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Whats the easiest way to gain canadian citizenship? ?
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Whats the easiest way to gain canadian citizenship? ?

it says in the application i have to be a perm resident for 3 years before applying... is that true? and is there a faster way to be able to be a canadian citizen


Unfortunately it is true. You do need to be a permenant resident for 3 years, but after that the citizenship application isn't half as bad or as hard. For my wife her Citizenship application went thru in 11 months last year. That was from mailing it till the date she took the oath.

The only other faster ways is if your mother or father are Canadian citizens already.

Good new though, Canada is trying to keep up its Permanent resident quota and keep things going. So the process is getting easier and faster.

Goodluck with your application process :)

Here's the process. It might be a bit quicker if you have exceptionally rare skills that are in demand in Canada. Otherwise it will take a couple of years:

there is no easy way
what you read is true, but first you have to qualify to immigrate


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