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Why do Americans think they are better than mexicans?
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Why do Americans think they are better than mexicans?

I have a few mexican friends. guess what they are all illegeal. but i dont care. i have even dated one. he treated me better than any american man white or black. Why is that? Why do "americans" think they have the right to hate others?


americans are smartter then mexicans that is for sure, but I haven't figured out how smart mexicans are for the simple fact they keep coming to this country knowing this country is SOOOOOOOO stupid!!!

we don't hate them. we just think they need to be legal. if you want to be with an illegal, go back to his country, and live there. when he get's deported maybe they'll send your butt with. how does it feel to know you pay your taxes and he don't. pathetic.

Believing that someone should be documented doesn't mean they hate them. Quite the opposite really. Your friend pays in social security but will never get it. If he has a profit sharing plan or 401K at work he will never get it. All because they're breaking the law by being here without becoming legal. They need to do the right thing. Why is that wrong?

You don't see a lot of Americans illegally immigranting to Mexico do you? We would fix our country instead being lazy cowards and leave.

You are basing your question on your assumption, rather than facts.

Fact: Many, many "Americans" are of Hispanic and Mexican decent.

Fact: Many Mexicans have entered this country LEGALLY to assimilate into our society and become Americans. They learn the language and the customs - they are hard working, honest and an excellent addition to America's diverse population.
How do suppose they feel when other Mexicans come into their neighborhoods illegally and work, pay no taxes and enjoy all of the same benefits that the legal residents have worked so hard for?

An illegal alien is just that - illegal - regardless of their ethic background.
It is a crime to enter any country without the proper procedures - not just America.

Mexicans illegally entering this country are putting an enormous strain on local, state and federal funds - and that's my hard earned cash we're talking about! A great many are here, not to become Americans, but to exploit the system for their own benefit. And that's just wrong.

its just in americans history to be very patriotic about themselves and the country, you cant change history.

lisa n florida
Don't hate anyone.... just feel that "criminals" who break the law should be treated with the same justice as other criminals..... Just because you want to chose which "laws" to obey and which you don't care for doesn't make illegal immigrants any less criminal than if they went into a store and held it up.... breaking the law deserves just punishment... just because there are 11 or so million "criminals doing the same thing doesn't mean the law should be changed...

Other immigrants went through proper channels and became "legal USA citizens" what makes Mexicans think they are above the laws of the country they purport to love? Get over it and learn to obey the laws or get da phuck out... pretty simple

That's a pretty broad statement you're making.
Maybe you just hang out with a bunch of narrow-minded @ssholes,and they're staring to rub off on you.

Duh... look at Mexico... look at the US... which country would you want to spend the rest of your life in?... apparently Mexicans are making the choice by the millions...

I dont think I'm better.

I do, however, know I am legal, as are all my Mexican friends. And if someone is not here legally, they should get the hell out. If you like dating Mexican guys who do not have the legal right to be in the USA, go to Tijuana and have a good time. No one's gonna miss ya.

I don't think we hate Mexicans at all. Don't we have a right to protect our borders and our culture (which is slowly deteriorating due to the influx of them into our country)??

They come here and won't learn English, fly their flags over ours, claim La Reconquista, get on welfare, have tons of babies, use our govt., bring crime/gangs, disease and all this other BS and we are supposed to accept this as a new way of life?

Its possible, they are causing this resentment themselves.
They come into our Country, and then try to tell us ,we stole it
from them. What do they expect. To Hell with them, and the burro they rode on..

Mr Toooo Sexy
One good reason is your question.You insist on being called "Mexican" instead of assimilating to America.That's like a adopted orphan begging to be adopted then insisting the family conform to the adopted orphans way of doing things.If you come here it's just rude to flaunt your past country of origins more than your patriotism for America.

It's not hate.I'm against illegal immigration regardless of where you came from.

The US is a nation of laws and i have friends from all over the world who work their butts off to become American citizens and once they do they learn the language,assimilate to the American way of life, pay their payroll taxes, etc. However illegals do not and end up costing the US (taxpayers) more money and drain resources.

We are a nation of immigrants. Legal immigrants. Now if you ask about my immigrant ancestors they came over before the US was even a country they came when we were colonies of Britain.

If you have Mexican friends who want to become citizens then help them teach them English so they can get good jobs with full benefits, help them become citizens so they can enjoy what citizenship gets you.

Here's further proof that it's not just angry white republicans who don't like illegal immigration. Many legal immigrants of hispanic descent are upset too.

