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Why do so many people want to move to the US?
Find answers to your legal question.

Why do so many people want to move to the US?


because they are crazy

socialism and terrorism in many parts of the world

They all wanna punch George W. Bush in the face.

Because Hollywood offers a distortioned image of the USA and people outside believe that real life is like a movie made in USA, with a happy ending and bad guys arrested.

They don't realize how much it costs to live here.

Sun Down
Yeah, it's kinda funny how people from other countries put down the US and yet it's got to be the country most people are immigrating to, numbers-wise. I guess the envy the high.

A blank!
Some people really believe the streets were paved with Gold, many after they get here wish they could get back. It's bust or bang here.

We are "free".

The streets are paved with gold, or didn't you notice on your way to work?

The majority of people in other countries think that all the people in the US are rich. They don't think we have homeless or poor people, and they think it's so easy to get a really good job, even without papers, all they have to do is show up. They don't know what it's really like until they get here. But even then they stay because they can at least get a job, even if it doesn't pay that well, but where they are coming from there are no jobs.

Because it's the land of opportunity. Land of the free and home of the brave.

Because they know that if they come here, they don't have to follow the same rules as the rest of us do. They will get special treatment.

The U.S. is still a relatively young nation with many opportunities for immigrants. G.W. Bush, in his wisdom did his best to turn the U.S. into a third world country complete with sweat shops but he simply didn't have enough time. If only he could have another eight years.

Joel W
They do not understand our system, and presume injustice is dealt with where injustice is not dealt with in their countries.

They have an illusion of this country which is sorely difficult when they get here.

Ya ever been to the rest of the world? I have been all over and the US by far has the best standard of living.

They can have my spot! I want out!


Mugen S
They being fool by american dream(which doesnt exist)
they being fool by hollywood movies....everything scripted..
you wanna move to US read all about immigration in question and answer and ask yourself Should I moved to US?

I don't.

To : twowords........You could sell a lot of lotto tickets for that chance.........If you want out ? how about Iraq

Because it is the greatest nation in the history of the world.

many reasons.. the united states has many oportunitites that other contries dont have.. thats why ppl wanna come here.. many countries dont have jobs. and they get really low payment.. but they soon realize that if they come here they can find a job easier i gues?

America is a powerfull country that's a fact but Europe isn't doing bad either right now
they also what i heard want to make one army of it when time is there

and the euro is high at this moment i remember when i arrived in Amsterdam i gave $200.00 they gave me 119.00 euros i was like what you stealing from me

but for all that i love America how it looks the people the country America is beautiful

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave!

Dr S
it's the land of opportunity. good economy. you can practically work at mcdonalds and be able to pay rent.

America is Super power country...... no one denied it.

arbab k
more oppertunities

cause they want to take all our jobs,housing, and anything else that is suppose to be for us!! So us real american can't get them

bcuz the sky is the limit in this great country!

cos only 40% of them have a passport so we all want to go there to show them that there is a world of other people out here and them being a superpower they control our future but dont know we are here cos they have never been!

Why because we welcome them with free public assistance.

Because America is the greatest most freedom loving country on earth.

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