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Who do I call to report illegal mexicans... They are taking alot of good jobs??
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Who do I call to report illegal mexicans... They are taking alot of good jobs??

My husband got fired in June because he made to much money. The company has always hired illegal mexicans. It is getting much worse.. Please help..


You had better be certain they are illegal because you can get arrested for filing falsely. If you are certain they are illegally here, I would reach out to INS. (URL: http://immigration.gov/ )

welcome to the real world...America is waking up

somebody else
You can call INS but it won't do any good. They won't come out. Bet you a hundred bucks.

They are going after slug companies like this with a vengeance. Please report them to INS. See link below and best of luck.


Is your husband willing to work for what other people are working for? Or does he want to get paid far more for the same work? Are you sure that the immigrants are illegal (or Mexican, for that matter)?

Alicia M
call immigration. and gather as much Intel as you can. I t will take awhile . but hey there are good Mexicans, and other immigrants who save up their money for years, and it takes just as long for them to be a legal citizen. n=but hey the ones that just happily jump the border should be deport and if they try to come back they should be shot.

GO FIX YOUR OWN COUNTRY if our is soooo good and yours is so bad

Utah Gidget
And so of course his job was taken by undocumented immigrants (who aren't necessarily from Mexico). And you know this because you spy on the company? or just assume?

Great question. Whomever you contact will do nothing.

Report the company. Contact the AG in your state. Do it now.

bluegrass kid
contact your local cogressman.

Esmeralda Zetina
they take the jobs cuz we Mexicans work harder that u all Americans

google it

call the Klu Klux Klan, they do a better job of getting rid of trash than our goverment does

Call a fellow named George W. Bush; I have heard he really cares!

You call Vicente Fox Quesada. "Vicente!? You're Mexicans are loose again."

I do not know but when you find out then you fill me in all right.thanks.

if they are illegal they are breaking the law call the police and ask them to direct you to the order gaurd and tell them that there are illegals being hired and if they dont got greeen cards they'll get arested:).

Depends on where you live. First call is to the I.N.S. I believe they are now a division of Homeland Security. If you lived in Maricopa country in Arizona you could call Sheriff Joe, he is arresting illegal aliens, about the only man in the country who actually enforces the law. It is not a crappy thing as others have said to enforce the laws of this country. It isn't racist either, some people just don't get it.

call immigration......its a pretty crappy thing to do tho...do you want that on your conscience?

www.ice.gov has the number for you.

first get ALL the facts from both sides.....if u dont more ppl will hate americans.....then go to ur mayor or mayb the gov of ur state and tell them about the problem ..u could also talk to the police about it

I think right here.

Report suspected illegal Worksite Enforcement related information by calling toll free: 1-866-DHS-2-ICE

I don't know because it will be different for each state. I would call your city first and ask them. They should advise you what to do. If they don't call the state #

Contact your senators first and tell them your story.
Then call INS on your husband's old company!
May take awhile though, it is the U.S. Goverment!

I would contact the immigration office and the Better Business Bureau in the area. I hope you have some solid proof because you could be up on charges for filing a "false" claim.

get over it and get on with it. Think of where these people are coming from and at least they are working so I think its just something you must try to get on with. Now finding a cure for cancer or ridding the world of all nuclear arms there's a thing

And if your husband got fired solely for earning too much money surely he has a case for court

yes, it's me
It's so easy to point fingers! I doubt he got fired for making too much money, he probably got fired for something else, HE probably told you that just so you can feel sorry for him. Nobody ever gets fired for making too much money, PLEASE, get real.

Their Mom♥
call the immigration/deportation agency ...they love to deport. what are you waiting for? get cracking!

Call ICE, INS, Homeland (In)Security, and your local police!!!! CALL THEM ALL!!!! Also,go to wehirealiens.com, to report them AND their employer!!!!!

Call your congressmen and reps. Tell themthat you want them out. They will only vote for imegrant reform if we speak out that we are tired of being such a push over liberal state.

I take care of kids born to an illegal... He's got 6 now. But the gov pays for each one. I wonder who he's getting pregnant now???

lol essma says cause mexicans workn harder lol no its cause they can get payed way less and they cant do nothing about it leave america 19 mexicans detained in my area in last 2 years and 3 beat to death we kinda getting sick of yas get out

rosary Ornelas
Just because we're hispanics that dont mean we're illegals..im a born citizen and so are my parents..in that case how do you know that they arent chinese immigrant or irish immigrants.. seriously get your shit straight..its just that white people are picky with their jobs..you dont want jobs that pay a little bit but when a hispanic gets it you complain cause you dont have a job..

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