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What is the difference between a us national and a us permanent resident (green card)?
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What is the difference between a us national and a us permanent resident (green card)?

I am filing for unemployment online and one of the questions is "Are you a US Citizen or National?" I know I am not a citizen (I am a permanent resident/resident alien with a green card), but I don't know what a National is. Anyone? There doesn't seem to be anything conclusive online.


A permenant residency gives you all the right an US citizen except the right to vote and work in certian classified jobs that requires high security clearence. As a permenant resident you are also not required to protect the US land if under attack which an US citizen is obliged to do. On the other hand having an US passport allows you to visit pretty much anywhere in the world without having to worry aobut visas.

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A US national is someone from the US terrotries like Puerto Rico. You are not a national.

A US National is somebody who has the right to permanently reside in the US but is not a US citizen.

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