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What do you think about immigrant people who don't speak english?
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What do you think about immigrant people who don't speak english?


I do not believe it is a requirement to speak English to move to the USA.

What ever country, a person moves to - that person should be able to speak the language of that country. Plain and simple.

Where ever you are - you need to be able to move about in society. To be able to thrive - one needs to be able to understand the language, the laws.

How can you function well and independently - when you always have to depend on a translator? And what do you do - carry a translator in your pocket ? Or hope every where you go - there is someone who speaks your language ?

There are dozens of different languages in the world - no one country - can have translators or written translations for everyone, every where.

All immigrants should make it their business to learn the language of the country they live in - to the best of their ability.
Become an asset to your new country, not a drain.

Yak Rider
It all depends on how long they've been here. If they've only been here a year or two I can understand having a poor command of the language. A person who's been here 10 years has no excuse.

Personally it does not bother me, as I am fluent in Spanish. It does bother me when people have lived here for years and still refuse to speak English. When I visit Mexico I do not expect people to speak to me in English. It is common courtesy to learn a countries language if it is not your first.

Joel W
Immigrant implies a legal move between countries. You may not move to the United States unless you can speak English, and it is, then, a very good bet they are not immigrants.... but illegal aliens.

Illegal aliens have to go!

Obviously learning English isn't something you learn in 1 day.

Most immigrants who are here will learn the language enough to get by.
You can't escape not learning at least a little .
If they don't know anything it means they just came.
As far as what i think I really don't care, I don't see how it affects me at all.
I translate spanish to english once in a while to help out , doesnt really bother me.
I live in California and its really useful to know spanish. I got paid a little more for a tutoring job for knowing spanish and english.

I cant understand why anyone would want to migrate to the United States and not want to learn English .
Its who we are , its OUR country !
A majority of illegal immigrants speak very little English but would speak more if they had the opportunity I'm sure , but the social networks aren't helping these people just yet.

Molly Pitcher
If they are new and still learning, I have no problem with it. If they have been here for many years, they better have at least a minimum comprehension. There are so many free ESL courses that are publicly and privately funded, that there is ample oppurtunity to pick up some conversational skills. There has to be a basic knowledge to pass the citizenships tests, so legal immigrants that have naturalized do have a little English knowledge.

This is a free country and if they speak Spanish or Russian or whatever is their choice not other people's choice.

English is the national language is true but languages is about education not immigration. If you didn't bother to learn another language yourself, what are u pressuring others to learn a second language? besides, everyone has their own reasons and different opportunities to learn and or not to learn. Some do not have time nor the money , etc.

Why haven't you learn another language? you think because you are in the US you don't need to? well, you are wrong bilinguals and trilinguals have way more opportunities than monolinguals and many inside and outside the US speak AT LEAST 2 common languages.

It doesn't bother me when someone does not speak English because I know several languages (Spanish, Russian, Italian) and now the HARD work it takes AND because I can understand them too. What bothers me is monolinguals putting pressure on other to be bilinguals when they are monolinguals themselves.

Show by example, if you want other to learn then learn other languages FIRST if not, leave them alone as it is not your business. Its a waste of time to be complaining about others when you can educate yourself and use that time and energy to learn other languages. I wouldn't waste my time sitting on chair 24/7 trying to make the world to speak English, I would use that time to do something more productive like learning other language and become bilingual at least, and if you decide not to learn or not to get the education of a foreign language fine, its YOUR CHOICE. Same way it was YOUR choice to be a monolingual.

It takes time to learn a language well. Think how poorly you spoke a foreign language after some years of learning the language in high school.

Your grandparents had to learn English as well. But they did. And now you speak it flawlessly.

My own great-grandmother never learned a word of English. She didn't have time to go to classes. She was too busy raising her children after her husband had been murdered in the Old Country. Her son, my grandfather, never learned how to write English despite immigrating to the US when he was 8. But all three of his children earned Masters Degrees in Education.

A great-granddaughter went to George Washington University on scholarship, and another great-granddaughter went to the Ivy League Barnard College (Columbia University) on scholarship. A great-grandson finished first in his class at West Virginia University School of Business.

Other great-grandchildren have graduated from or are attending the University of Ohio, Hofstra University, Salisbury University, Boston College and Fairfield University.

The great-grandchildren's generation have the following occupations:
* high school teacher and author of 23 publications
* wealthy philanthropist to the New York and Los Angeles arts communities
* NFL players' union managerial assistant
* television production assistant on Sesame Street
* medical supplies salesman
* legal assistant
* owner of insurance company
* Wall Street stock broker

A great-great grandson has just been accepted to the Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania.

Not bad for an immigrant who never spoke a word of English and her son, who never learned to write it.

Give people a break. They're learning. But it takes time.

Doesn't bother me when they are new.....but after 5 years.......I'm done with them. After 15 they aren't trying and I don't want them at all.

Back in the old days they didn't have public school, or TV or radio..... and their kids did it by the next generation....we have 2nd and 3rd and 4th who now don't......and theres no excuse. We have a world where the majority know the basics.........so I feel more contempt, than pity now. I am more inclined to see them as rude and obstinate, un- complying and not deserving for all this country has to offer. Not citizens and not deserving for anything this country offers.

Razor Jim
They hurt only themselves. They will never have the best jobs. They will have a hard time in America and will end up losing big time.

the answer
"What ever country, a person moves to - that person should be able to speak the language of that country. Plain and simple."

^^true, but forsome reason many dont want to learn because they only stick around spanish speakers and dont intergrate with others

they need 2 learn english or be in the process

I don't like it. If they want to live here, they should know the llanguage. Anywhere they go, they are going to encounter English-speaking people. I don't understand how they can live among people they can't communicate with.

serenely, soMEone
I'm all for "IMMIGRANTS" but opposed to "ILLEGAL ALIENS".

As for the ability to speak English, I rarely see a LEGAL resident or LEGAL immigrant who can NOT speak at least proficient English. ILLEGAL ALIENS are being catered to by very large players: lawyers, media, retail, and - tho it's against their will - hospitals and schools.

What so few people put into context is that, with such an enormous and rapidly-growing population of people who speak no English but all speak Spanish, a "market niche" is created for anyone unsavory enough to profit by them. And plenty of lawyers are quite unsavory indeed. As are the likes of Wal-Mart and Homie-Deport.

If the illegals were evenly divided among the hundreds, even thousands, of languages and there were only a few of each, no such market would ever have developed.


i think that they should immediately start learning to speak english

Get them out!! They need to at least be able to get by, if not fluent. Also they need to work.

you can pay them less

hate em'.

if they want to know english, it is good and they are ok. if they don't, i don't like it

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