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Why are MEXICANS so racist? They think their RACE is entitled to breaking laws that others races must obey!!?
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Why are MEXICANS so racist? They think their RACE is entitled to breaking laws that others races must obey!!?

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MEXICANS are the ones who fly their flags in the protests, MEXICANS, legal and illegal, are involved in La Raza, MeCha and other organizations that plan to 'try' to take land they claim is theirs and THEY are the ones that call us names like 'whitey' and 'gringo', but you say that isn't 'racist', OH PLEASE!!


For ENGLISH press ONE! It's because we are so stupid for all allowing them to get away with pushing us around. It's just a matter of time that there will be a Mexican/American Revolution. And it's going to very, very bloody! But sometimes you just can't communicate. Especially, here in the USA when you go to a Barber Shop and the operator has to talk to you thru an interpreter. But in Asian countries, the operators there are all quite fluent in English. This is why I like Asian people so much .... Especially the Filipinos. They are so polite and very smart ... And eager to learn too. We should never have to Press ONE for English here in the USA. This is an English speaking country. I am ready to offer my life for my country (again!) to prove it ... We need to get our country back. That's a fact. All the Labor Unions now are run by Mexicans ... In their native tongue! Many of the classrooms in Vietnam and India speak English. Hell, most all of the teachers in Los Angeles have to teach in Spanish or get their butts sued or fired! But it's no one's fault but our own. A lot of people are going to die. It's going to be very, very bloody! I'm sorry but it's a fact!

Do you even know what you just said??!!

They are not racist. The large majority of Mexicans in the United States are hard working individuals who came here because they wanted a better life, and would stand right by you to fight a terrorist. Many of them that cross the border already have jobs lined up with American companies that are breaking the law by hiring illegal immigrants. If you crossed a desert, risked your life, and were now earning money to support your family, would you give it up that easy? Bear in mind, I don't think we should allow illegals to stay in the country, they are a burden on our education,health, and many other systems, not to mention the threat of terrorists. However just because they use the media and other methods to get there voice heard, you shouldn't say they are racist. It is just a shame, that Americans don't use these tools more often to get OUR voices heard as well.

¡Hola! Mi nombre es Tamara.
Excuse YOU, My mother is Mexican & she is NOT racist. Did you ever stop to think that maybe you are being racist by the things you say??

Next time think before you speak little girl!

Therein your so called "question" ls the answer.

Just the question "Why are MEXICANS so racist?" is racist in itself. Do you think all Mexicans break these laws? No, of course not. Why are you categorizing and prejudicing, then?

Plus, you're ignorant. You don't even know what Mexican immigrants go through in their hometowns, or why they choose to come here. With your cushioned life, you've probably never even felt hungry.

You're being disrespectful and you don't know the whole story. I advise you to just shut up before you get yourself beat up.

StarGazer ♥
Who told you that lie? Mexicans arent racist! They are just more discriminated against. Therefore feel anger towards the people who discriminate against them. And thats a VERY broad question. Not all Mexicans are this way! I've never broken the law in my life and I'm Mexican/American. Why are YOU so racist! You're retarded you ignorant DUMB A$$

That's the best you can do?

Next question...

For starters, you shouldn't generalize like that. Not all Mexicans are racist. Those that are, are simply ignorant, just as racists of any other race woud be. I personally detest illegal immigration and hope our government does everything in its power to stop it, even if it means closing our southern border entirely.

sounds like a good question to me

they r just like the puerto rican's

what type of questions is that Americans are always like buying drugs from Mexicans so i dont know wut ur problem is and how is breaking rules being racist

3D Farms
Take the race out of it .

Mrs. Batista
oh please!!! It's not just Mexicans breaking the law, everybody does, get over it!!!

i totally agree with your 6th person that commented. get educated. please, then ask the question.


Wow! You really are talking about all Mexicans aren't you? I tell you what, how about you crawl out of the rock you have been hiding under and go meet some Mexicans! You hypocritical twit!

Yes some Mexicans are racists, as are Americans.

As far as entitlement, I think we are all guilty of this. People have no control where they are born. It is only by God's grace you were born in this country. You had no say in it.

Why do you feel so entitled?

i have noticed mexicans are very racist (ok not ALL but the majority...at least in california). actually not just noticed but experienced first hand. i'm a teacher assistant at an elementary school and i do hear the kids say racist chants. i hear their parents teach their kids this. i see mexican teachers ok with this kind of thing. they're so racist it's ingrained into their culture...they don't even know it's racist. many believe they are white and being racist is their interpretation of being white. it's their way of trying to fit in with whites...i guess they think somehow we will accept them or like them for being very hateful. i'm white and i do notice they give me special treatment like when i'm at a store and there's a black person or white person in front of me in line i notice the mexican worker will ask me if i need help...say hello and thank you and please. i always say the person in front of me was next in line. and i observe mexicans not even greeting them. it's really sad. i hope this message gets out to mexicans who do things like this...your treating other minorities like this is not impressing people like me...white people. i have to say also that i don'[t notice this kind of thing from other latinos/ hispanics. i only see this kind of hateful thing from specifically mexicans.

Sean Henning
I lived in Mexico for 12 years and have children by a mexican woman, but mexicans do hate Americans. I speak and understand spanish very well and I had to listen to so much racist hate speech while in mexico. They teach the children in the schools that Americans stole California from mexico and Americans have no respect for mexicans, it's the way they are raised and uneducated that makes them so racist. I had to move my children to United States because the mexican children would not accept them as an equal and always calling them racist names, also I did not want my children to learn to be ignorant like the mexicans.

see most americans say that mexicans are racest but the truth is that not all of the mexicans are racist . ok how many time do u see any white people working thier but of in the hot ass filds. if u were to live in mexico u would most likly want to come to the us too. becaous u would not want to live houses that sometimes dont even have a ruff. allot of mexicans sleep at night with the fear that the i.c.e will come come to thier door and take one of thier family memmbers. so wat would u rather do die in mexico or come and earn some mony not siting on the couch wachen tv every day like most americans do

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