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What immigration ships left greece during the 1800's?
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What immigration ships left greece during the 1800's?

i am doing a report on a woman named josephine roche. if you could find the real ship she road on, that would be great but it is still great if you can find a ship that left greece and successfully arrived in new york state,america.


Check this site and be prepared to spend some time searching. Lots of resources for ships and passenger lists.

Good luck Genealogists spend hours and hours trying to find the ship their ancestors arrived upon. There is a website for Ellis Island that has a searchable name index. It's only been online for about two years. You can search the name and see if it finds any results. If they arrived in any city other than New York, then searching on Ancestry.com may be your best bet. It may be available free at your local public library.
Otherwise, be prepared to find a good historical library, pour through dozens of volumes of indexes and then spend a few more hours squinting at microfilms.

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