Legal Immigrants AGAINST Illegal Immigration- http://www.cnsnews.com/ViewCulture.asp?Page=/Culture/archive/200607/CUL20060720a.html


Why? Because we are better. Also, because we as Americans have the constitutionally guaranteed right to freedom of speech, Which gives you and I the right to hate anyone, or thing we want, as long as our hatred does not go against any current American laws. So, You hate what you will, And I will hate what I choose to.


I think most Americans don't hate Mexicans( at least I hope so)So I don't think people should generalize.

There has been bad feeling ever since we went into Mexico and beat the crap out of them and stole their western lands. OK they signed it over with a gun at their heads. Oh yeah so we beat them out of Texas too. Oh and Porto Rico too. But we go down there are spend our tourist bucks on their rum and tequila and lord it over them. So they get lots of bucks back every year but they feel like crap because they are in servitude positions. Gee I guess we are better.

3 nails
isn't that a bit biased...I mean saying that all americans think they're better than mexicans isn't really cool. I'm going with you being american so....you just proved yourself wrong. anyway, there are some people in ALL races that feel their race is better than every race (I forget the word....something about supremacy and nationalism...crap....what's the word...oh well). In my race (Dominican) there are plenty of Dominicans that think they are better than Hatians and I am not like that. That mindset really bothers me cause I have Hatian friends. anyway, I hope this answers your question and God bless you.

because we are better and we destroy,trample,kill,mangle, or otherwise do away with those who stand in our way........and we will again LONG LIVE AMERICA!!!! NO AMNESTY CLOSE OUR BORDERS!!!

illegal of course I pay taxes to take care of them. health care welfare. I belong here they don't so what the hell are you trying to say? If you want that's OK, but go to Mexico for a Mexican heard still some still there

I don't believe that most Americans actually "hate" Mexicans (or people from just about anyplace else). I think that we've just been raised to be "proud Americans," and in the process of this we appear to others as very stuck on ourselves.

Americans do not think they are better than others necessarily the thing is Why do Mexicans wave their flag around and complain about the USA?We dont have to go to Mexico to work .They must feel they have to come here.Iv been where your at now.I even married one.But he only wanted me for papers.After we got hitched he became a real mean guy so please be careful.best wishes

I'm an American, and I don't hate any nationality. I have zero use for criminals, including illegal invaders(immigrants). News flash. Entering ANY nation without permission IS and ALWAYS has been, illegal. Lots of countries shoot people for that. I must admit, I do hate the fact that my nation lacks the guts to enforce OUR laws, cuz foreign nationals don't like it.

The Phoenix
I'm a red-blooded American and I've never thought I was better than anyone. Where do you get all these stereotypes from? In my book a person is a person, all have the potential of doing good or doing evil. Just because I'm American doesn't mean sh*t!

Obviously you like the criminal type...doesn't say much for your character. I absolutely do not hate Mexicans. What I do not like are criminals and if you come into this country illegal, you are a criminal. What is so hard to understand about that?

Maybe because we are.

We only hate the ones who are here illegally and instead of our money going towards sick kids who really need the money, it goes to illegal immigrants who don't deserve a dime of it.

Obviously they come over here because they want what we have. You don't see many Americans going crazy for life in Mexico right now. Not too much fun if you're not a tourist.

Heinrich Himmler

Why do you think all Americans hate Mexicans? I think you're wrong.

It's not about hate. It's about LAW.

Being illegal has nothing to do with personality, upbringing, economic status, race. . . NOTHING. It has everything to do with the LAW. How can anyone say they respect our country when they don't even respect enough to follow our laws?

I also have friends of Mexican nationality. But they are all in this country LEGALLY. They dislike the ones that come here illegally because they catch heat for them. So how fair is THAT?

ur all stupid! i wanna see u live in Mexico! ok because i guarantee that if you do your goona end up cryign and you are gonna wanna come back here! and no that's not true that they only come to be lazy! dumbass! they work there butts off and they wish the best for there families..... mayb they cant have that in mexico! trust me if america wasnt good right know they wouldnt even try to come here! they would go some wehre else that can actually help them! and dont tell me about illegal crap!! how many peoepl go to jail everyday becuae they are drunk drivers and smoke and kill! well guess wat they are not all mexicans..... in fact they are white poeple thats right!! they are even black peopel tooo.... so if i were you i fix the damn american racist enviorment....because let me tell ya how much white trash poeple get in trouble in school!! more than mexicans!! you know who also get pregnate white people!! so no one is better!! eveyrone is full of crap! so shut up and get a life.. better yet finish school and be a bettter person so you can make this people eat their DAMN words!! :)

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