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What US city has the most illegal mexicans?
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What US city has the most illegal mexicans?


Probably East LA or border cities in Texas. And greasy Tony if someone doesn't speak English it's my best guess that they are illegal because you have to know English to even be granted a green card. You can't even take the test with out it. So They really don't have to advertise it.

The State of California has the largest population of illegal Mexicans immigrants, becoming Texas, Illinois and Arizona the second place, Los Angeles is the city with the most large population of illegal Mexicans immigrants, about 1 000 000 of them.

Texas, i guess.

El Tecolote
Since Texas isn't a city, I'm going to hazard my guess and say it's Chicago.

Of course, I think Las Cruces, NM must come in a close second.

I would guess Los Angeles

LA and Texmex


<3 ARi
i think mine...Rockford,IL...and also about 20 miles from here in Beliot,WI it is INFESTED with mexicans.

Come to Texas hell San Antonio Is nothing but little Mexico.My son lives outside of SA and even he gets subsidized utilities because they do just across the board discounts because of soooo many illegals there that cant pay their bills.Gas is always cheaper around there and when you go to a gro store that illegals go to their price are cheaper.Yea I think its safe to say that most cities in Texas are over run with these people .

It has to be L.A. maybe there will be an Earthquake and the can all fall into the Pacific and swim back to Mexico...LMAO

Cisco Kidd

puerto rico

I guess they all walk around with name tags or a sign hanging from their necks that reads "HEY! I'm and illegal"..........LOL. That's the only way people know, or did each one of those illegals say "Jello", instead of "yellow", so now people think they're illegally here.

Cities that have a larger population of Mexicans are CA, AZ and TX. But as far as illegals.....I don't think anybody knows because most live in the shadows of society....they don't walk around with the those signs I mentioned.

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