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So why are the british so lazy?
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So why are the british so lazy?

supposedly to idle to do a days work so the immigrants do it instead.
have you considered the fact that these "lazy" people are so poorly educated that they leave school barely able to read and write. they cant spell. they cant even speak english properly. there has never been any training offered to them. there is no apprenticeships. they leave school with nothing to aim for . they have learned from their single mum that the only way forward is benefit claims and a coucil house. we can all thank the government for totally ignoring these people and leaving them to rot on the scrap heap . rather than offer help, support and incentive to work, its easier to get an immigrant in. the benefit claimants, chavs, lazy brits or whatever you want to call them are in need of help. yes there are, and always will be some that are un-helpable but with decent education there would be a lot less than there are now.
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i dont say the british are lazy. i work very hard. im asking the people who say "the immigrants do the jobs that brits are too lazy to do". and im trying to point out the fact that its not true.


What a sensible statement you have just made. I work in a local junior school as a literacy volunteer and see children who will have no hope unless they are given more help when they reach school leaving age. Unfortunately some of the children come from homes where they are allowed to stay up late at night and have very little discipline. They do, however, have televisions in their bedrooms and computer games, which they are allowed to use whenever they like. Poor parenting is a major contributor to the problems young people have today but the Government need to take charge of the situation when they leave school, without sufficient skills. Our industries have been allowed to close, leaving children like these without jobs to go to. Apprenticeships are not available for them, so that they can use their practical skills and as you rightly say, the jobs are given to immigrants. We need to stop immigration and think about our own.

The way i see it is it's our government that lets the immigrants flood in and do our jobs for less money than we are willing to accept,no doubt there are lazy people in the UK but don't tar them all with the same brush...what do you do for a living and would you be willing to work for half the money if your employer told you he could get the labour for half the price...i would be willing to send all the immigrants back home so we can all get jobs that pay a wage worth having

Not all of us are LAZY. It's the ethnic I work with who is lazy! I think there are lazy people amongst all creeds and colours!

The answer is they are not - check the link the indigenous people are the ones who are working apart from a small minority.

From the government stats I would love someone to say the same thing about Pakistanis & Bangladeshis and see what the PC brigade would say!

ok let me just point this out. Most british people are NOT lazy.

1) most british people are not poorly educated
2) most british people can read, write, spell and speak english properly.
3) Most british people have high ambitions and do not feel that the only way forward is to claim benefits and live in a council house.

not everybody living in the uk are chavs or 'lazy brits'.

Its because its become a PC sin to be proud of your country.If it was considered a good idea to promote being British and proud of it from an early age then a lot of these problems would be avoided.

Where I come from in South Wales its considered "cool" by the kids to twoc cars, get violent, take drugs etc etc, (check out Cardiff on youtube), and racism towards other cultures is rife.Yet the things considered "cool" are promoted through music coming from ghetto culture Stateside.

Its ironic to hear white kids talking patois or like black Americans, kicking the crap out of some kid because they're black !

I'm proud of my Welsh accent, proud of being British, and proud of being "working class", with the emphasis on "working".

I totally agree, education is the key, but it will never work while shackled by the PC brigade.

By the way Lulabell, education should be more than maths and English. My daughter will grow up knowing that if she messes about at school then she's got no legitimate right to shout about immigrants taking all the jobs. You let weeds in your garden, then its your own fault if they take over........

Someone is generalising. Naughty girl!

At least you said British, rather than English.

I think you may have been misinformed... indeed there are deprived areas in the country, and British people are releuctant to take on maual jobs, but that is because they are too educated, not that they arent. they are aware theat you can earn more money in the business world, and with GCSE's and other qualifications can reach for these targets.
And you still can get apprenticeships ;) They are becoming increasingly common.

sorry your tired but you did post...I live in UK north commonly known as Scotland or sh**land and we have higher percentage of highly educated people ..if you have a look but no jobs for the skills earned ..were swamped by cheap labour as in incomers ..were constantly told by the BBC how bad we are in everything ..,its so hard to get benefits owed up , here so basically the fraud rate is at a minimum ...hence the Scottish population is dropping their populating the rest of the world instead ..so give us Brits a break ..were not lazy just weary of the Miss information given and think were owed more than the stupid stuff published in times mag.....I know collected that info for many institutes load of nonsense

2009=Age Of Orton
PEOPLE OF BRITAIN,get off your asses and get a job before all of these Immigrants take them.According to the government British people can't get jobs because Immigrants get them without having any qualifications.I was in a taxi the other day and the taxi driver was Polish and he could hardly drive and he was using his mobile.


b beru
if the brits are so lazy then how come they work more hours on average than any other country in Europe, I Myself am Irish but have lived here for many years and worked in the contruction industry on the shop/bar fitting side of my trade this involves working 12 hour days and on some jobs you don't get any time off at all till the job is done which can be weeks at a time and you don't see many immgrants doing my job, and when you've lived a life and gained a lifetime of experience then maybe you'll be qualfied to make such comments, but by then you may have grown up a bit, and then your life experience will serve you better than it does now

Sorry but you are quite wrong in your accusations. The government has poured billions into the education system. For those who have difficulty there are additional facilities in place. Furthermore there are additional incentives for young people to remain in school - they get paid too.

Don't blame the schools or the government - blame parenting.

On the news just now, a primary school in Reading has to cope with 60 languages being spoken and theschool is deemed to be a high achiever - poor education? I think not.

I know of at least 6 young girls in my area who have deliberately got themselves pregnant with the sole purpose of hoisting themselves on the benefit and housing ladder. They had a choice and they chose to do what they did.

