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What are some interview questions which I could ask to someone who has migrated to Australia?
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What are some interview questions which I could ask to someone who has migrated to Australia?

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Nothing to do with a job interview!


Rebecca Cherie
1.) Reason for migrating? Was it Voluntary (For leisure, to find new work, or just a change of scene) or Involuntary (forced to leave because of disease, war etc)

2.) Some differences so far between their country of origin and Australia? How have they found the move?

3.) Ask them to explain the proccess of migration. How did they go about moving.

4.) Why did they choose Australia as their new home?

5.) What was their expectations of Australia before moving. Has Australia met those expectations and standards so far?

6.) If they could change something about their new home Australia, what would they improve. Suggestions for other improvements etc?

Do you mean in a job interview?
You cannot ask any questions about where they immigrated from and why they came to australia.

you can ask them about their previous experience - but you cannot ask them what country they got this experience in.

You are asking illegal questions that are most likely against the hiring laws.

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