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UK passport application-Supporting documents?
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UK passport application-Supporting documents?

Im sending off my first adult passport today (ive already had a child one though) but it tells me to send off the supporting documents such as birth certificates etc, ive been told that i dont need to send these off with the passport application and photo's etc and that i can take them with me to the interview when it is accepted or not, is this true, has anyone done this before? or should i photocopy and send them off now


For a UK passport you may use the passport renewal if

• your last passport was a standard adult 10-year passport or a 5-year child's passport, issued before you were 16.
• you still have your last passport and
• your passport is not damaged and
• you do not need to change your name or national status

To renew your passport you will need

• completed application form
• your current passport or the last passport you used
• two identical passport photos, one certified¹ if necessary
• payment.

¹ = You need to get your form countersigned and a photograph certified only if your appearance has changed so much that it would be difficult to recognise you from the photograph in your last or current passport.

Birth certicates and supporting stuff are not required for a passport renewal, nor is an interview required.


i have just received mine and i had to send the original birth certificate and photos along with all the relevant information.then i had the interview.hope this helps you.good luck.

Do what it says on the application form......

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