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What's the next step after my fiance arrive in the US?
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What's the next step after my fiance arrive in the US?


Misis ni KC
You can make apply for marriage license since you have 90days to get married upon his arrival.He can also apply for a SSN. After the wedding, you can now start gathering documents/proofs and the fee for your fiance to apply for the Adjustment of Status or green card.If he likes to work while his green card is in process he can apply concurrently for work permit along his green card application.You can read more for instructions and requirements at www.uscis.gov.

George L
well, if your fiance is coming on a K-1 fiance visa, you have 90 days to marry. then you'll need to file an I-485 and a work authorization request.

Depends. Is she coming on a fiance visa? If so, you have 90 days to tie the knot.
If it is just for a visit, enjoy yourselves.

If on a fiance visa, get married within 90 days.

go to baggage claim

If your fiance arrived on K1 Fiance visa, you get married within 90 days after arrival and file I-485 to get green card.


I am so confused to what the embassy does. they isssue my fiance visa on March 1st and the expiration in March 25, 2013 I though it should be 90 days. I was wondering if they change policy again. pleas help


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