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Which states give drivers licenses to undocumented immigrants?
Find answers to your legal question.

Which states give drivers licenses to undocumented immigrants?

maryland have stopped giving drivers licenses to illegal immigrants..which states still allow them to drive without having legal documentation?:
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I am not saying they support this cause...what you guys dont understand is that people will drive no matter what without insurance, and then those who dont know how to drive will hit you and then you will pay the bill...so giving them a license is a way to control them and secure ourselves...


Chesty Puller Lives
Eleven states issue drivers licenses to illegal aliens, including Alaska, Connecticut, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Utah, Washington and West Virginia.

The best way to secure ourselves is to EJECT Illegal Aliens not Pander to them.

BTW like LEGALS, Just because ILLEGALS have a driver's license doesn't mean they they will have insurance or current registration on their vehicle.

NO matter what, Illegal is Illegal is Illegal.
You can stuff that 'they are going to drive anyways' crap. You just can't legitimize the compounding of illegal activities by these INVADERS.
The Illegal drives a car without a license and gets caught? Prosecute and deport.
They drive without a driver's license and have an accident and get caught; they go to JAIL. YES, JAIL. Then get deported.
They drive illegally and KILL someone, they should be Prosecuted and EXECUTED!

edit: SURE, American can kill or drive without a license, but we do NOT HAVE to ADD Illegal ALIENS to the mix.

Maryland wil stop giving Driving License on JULY 1st 2015
and the only state now it would be WASHINGTON STATE.. Good Luck

Wisconsin. I have had to deal with this for some time as a guy that manages an Illinois taxi company.

I think New York does it.

all american
hopefully none will soon. but i think washington does.


hopefully soon none of them they are illegals what part of illegal do you not understand

now you can give elegal alian drivers licenceprovide ha has a background in the usa say a house an american kids has a good back ground check and a drivers licence from his country which can be checked for good record then if they pass that i think they should have one

now you can give elegal alian drivers licenceprovide ha has a background in the usa say a house an american kids has a good back ground check and a drivers licence from his country which can be checked for good record then if they pass that i think they should have one

Shut the heck up just because you might have what you need does not mean you can talk crap just think of who does the work you lame lazy ass wont do....

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