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What type of visa would i need to live in the USA from the UK?
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What type of visa would i need to live in the USA from the UK?

i would like to live in the usa from Britain either to study and then work or just to work, but i really need help with what type of visa i would need. i would be hoping to stay there for the rest of my life. i would appreciate any help you could give me thank you guys
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i would like to live in the usa from Britain either to study and then work or just to work, but i really need help with what type of visa i would need. i would be hoping to stay there for the rest of my life. also how much would this cost me thank you soo much for you help xoxox


I m english and studied in the usa, you need a J-1 visa for that, lasts a year i think, studying over there is expensive, i dropped £6k in a year and got my tuition waved, so i think you are looking at like £10k per year, their colleges are 4 years instead of 3 like ours, they squeeze the $ out of you, i payed more in one year there than 2 here, i m wanting to teach over there and unless you are a uni professor i don't think they are to bothered with you, but then again i saw piers morgan in Hollywood with some holby city star and he seemed to get one fine even though he hadn't acted in over 2 years.

I came here to study at University from Scotland in 1992, I was allowed to work after a few weeks on a temporary work permit and then applied for a green card which took a year to get. I have a green card and am a permanent resident and now live in Florida. I could apply for citizenship, you can after five years but I don't want to.

There are a lot of different kinds of visa, like if you buy a business then you get a visa, if you meet someone and get engaged you can get a visa, you can win a green card in a lottery, different kinds. Look it up in the library.

You need to have an advanced degree in engineering or the sciences, have the $150,000 it will cost to get one in the USA on a student visa, have $500,000 to start a business in the USA or marry a US citizen.

Otherwise it isn't going to happen.

Bella La Skella
you can't have a visa for the rest of your life, you'd need to become a citizen, that shouldn't be too hard. haha.

in order to stay in the u.s. you'd need a green card and i think it's good for like 5 years or something. you could keep reapplying for one when the other expires, but i would think that would get annoying after a while.

or! if you marry a u.s. citizen and stay married for like 15 years you will become a u.s. citizen.

To live in US, you need Immigrant visa.

To study in US, you need F1 Student Visa.

To work in US, you need Temporary Workers visa.

I'm not a guy...ask your local embassy in the UK.
Student visa's and work visa's are available...(on a limited basis...and I'd be careful about wanting a job in the US about now...we're having a LOT of money problems and job lay off's.)

if you want to come here as a student, you would require an I-94 visa. but for this, you would have to apply to a credited university that would help you process the visa, if accepted.

for working, you need to apply for an H-1 visa. but for this too, you might have to apply for a job in an organization or a company that would help you process the visa, if accepted.

green card from usafis......but u must renew it from time to time

You wont get in unless yuo have about 1 million $, or you are going to open a business in the US that will supple Americans with jobs. Or you have a career that is sufficient need in the US. If you want to do studies in the USA you will need a lot of money to pay for it.

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