There will always be people who for whatever reason are unable to learn as well or as quickly as others. They have always existed.

This group of people need additional resources and help.

There will always be people who through genetics or physical handicap are unable to work. These are the people who need additional help and resources

Immigants I totally agree can cause pressures on the housing, education and health fronts and these are issues now receiving attention.

And as for your generalised "supposedly idle people" - these too exist simply and soley because the immigants do these jobs because the indigenous population DO NOT WANT THEM AND REFUSE THEM.

Britain has enjoyed a strong and healthy economy over the past 10 years or and this is due in no short measure to the efforts of immigant workers - often seasonal thus allowing a very small minority of people to sit on their buts - their choice not because they've been thrown on the scap heap to continue to do so and sponge of the state.

The average British Worker works the longest hours in Eurpope and often without recompense for those extra house.

Your opening question implies that the British Workforce as a whole are lazy but I do not think you intentended that.

a good question well put. But people need work for their benefits by doing community work. There should be no cash benefits only food vouchers for those too lazy to become part of the community and child benefit should only be given for the first child. schools need to focus more on practical skills for those with less academic ability. parents need to be more accountable and children need to be encouraged to learn by means of some sort of rewards system. I'd be happy to see kids receiving payment for good exam grades as it may save us having to pay thousands in benefits and lets face it we only want to learn so we can get a decent job with good wages. the less academic kids could be trained by the city and guilds institute and leave school half way to a decent trade.

I will be done for abuse if i answer this one - sorry.

people today don't want help they want to rot in their own crappy worlds of robbing,,drugs or whatever they do so personally let em rot i pay high taxes to keep them and immigrantsin money i struggle they don't seem to i might even have to sell my house soon i get no states handout but am on low wages never signed on either

one of the answers would be to remove a job applicants unemployment benefit if he/she refuses a job offered to him/her.

My partner is British and he isn't lazy, he works 45 hours a week in his main job and 15 hours a week in his second job, all for minimum wage. Thats more than most immigrants do.

He wants to get trained so he can get a skilled occupation and earn more but the Government refuse to help with any funding whatsoever.

Gerry Atrix
Don't blame the Brits. as a working class.
It's the employers you should be having a go at. They are the ones who bring in cheap labourers to boost their profits.

These poorly educated people have no excuse! This country provides education that far outways that of some of the countries where immigrants come from. Yet there are immigrants who get educated 'against the odds'. People here have it handed to them on a plate and still throw it back.

Martin D
Because we are clever enough to always get someone else to do the work. Great on inventiveness but , yes bloody lazy.
Go back in history and you normally find someone else doing the work.
A bit of being int he right place at the right time helps out.
Colonialism - not even did that mean that there was a conquered nation to do the boring work but, the job of actually discovering the place in the first place was done by someone else
The in the twentieth century to do the hard work, there were
Indians & pakistanis
then Poles again!
I am not celebrating it, but if I have inherited a bit of something clever........I will not nhave to face doing all the bad work all the time. Having said that, I got paid yesterday for sweating and cleaning toilets.Also, I am pretty much English.

ororo munroe
think its the same as in holland. The immigrants are more cheaper. The dutch want to have as much money as possible for doing less. The only option is immigrants.

White Rose
Well after reading that i dont know who you are refering to .I have worked all my life since leaing school at15 and only stopped working when i was 47 because of ill health and im certain that .what you said is not a fair comment there are plenty of people in Britain who work for a living,My husband is a woking man and gets up probably before you turn over in you,r bed in the morning as does all my kids and their husbands.Ihave alo brought up 4 children aswell.

DanceInTheRainn :)
There are people like these in almost every country. Not everyone in Britain is like that!

If these people leave school unable to read or write properly it`s the teachers fault, why should we pay even more money out to teach them later, some manual jobs don`t need reading and writing, I know someone who has worked hard all his life and can`t read or write. If these so called lazy people can`t be bothered to get a job there benefits should stop until they are known to be looking for one.

get over yourself.
having a poor background hardly means that the people will come or want to come to nothing.

I suppose your real name is Miss Informed?

Britney M
So what the heck are you asking here? If the British are lazy or not? I don't know ...I guess some are and some aren't.

Sandra T
Here Here!!

I won't blame the government except for one respect: the government doesn't require anything from a person on the dole. They don't have to try and get a job.

In the U.S., part of welfare reform included requirements for those on welfare to seek jobs or get training. If you weren't trying to get off of welfare, the government kicked you off. If you are legitimately trying, you still get benefits.

That is a change I think the British government should add.

rob w 2.0
I'm British and i take offence at that you say but i can't be bother to explain why.

Kit Fang
Because since the days of the empire there have been immigrants willing to work hard whilst we stand in the benefits queue complaigning about them "taking our jobs"...sorry, but if you're doing even less than even the least skilled migrants, you have no right to complaign.
Looking at other countries, i think that whilst the majority of society is hard working, the entire society causes the problem: there is no stigma attatched to being on benefits when you could get a job (yeah i know there are people who have valid illnesses etc. but a lot don't). it's not a case of educating these people, they are educated, or had the chance to be. No, it's about making it more difficult for them to stay on benefits: i suggest they can only go on benefits for three months or something, giving them enough time to find a new job. Support ALL parents with subsidised nursury and after school care, so they have no excuse, and if people don't want to work but can, take away their right to use services like hospitals and schools, because they're the only ones not paying for them. We need to be tough with these people, to force them to change their behaviour. We have been making it too easy for them to sponge off the hardworking majority (migrant or british, i don't care. Either work to the best of your ability, or get lost).

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