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When do we vote for a NEW president?
Find answers to your legal question.

When do we vote for a NEW president?

everyone keeps saying in November but when?
im sorry i VOTED for OBAMA because he was SMARTER than MCCAIN and my options were SLIM and I will be DAMNED if Palin was in there BUT i am embarrassed after the MEXICAN PRESIDENT came in and slapped Americans in there faces! I WANT HIM OUT! when can i do this?


Johnny Depp
Just 2 more years until this madness is over.

NOV 2012, my friend


November 2012 is the final election, but primaries will start earlier in the year. All this is moot because the world is scheduled to end in 2012. In some ways this is nice because I won't have to worry about saving for retirement, or paying taxes for the tax year.

fred d
Well i see you know a lot about politics. Nov 2012. you vote yet you don't have a clue as to when to do it. Theres a wasted vote. Xmas is dec 25 each year just so you will know

November 6th 2012 is the next presidential election. November 2nd 2010 elections are what is referred to as midterms. You get to vote out some senators depending on where you live. All the house is up for relection. And in some states governors.

Not soon enough. We need to be pro-active in impeaching this fraud, who in my opinion did not even meet the eligibility requirements to be President in the first place and the vetting process was mostly circumvented and bypassed.

Never vote for a man who seems to be "smarter." Character and principles are what really matter. With all due respect, I saw through Obama a mile away with foresight, not hindsight. I'm glad you've come to realize the truth, however.

I see that some of the liberal Obamaites have come out to support their beloved savior. Undoubtedly, they'll be singing "Oh come let us adore him" at Christmas, referring to Obama.

Jon J
You think the GOP is going to put up anyone better? That's a laugh, you'll be lucky if they don't send Palin to be the next GOP candidate.

In 2012 if we still have elections.

Obama is a better president than John McCain ever would have been and a HELL of a better president than George W. Bush. He's dealing with more important issues than the damn spics crossing the boader right now. quite frankly mexicans all over america should be sent back legal or not but guess what MORE IMPORTANT ISSUES than that going on in the world.

barack hussein obama does not deserve to be president of these united states.

The year is 2012. Your feelings do not run very deep, I'd say. You can't switch presidents like brands of toothpaste.

You're wrong about the Mexican president, I think; sophisticated people realize what was going on: all speeches of foreign leaders before Congress are aimed at the home audience; the people in the Congress and elsewhere know that fact and take it with a grain of salt.

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