country based on precedent and discussion. Legal immigration that follows the guidelines resulting from these discussions and precedents is to be desired. To ignore this is to spit in the face of every immigrant that came into the country with a desire to pursue their future contributing to the country as a citizen of the United States.

The United States was built by immigrants...Why should we change that? However, there has been legal ways to immigrate to the US for over a 100 years..Immigrants should have to legally immigrate.

The question is overly simplistic. A simple answer would be - No.
Not close the borders to all immigrants - but rather reform immigration law (and enforce it) in order to curtail the incidence of illegal entry and visa over-stays.

Few people realize that, of the estimated 13 million "illegal" immigrants in the US, only about 55% are what is termed "border jumpers" who entered the country illegally through Mexico, the Carribean or Canada.

The other 45% come from all over the world. They entered the US legally, on work, student, or visitor visas, and then either changed their status through marriage (much of it fraudulent for immigration purposes only) or else simply over-stayed their temporary visas, went "underground" and began living off the grid.

The percentages are changing every year. Visa jumpers are becoming more and more common, while the number of boarder jumpers is on the decline.

This is due mostly to the increase in foreign students and LEGAL foreign workers who are granted guest worker status through the department of labor / foreign labor each year.

It works like this: The student or guest worker arrives in the US for school, or his/her work contract and may stay here legally for a few years (there is currently a lifetime cap of 36 months on foreign laborers - which can occur consecutively or non-consecutively with seasonal employment), returning home at the end of each contract, until the next one begins.

Meanwhile, he or she is often either laying the groundwork for legal immigration through marriage (women will often "accidentally-on-purpose" become pregnant in hopes that their American boyfriends will then petition a marriage visa for them after the child is born based on family reunification policies), or they may be planning to become a visa jumper at the termination of his/her education or final work contract.

Not all foreign students or guest workers do this of course. The majority are here temporarily with every intention of going home again - and they do. But those that don't go home ( or plot to stay through entrapment of US citizens through pregnancy and / or sham marriages) give the rest a bad reputation.

Additionally - the temporary guest worker program, while it benefits both the foreign worker and many businesses who are in need of cheap and / or seasonal labor - really doesn't do a lot of good for chronic under-employment of U.S. citizens, or for the economy as a whole.

Importing foreign workers on the cheap may save U.S. companies billions in wages and benefits, but it also works to drive down the prevailing wage -- keeping the U.S.'s own population of unskilled workers living at or below the poverty level because they are either underpaid or displaced entirely by someone who is willing to work for subsistint pay and in substandard conditions.

Close the borders alltogether? NO. Reform Immigration and Labor? YES!

Beyond brainwashing

Are you not aware of The North American Union? (Goggle it). It’s a treaty signed in 2005 that Bush signed that amalgamates US, Canada and Mexico as one country destroying all borders. Your stars and strips are to go as well as the dollar. New currency is called the amero (goggle it). You maybe should be asking why you have not heard of this, you certainly will not hear about it on mainstream media. Most Americans are unaware of it.

In 20 years time there will be no US, only an area of the only an area of The North American Union. It will become a police state there are many many thema prison camps being built in the USA directed by the new world order and the population will have been carefully reduced by 85%.
Visit –

Tobias Maximus
No, because the most profitable companies in this country were founded by immigrants...eBay and Intel, for example.

No sometimes we cannot find a person in the U.S. that can speak the three different languages needed to conduct international business because Republicans don`t want our kids learning different languages.

Yes, this country was built by The Good Imigrants with sweat of god loving, caring, strong determined people, not the low life breeds that come over now! Everything that made this country great, like the farmer and the constuction worker, factory worker, is being sold to the Devil, like the Lawyers and Crooks who protect the Non Productve and the Lazy! The crooked Politician and The list goes on! Close our borders and stop alowing them to breed more Rats to cross over!


It should not take in any more low class immigrants! We should only take in what we need more of like doctors and scientists! But we don't need any more tech people or any other occupation in this country!

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