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Why do white Americans pretend to be Native Americans (Indigenous People) ?
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Why do white Americans pretend to be Native Americans (Indigenous People) ?


I don't understand your question. How can any person of any color pretend to be Native American unless of course they have the blood of a native American. Just because they are white does not mean they are lying. There were many who were taken from their homes and brought to the tribes in slavery. Most of those were assimilated into the tribe after a time. The dominant genes may have come from the white parent.

Imposter?Did you get suspended Yo!?

Utah Gidget
Who knows? Perhaps because they don't want to admit the atrocious things they did to the real American Indians. Or perhaps they don't want their claim to this land challenged. Either way it is rude and insensitve.

I have to agree with most of the others. Many of us do have Native American heritage.

For example, my father's mother's side is mostly Irish, while his father's side is Irish and Native American (although I don't know what tribe because he and his father mostly stopped having a relationship years before I was born and there's a lot of things no one will talk about). I do know that my dad's paternal grandmother (my great-grandmother) was full-blood.
On my mother's mother's side (my maternal grandmother) everyone is Scottish while her father's side is Native American of the Cherokee tribe. Some of my family members on that side of the family are dark-skinned, while I'm as white as a piece of paper. I don't appear to Native American heritage, but I do.
It doesn't mean I'm pretending to be anything besides a woman of mixed heritage.

I am mixed with part Cherokee blood but I don't claim to be Native American like my husband is. He is the real deal. They are a wonderful and proud people who deserve the utmost respect, they have been through hell because of the U.S. government. I don't feel worthy to call myself a Native American. I just say I am mixed because I am.

They want a free ride at the casino!

Hold em Rox.
Because the majority of "White Americans" do have Indian blood running thru their veins, might not be alot, but it is there....
And exactly how does that concern you??
for "JEFF", you ever hear of "don't judge a book by it's cover?? All 3 of my brothers(step) are half Indian and my middle brother looks straight white!!! we used to tease him calling him white boy when we were kids.....the point is he is HALF Indian, but LOOKS white.

I've wondered the same thing. A couple years ago I ran into two people all dressed in Native American clothing and they were clearly white. They were hiking through a park and they claimed they were "mixed bloods." I couldn't see any native american in them at all.

your an idiot..somebody needed to point that out

Mabey thier mixed or your around a bunch of fake people-thats everywhere in the world though-not just white americans!!!!!!!!!!

I am white and I don't pretend to be a native American. I have native American blood in me, but I do not try to pretend to be full-blooded.

Surf n' Snow
What the heck are you talking about?
I dont know anyone like that!

Are you crazy. If you are born in a country, you are a native of that country. Period. Your argument won't hold.

Many people have Native American heritage because of intermarriage with whites/Native Americans. Most of my family is Irish, or German. But my grandmother was Cheyenne. But, I look like my avatar- fair skin, blue eyes, though my hair is naturally dark, not blonde. But I don't really ever think about it much and I don't call myself Native American because I am not.
Very few people in the U.S are going to be of just one nationality or race all throughout their family. Are you going to do their geneaology for them?

I was born in America. That makes me a native American. The Indians had no government or laws against immigration.

I have never seen that , but it seems everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's day.

Who is pretending? There is no indigenous people of this land.... I am Native, because I was born here. Look up the word native. American Indians are of Asian descent, so how can they possibly be indigenous?

this is not the real yo !! loser

Yes & No
On what do you base your conclusion?

I think a lot of people are part cherokee. when actually it was becuase back in the old days alot of indians used to rape white women. in my opinion

Do you have any examples? I don't know of any white Americans that have pretended to be anyone of any other race.

with even one of your grandparents verifiably full blooded native you are elegible for a tribal card for most tribes. Other tribes requre more others less.

Do you mean some white people use corn cob to wipe their butts after taking a dump? Cause, that used to be what the native did.

Anyone who can prove they are at least 1/16th Native American and can trace their ancestry back to documentation on tribal rolls can claim to be a certified Native American. I am 1/2 Cherokee, 1/2 Irish. I am tan, have blue eyes and dark hair. I have siblings with fair skin, blue eyes and blond hair. They are as much Native American as I am, yet they have the Irish characteristics. You can't go by how we 'LOOK'. Some Native Americans have blue eyes and RED hair. There are more of us around than you think. They most likely are not 'pretending'. What difference does it make to you anyway? You going to go around asking for DNA? Maybe they are proud to be American and want to be considered a proud 'Native' American. Who are you to question their motives? Does it harm you? To be a "certified" Native American a person would have to prove lineage back to documented family names on The Dawes Rolls, Baker(Cherokee) or other rolls. Otherwise, they can still call themselves Native American if they personally know they have Native American blood.

Native Americans have been on the North American continent for approx. 12,000 to 15,000 years.

you're a freakin' nutjob...and i'm white, not illegal.

Brenda G
They are mysterious and take all our money in their rigged casinos!

Get out a dictionary and look it up. Is this an immigration question? Then you are refering to the ongoing debate about Mexicans claiming that Americans stole their land. There is a ridiculous argument on the part of the Native American Indians and the Mexicans, both of whom are quite mixed with us evil white people and most of it NOT from rape. The argument is that we living white Americans are guilty of a war that occured many generations ago and that they, the supposedly true native people, must team up against us and take United States land away from America. They are declaring war against innocent working class white people for something that not only happened more than 150 years ago, but also didn't happen to them. I repeat, I did not do this and it did not happen to you!
Back to your question...I am a NATIVE AMERICAN because I WAS BORN HERE. NATIVE means nativity, birth, country of birth. I know you Mexicans use that word so don't play dumb with me. I am indiginous because my ancestors have been here from over 100 years to over 300 years. How many hundred of years do one's ancestors have to be here before we are considered natives of our own country? I'm not an invader. I didn't steal anything. I WAS BORN HERE. And why is it that you very mixed (mostly by marrigage) people continuously deny all of your European ancestors and continue this racial protest against us as though you were 100% Indian? If you are truely denying your non-Indian ancestors, why don't you just refer to your tribes. I mean, that's what you are doing. Going tribal on us, right? Europeans started the country called America, and all native born Europeans are native Americans. This right was also extended to the rest of you born here. So while you are whining about who the true native Americans are, maybe you should consider rephrasing it to native North Americans, or Apaches, or Aztecs, or something more appropriate. I am not going to pretend I am a rich white person born in Europe who invaded YOUR country and stole YOUR land because it ain't true. Either join us or go away.

I dont know anyone that pretends to be a Native American...for me as a white person, I respect them

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