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Why American think illegal immigrant don't pay taxes??
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Why American think illegal immigrant don't pay taxes??


Becasue other than sales tax on the things they buy they pay no taxes!

They are ILLEGAL, they have no REAL SOCIAL SECURITY numbers, they work under the table and mostly for cash.

It isn't just paying taxes but paying ENOUGH taxes. While there are exceptions, illegal immigrants tend not to make much money. People in this country who don't make much money are subsidized by the rest of us. School costs $10,000 per child per year, for example. If you have 2 kids, to cover their education you would have to pay $20,000 per year in LOCAL tax (since federal tax isn't what pays for schools.) Health care and other costs are subsidized as well.

That is why we limit how many poor can come. Their better life is at our expense.

Specifically, and the worst point from my point of view is that our children's school programs are cut to pay for ESL and intervention programs for those illegally here and their children, as no child left behind act puts the children who are harder to educate first in receiving funds. To the extent the beneficiaries are legal residents, that is one thing. Cutting OUR children's education to fund the education for those illegally here, and their children, is something else again.

Consul of Rome
Maybe we don't give a crap if they do or do not, they are here illegally and need to get the hell out.

Ask M
Because the Employers are being caught by paying them
under the table and not paying taxes. Not all Employers
but most of them and not providing Healthcare.

This has been asked before. Most illegal immigrants do not pay taxes. And of those who do, the small amount of taxes that they pay is usually refunded when they file there returns. And even if they are not refunded, the services that they use that are tax payer subsidized is usually much more costly than any taxes that they have paid.

Some do, some don't. It's the "why" and "how" we're suspicious of. Anyway, the taxes that are paid hardly provide a subsidy to the billions Americans pay for medical and insurance bills that go unpaid every year because of illegals - via lost revenue from hospitals and health care premium hikes. Not to mention all the Federal and State money that goes into keeping illegals out in the first place.

You can't kill 10 people and then expect to be forgiven for saving one is how the analogy goes.

Oswald W
It is quite natural to have No trust in people who are prepared to do illegal acts to suit themselves . Why should anyone believe that person will not continue to act unlawfully ? If they do not do the right thing to start with ,then they will try to get away with anything if possible. Including pay legal Taxes.

steddy voter
They shouldn't be here. If they do pay something in, its the least they can do for all that they take out. And, I'd be curious to see some hard proof that the majority of them pay in what the citizens do, per year. We pay thousands. Someone making $10/hr under the table makes the equivilent of what I pay, per year, in all of my taxes combined. Are these people turning all or most of their pay over to the government?

Because they do not !! They are here illegally and do not have a social security card therefor do not pay taxes. You cant pay taxes if you do not have a ligitimate SSI.The only taxes they pay are the lousy sales taxes they are charged at Taco Bell and 7-11.

Because they dont!

Paula Revere
Because the day laborers work for cash so no withholding taxes are taken from their paychecks (I know of people who hire them and know they are paid in cash). I think you are missing the point - 1. they are illegal and 2. even if they paid off our 10 trillion dollar debt there is no amount of money to compensate for the 12,000 Americans they kill annually.

First Lady
Because they don't have a social security number and therefore do not pay income tax. They do pay sales taxes, but they don't pay income taxes. I know this because I used to work for a restaurant as a cashier and on pay day, they all cashed out their paychecks at the register and taxes were not taken out of their checks. A lot of employers pay them in cash anyway.

Many illegal immigrants are working in jobs where they are being paid cash, so they are not paying those taxes. But, paying taxes is only one part of the problem with illegal immigrants.
You are breaking the law by being here. I have a problem with criminals who break the law and then think people should just change the law to suit them.
Go back home, and then come into the United States the correct way. I will welcome you then.

Because they don't.

The majority get paid cash, under the table. So, now you are going to tell me that their employers are taking out tax money from their cash payment to sent to the government.

Naw, ain't gonna fly.

The only taxes they might pay is for food and alcohol.

Most don't. Day labors do not and it doesn't matter if they are legal illegal, US citizens, or from outer space.
No documents are used in day labors or any identification who they are.
Farm workers are hire though a contractor who in turn is paid by the owner. So the contractor just pays very little after he does his write so little to nothing is paid my the worker.
The others use false Id so all that is taken is minimal on social security.
Which is almost nothing in costs.
They might pay sales tax but little because they buy at flea markets and yard sales and food is not taxes.
Poor people of any group don't pay taxes they get tax credits. lol
I rest my case.

My input on this is that a few years ago someone(?) used my social security number illegally. It caused big problems for me with the IRS. I was audited for many years prior because in a six month period a huge increase was reported on my SS#.

I pay taxes and don't use medical and social resources like so many illegals use.

Because they don't!!
Most illegals get paid under the table, therefore they don't have to pay taxes!

what ever
because you need a ssi card to pay tax where are illegel get ssi card from ok do see the bigest 1 problem you people are all the same sale tax is not the same as imcome tax dumb ***

Tobias Maximus
Because when you think of an illegal immigrant, you think of people standing in front of Home Depot waiting to get a cash paying job. While this happens, the majority of illegal immigrants use fake SS cards and IDs to get jobs in every field. I've even run across an illegal immigrant working in an office environment. These people all pay taxes and Social Security benefits. Not to mention that they boost the economy by paying sales tax on everything they buy. Yes, they may use social programs that costs us taxpayers money but remember that they also pay taxes so they should be able to use these services.......good luck!

as everyone else has said -- work for cash, no paper work etc. if they were paying taxes, how can they afford to send alot of money back home imagine sending 300 to 400 home per week and having enough to survive here ( rent, food, clothes, cell phone, etc)

Razor Jim
Apparently illegals don't know what taxes are. They think it means sales tax. That is wrong it means having around 30% of more of your income taken out of your paycheck. Then filing a tax return and possibly owing more to uncle sam. If you are not legal, you are not paying taxes....period.

Could it be that it is because illegals don't pay a dime if they have to go to the ER yet we legals have to pay for our bills?

If you don't pay, isn't it free?

Why should we legals pay for illegals free hospital visits when illegals are not supposed to be here at all?

Answer those question for me if you care to?

I know this is going to come as a shock to you but this country does not belong to illegals contrary to what Mr. Bush thinks.


Do you have any understanding about obeying US immigration laws? Do you?

Arranged Love= Archering in Dark
There are lots of people out there who were illegal 2 years ago but for some reason they are carrying Greencard and Social Security with valid license or ID, proof of insurance and registration.

Because they are very uninformed on the subject. The great propaganda machine this is the current media does not present facts as are in reality; rather it is all about trying to create drama & little concern for harmony in the people.

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